4/16/15 • Chapter 989 Elections Results


PRESIDENT                  Linda Dickinson

VICE-PRESIDENT       Hal Wakeling

SECRETARY                  VACANT

TREASURER                  Eric Hobson




Many have asked me how they can help, and often schedules do not allow for everyone to participate in supporting Veterans Legislation to the extent we think many would prefer. The link below will allow everyone to voice their opinion. We have been told these opinion polls are often referred to by many of the Legislators. I am hoping this will be yet another way for our voice to be heard.

The latest agenda and attachments should help inform you what Bills pertain to veterans along with a brief overview (sent earlier tonight). If you are involved with the UVLC and would like to use the group as a referencing body please do. However, if you would like to reference the UVLC, please make sure your support or opposition has been voted and supported by the body. The following Bills are approved for support by the UVLC at this time;

AB 62, AB 71, AB 89, AB 93, AB 103, AB 131, AB 140, AB 241, AB 250, AB 257, AB 286, AB 294, AB 299, AB 301, AB 318, AB 471, AB 482, SB 24, SB 60, SB 90, SB 108, SB 145, SB 203, SB 209, SB 268

Several others are in the process of being researched and will likely be voted on in Monday’s meeting.

Currently AB 62 and AB 294 are having some issues. AB 62 is a Governor Veterans Comprehensive Bill and has slowed down and not had movement, any support and encouragement to pass to both the Assembly and Senate is much appreciated, please use link below to initiate.

AB 294 is in a fight for its life and we need it desperately. This Bill will help mandate suicide prevention training for health care professionals in Nevada. I don’t think I have to explain why this is so important for veterans, but if you need more information please contact me. Currently this Bill has had the portion that actually requires the training removed. We need you and every veteran in NV to use the link below to express your support and the importance of this Bill. This will take you a couple of minutes but may be the make or break in this Bill.

Click on this link to voice your opinion in Nevada Legislation “Share your opinion on Legislative Bills”. THANK YOU!!


Caleb E. Harris
UVLC Chairman
DAV Nv Legislative Co-Chair
VFW Nv Legislative Co-Chair
PO Box 60431 Reno, Nv


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