Minutes – April 15, 2010

Vietnam Veterans of America
Sierra Chapter 989
Monthly Meeting

15 April 2010

Call to order at 1805 was followed by the Pledge of allegiance

A prayer was offered by Chaplain Jim Kelley, followed by a moment of silence for POW/MIAs.

New members: Edwina George, James Wallace, Clay Coleman, Beatrice Thayer (announced last month, first meeting tonight).

Guests: Greg’s brother-in-law Lee, Bob’s friend Roger Bauman.

Minutes: from the last meeting were distributed for review.

Secretary’s Report:
The report was distributed for review during the meeting.  Approval was tabled to the end of the meeting.  Rick Shuster offered a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Greg Montalvo (accepted unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer Mike Miller announced he would be gone for surgery and if anybody wanted to be treasurer, now was the time to speak up.  Motion to accept the report by Rick Shuster, seconded by Bill Baines, passed unanimously.  President Bob Marshall presented the petty cash report.

President’s Report:
Dennis Espinoza nominated Rick Shuster for treasure, seconded by Mike Miller.

-A flag burning ceremony will be held on June 14 3:30 to 4:00.  Burning will go on until 7:00.  President Bob Marshal volunteered the chapter for participation.

-An outreach was scheduled for Wal-Mart on  XXXX from 10:00 – 3:00.

-Ron Coleman introduced Clay Coleman and reported the chapter outreach helped him receive his benefits.

-Birthdays: Bob Marshall announced the following birthdays:

Bill Baines David Billau Grace Bird Janet Brown

Kathleen Frank Edwina George Jeff Gundeman Mike Kinkiniw

Bob Marshall Vernon Meyle Beatrice Thayer James Wallace

-Dennis Espinoza offered a motion to proceed with elections, seconded by Mike Miller (passed unanimously).

-Leon Gravelin, chair of the elections committee, distributed and collected ballots.

-Results were:

President: Bob Marshall
Vice President: Greg Montalvo
Secretary: Michial Nolan
Treasurer: Rick Shuster
Sergeant at Arms: Kenny Williams

Officers were sworn in by Ron Coleman.

Banquet Report: Greg Montalvo reported on the banquet, whose theme this year is a Salute to Women Veterans.  He stated we need to raise $10,000-15,000 from major sponsors by the middle of June in order to go forward.  The total banquet budget will be approximately $30,000.  Volunteers will be contacting Wal-Mart, banks, NV Energy, IGT, and other potential large sponsors in the community.  Dennis Espinoza asked if a banquet committee meeting has been scheduled.  Greg responded there is no need at this time.

Sonora Parade:
Larry Runyon reported approximately 2000 participated in the parade, including 11 chapter members.

Household Goods Storage: Greg Montalvo reported on the arrangement with the VA HUD-VASH program and Ridge House’s thrift shop “Rags to Ridges.” Greg called for additional support for the thrift store, which has chronic shortages of pots, pans, and coffee pots.

Minority Report:
Dennis Espinoza announced he will sit on the national minority committee, representing Nevada..  He reported the goal of the national committee is to expand the range of benefits into ethnic communities.

Healing Greens Garden Project:
The Horticulture committee reported the garden project now has a rototiller, seeds, and supplies, and participants are currently digging a well.

Good of the Chapter:
-Jeff Gunderson of American Legion Riders announced the last fund raiser for the wall would be May 12 at Red Robin.  Fund raisers of this sort typically raise between $500 -600.

-Stuart Greenfield, past president of Wolfpack Vets, announced a panel discussion entitled “Combat Through the Generations.”  Greg Montalvo or Bob Marshall will represent the Vietnam era.

-Russell Sandlin announced he joined the Navy League.  A change of command ceremony for the USS Nevada will take place June 18 at 11:00 am at the Coast Guard Station at Lake Tahoe.  Russell was commissioned to build a 1/400 scale replica of the ship to present to the commander.

-Russell may have an opportunity to display his US Fleet 1941/Pearl Harbor diorama at the Nevada Museum of Art and requested an email campaign to the museum in support.

-Greg Montalvo reported Chapter 591 in California does a monthly breakfast as a fund raiser.

-Leon Gravelin reported the need for a couple of gavels.

A closing prayer was offered by chaplain James Kelley.

Adjourned at 19:10 .