Minutes – August 19, 2010

Vietnam Veterans of America

Sierra Chapter 989

19 August 2010


Call to order: 18:05

Pledge of Allegiance, moment of silence for POW/MIAs.

Prayer was offered by Chaplain Pro Tempore Kathleen Frank

Chapter recognized moving wall video (viewing w/ pizza and soda before the chapter meeting).

Roll call: all officers present, total attendance 41 (per sign in sheets).

Approval of minutes: approval of the July minutes was moved to the end of the meeting but was overlooked at that time.

Treasurer’s report: presented by Rick Shuster.  President Bob Marshall requested adding to the report:  Jerry Orozco paid $20 on account last month and it was overlooked in the treasurer’s report.  Mike Miller moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Ron Coleman (unanimous).

Petty Cash report: forward from 6/10/2010.  Note: $102, pizza and soda for 20, Bill Hines paid for soda.  Dennis Espinoza moved to accept the Petty Cash report, seconded by Ron Coleman (unanimous).

Introductions: Craig Ziegler, new member
Rick Arnold, new president of Chapter 388
John Hussong, new vice president of Chapter 388

Birthdays: Clay Coleman Bill Thomas
Doc Determan Roy Ransom
Neal Arnett Larry Mullins

Website.  Terry Hubert reported Bob Murdoch is seeking contributions for an operating website for the Carson City chapter, www.VVA388.org.  Bob is hoping Chapter 989 will get a webmaster and that the site will expand to include the state.

Disability Awareness.  Carson City matched a $200 donation for Disability Awareness.

Parade.  Nevada Day parade will be October 30 in Carson City.

POW-MIA Day: 17 September, memorial in Carson City.

Honor Guard Volunteers.  The Veterans Cemetery is seeking Honor Guard volunteers.  Participation requires a major time commitment.  See Bob Marshall if interested.

Veterans Cemetery Vietnam Memorial.  Cemetery directors have indicated VVA has a free hand in designing the memorial.  Several suggestions including a wall and a fire base were advanced.  The consensus was to schedule extended discussion of a variety of possibilities.

Outreach Report.  Ron Coleman reported that Steve Lewis needs volunteers to repair his house and also on a story that the city is preparing to shut down Tent City on Record Street.  Michial Nolan called for volunteers to help a veteran move to a new apartment.

Quilt of Tears.  Rick Shuster reported the bringing the Quilt of Tears to Reno in November will require $2,900 in donations and can be distributed among multiple organizations.  Discussion followed on where I could be displayed, noting it requires 24/7 security.  Darrol Brown suggested it be displayed at the Silver Legacy during Veterans Week.  It was also suggested there may be better ways of spending this much money.  Greg Montalvo mad a motion to wait for further information, seconded by Larry Mullins (unanimous).

Veterans Guest House.  Rick Shuster called for volunteers to pull beer on 4-hour shifts at the Rib Cook-off to benefit the Veterans Guest House.

Minority Affairs.  Dennis Espinoza reported the NAACP and VVA wil do a minority outreach together.

UNR Disability Resource Center Johann Sprenger expressed appreciation to Chapters 388 and 989 for their support.

Mediation on War.  Troy Stormoen (The Vet Center) reported on and sought support for this project which will be going to the University of Wisconsin.  Gary Meneley made a motion that Troy bring more information to present next month, seconded by Dennis Espinoza (unanimous).

Your Vietnam, Our Iraq.  Kenny Williams reported on this video.

Marines Birthday Ball.  To be held 6 November at the Peppermill.  Larry Mullins reported tickets are $60, with proceeds used to help young marines attend.

Veterans Stand Down.  Dennis Espinoza reported the next Veterans Stand Down will be 22 October.  A planning meeting will be held August 27 at the Veterans Guest House.  Bob Marshall suggested the need for a Stand Down committee.

Coming meetings.  Darrol Brown announced the next state council meeting will be 23 October.

Kathleen Frank presented meeting schedules for Order of the Purple Heart, VFW, and American Legion.

Adjourn at 19:23, moved by Greg Montalvo, seconded by Gary Meneley (unanimous).