Minutes – February 18, 2010

Vietnam Veterans of America
Sierra Chapter 989
18 February 2010

Call to order at 1800

Pledge of Allegiance followed by moment of silence for POW/MIAs.

Prayer led by chaplain Him Kelley

Roll Call: President Bob Marshall, Vice President Dennis Espinoza, Treasurer Mike Miller,  Secretary Michial Nolan, Greg Montalvo for Sergeant at Arms Kenny Williams, out recuperating from surgery.

Meeting attendance was 26 members, 2 new members, 4 AVVA, and 4 guests; total 36.

New Members.
New members George Greene and Gary Fink were welcomed.  Linda Porter was welcomed to AVVA.  James Stinson, an original chapter member, was welcomed back after an absence of two years.

Secretary’s Report.
The report was distributed to members, with approval tabled to the end of the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report.
Treasurer  Mike Miller presented the treasurer’s report.  Bob Marshall presented the petty cash report.  Bob Marshall made a special report on the Walmart outreach fundraiser on February 13 at the Kietzke Walmart.

President’s Report.
President Bob Marshall stated everything he wished to report had already been covered.

Outreach Committee Report.
Outreach Chair Ron Coleman reported on the difficulties associated with coordinating outreach efforts with the VA due to liability issues.

Banquet Committee.
Committee Chair Greg Montalvo reported progress.  This year’s theme will be honoring female veterans and will be held around Veterans Day.
-Grand Sierra and the Nugget can accommodate a Friday event but not Saturday.
-The chair issued a call for broad-based volunteerism for this effort by a show of hands; a substantial number of members volunteered.
-The chair has been courting corporate sponsors and has lined up 2 elite speakers.
-Harry Reid may be available.
An energetic discussion followed in which it was understood that an undertaking of this magnitude would require a lot of hard work.

Motion to continue work on the banquet by Greg Montalvo, seconded by Gary Kruger, passed unanimously.


Nominees for office.
Greg Montalvo circulated a list of offices and called for nominees.  Nominees were:


Vice President:



Sergeant at Arms:

Elections will be held at the March meeting.

Bob Marshall announced the most recent shirt orders are in.  He will announce when in the future the next orders will be taken.

Guest House Radiothon.
This year’s Radiothon will be held Saturday, March 6, at the Atlantis Hotel from 9:00 to 4:00.  A call for volunteers was met enthusiastically.

Vietnam Veterans Day Parade.
A Vietnam Veterans Day parade will be held on March 28 in Sonora, CA.
-Up to 5,000 participants are anticipated.
-Applications to march were distributed.
-Must be returned to Bob Marshall by 3/10 in order to march with VVA Chapter 989.
-Return your application directly to the parade committee if you prefer to march with your unit.

XXXX has a home in Sonora and can provide accommodations for 7-8 people.  In addition, suitable land is available for camping.  A barbecue will be held the night before the parade.

Guest speaker: Pat Merrill, VA social worker.
Pat Merrill is the new coordinator of the HUD – VASH program, a partnership of the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development and VA Subsidized Housing.
-Does outreach to homeless vets and can place them in housing quickly.
-Vets coming from the streets into housing often have no household goods.
-They need furnishings, furniture, kitchen startup kits, linens, etc.

An energetic discussion followed, touching on outreach efforts, where to store goods, and how to deliver.   A discussion followed on number of veterans identified during the recent homeless count (unknown) and the benefits to the community and homeless population derived from the count.

Military Order of the Purple Heart.
Member Andy LePeilibet, Commander of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, discussed their upcoming banquet.
The purpose of the banquet is to raise money for signage on US Highway 80, designated the Order of the Purple Heart Trail.
Motion to purchase a table at the banquet put forward by Mike Miller, seconded by Ron Coleman, unanimously approved.

Motion to approve Minutes and Treasurer’s Reports by Gary Kruger, seconded by James Mills.  Following a brief discussion of the minutes item calling for assistance at the VA hospital, minutes and Treasurer’s reports were unanimously approved.


-All veterans receive a 10% discount at Lowe’s Home Improvement Store.

Justin Brandenburg, Wolfpack Veterans:
-Wolfpack Vets is hosting a poker tournament fundraiser next Sunday at the Peppermill.

Closing prayer by Chaplain Jim Kelley.

Meeting adjourned at 19:03.