Minutes – September 16, 2010

Vietnam Veterans of America

Sierra Chapter 989

16 September 2010


Call to order: 17:59

Pledge of Allegiance, moment of silence for POW/MIAs.

Prayer was offered Leon Gravelin

Special Request by Sergeant at Arms Kenny Williams: in consideration of all members with hearing difficulties, please no sidebar conversations during the meeting.

Roll call: all officers present except Greg Montalvo, total attendance 44 (per sign in sheets).

Approval of minutes, distributed before the meeting: approval of the August minutes was moved to the end of the meeting.  Dennis Espinoza moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Ron Coleman (unanimous).

Treasurer’s report: presented by Rick Shuster, copies distributed before the meeting.  President Bob Marshall reported on fundraising at the barbecue, a total of $77.00 to be used to pay for needy vets.  He added Chapter 388 owes $244.00 for their share.

Petty Cash report: presented by Bob Marshall, distributed before the meeting.  A loan was made to Daniel Walker which was paid back within 1 week.

Bob Marshall moved to accept both the treasurer’s and petty cash reports, seconded by Dennis Espinoza (unanimous).

Introductions: The following new members were introduced:

Ron Rohn Bill & Linda Britt
Lige Lambeth Bill Ganz
Valerie Nenzel (AVVA) Bob Primeaux
Johnny Martinez


Food Bank: the food bank on Gentry Way has a Veterans’ Night on Tuesdays from6:00 – 8:00.  A $5.00 donation is suggested.

Parade Committee: presented by Leon Gravelin.  Veterans day parade, Thursday 11 November 2010 in Reno.  The chapter will provide 20-25 people and 3 vehicles.

Outreach Committee: presented by Ron Coleman.


Old Business.

Third Annual “Patches” Walk: Rick Shuster, flyer distributed before meeting.  November 6, 2010, 8:00 beginning at the Washoe County Courthouse.  The walk remembers victims of Agent Orange and other veterans.

Agent Orange Quilt of Tears: In conjunction with the “Patches” Walk, the Quilt of Tears project will be on display November 6 at Idlewild Park in the historic California Building.

Rick Shuster proposed asking VVA National special committee for Grants to provide funding to bring the Quilt of Tears back to Reno for next year’s national meeting.  Ron Coleman made a motion to ask for support from VVA National, seconded by Bill Thomas (unanimous).  The request was directed to Darrol Brown for routing to National.

Hats: Bob Marshall reported hats recently purchased from a vendor must be purchased only from Medals of America, who is the only authorized vendor of hats with the official VVA logo.

Wolfpack tickets:  Two donated tickets to the Wolfpack v Cal football game were given to Dennis Espinoza.

Chaplain Jim Kelley:  Chaplain Kelley called to request the prayers of the chapter for his wife, who is having significant medical problems.  It was the sense of the chapter to honor this request.

Vet Center: Justin Brandenburg, office manager for the Vet Center, made an appeal for donations for unfunded amenities such as donuts and coffee, popcorn, outings, and other extras. Bob Marshall called on the chapter to consider a direct donation.  Mike Miller made a motion that the chapter donate $500.00, seconded by Bill Thomas (unanimous).

Mustang 22 Memorial: memorial at the Army Aviation Support Facility in Stead.  If the chapter donates to this project, it will be listed on the dedication plaque.  Dennis Espinoza made a motion for a chapter contribution of $300.00 and that we ask State and Chapter 388 to match.  This was seconded by George Nix (unanimous).

Chapter 388 Website: Darrol Brown reported the website at http://www.vva388.org is operational and called on this chapter to get a site going.  Michial Nolan invited Bob Marshall to collaborate on getting it up and working.

Nevada Day parade: Darrol Brown asked how many aprticipants to expect for the Nevada Day parade in Carson City.  Bob Marshall stated 20-25.


New Business.

Happy Birthday Announcements:

Boone Cutler Lige Lambeth
Mike Miller Gary Menely
George Nix Debbie Coleman
Darrol Brown Rufus Griggs
Daniel Walker

Benefit Fund Raiser: presented by Bob Primeaux.  Lacy J. Dalton (his girlfriend) offered to perform a 2-night fund raiser on the second or 3rd weekend in October.  He proposed splitting the take with the chapter.  October 16 – 17 at the American Legion post appeared most likely.  Bob Primeaux called for volunteers to organize.

Stand Down donation: Dennis Espinoza asked for a donation of $100.00 to purchase P-38 can openers to be given away at the Stand Down.

Good of the Chapter.

Grace Bird: The American Legion is sponsoring a Casino event fundraiser on September 25 from 2:00 – 4:00.

Johan Sprenger: brought flyers for a Veterans Day lecture by John Register, US Army veteran and paralympian..

Kenny Williams:  A facilitator is needed for a new AA group at NNCC.  Contact Kenny or Mary Harrison at the prison.

Jeff Gunderson: The Moving Wall video is available for $10.00 with proceeds going to the American Legion’s Bed and Breakfast project.

Michial Nolan: Expressed gratitude on behalf of Restart and the disabled veteran moved by chapter volunteers.

Justin Brandenburg: The Vet Center will be moving to Mill and E. McCarran ;but the date is not yet set.

Motion to Adjourn:  Dennis Espinoza made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Bill Thomas (unanimous).