15 September 2011

15 September 2011


18:02 Call to order, pledge of allegiance, moment of silence for POWs and MIAs.

Chaplain Jim Kelley led the membership in a prayer.

Lists to sign up for the Stand Down scheduled for 30 September were circulated.

Roll Call.  All officers were present except Sergeant at Arms Greg Montalvo.

Minutes.  Bob Marshall inquired if any present questioned the minutes for the August meeting.  In the absence of a challenge, Kenny Williams moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Rick Shuster (unanimous).

Birthdays.  The following members have birthdays in September:

Armando Arizmendi Darrol Brown Debbie Coleman
Lige Lambeth Gary Meneley Mike Miller
Thomas O’Brien Daniel Walker

New members.  Bob Marshall announced the chapter gained 8 new members since the convention.  Present and welcomed to the chapter were William Simenski, Bill Everett, and Thomas O’Brien, and Jim Hanson introduced Robert Johnson.

Guests.  The chapter welcomed guests of Terry Hubert, Stephen Kostensius and his wife Amanda.  Stephen is a life member and secretary of Chapter 582 (Paradise, CA).

Financial report.  Treasurer Bob Marshall presented the financial report.  John Sheets moved to approve it, seconded by Rick Shuster (unanimous).

President’s Report.  President Bob Sperry requested volunteers to help prepare and set up the Stand Down on Friday 30 September at VAMC.  He reported 254 veterans were helped last year and it is possible more will be helped this year.  He stated we may need help on Thursday afternoon at the Dugout.  He asked volunteers to call him and gave his phone number.

Bob Marshall stated we will need more trucking.  Jim Hanson suggested members could volunteer their pickup trucks.  Bob Marshall suggested renting a trailer to move the goods.  John Sheets moved to rent a trailer, seconded by Kenny Williams (unanimous).


President Bob Sperry introduced the question of how to improve or grow the chapter, sparking an open discussion.

Jim Hanson reported he talked to a member who stopped coming because people were too pushy asking him to volunteer.  It was noted this is a service organization.  Mike Miller stated outreaches are fun occasions.

Outreach Committee.  No report.  Outreach chairperson Ron Coleman resigned from the Board of Directors but not from the committee or chapter, but has not been in attendance.

Minority Committee.  No report.  It was noted that the minority committee is currently without a chairperson.

Website.  New member Gerry Wittman reported the website and organization were difficult to find on the internet.  Bob Marshall stated the website is still in development and will be for Northern Nevada.  Gary Fink reported development is still stalled, waiting for Carson City’s webmaster.  Michial Nolan observed the issues delaying the website were relatively trivial.  He promised if Gary Fink could provide him with information on what remains to be done, he would contact someone to complete the site.

Horticulture.  Jim Hanson reported we have baskets and plenty of veggies to harvest.  He reported on the abundant variety and condition of the harvest.  The garden is located on Rusty Bolton’s property at 8301 Rocky Meadow Circle, Reno.

Chapter 388 report.  Terry Hubert reported for the Carson City chapter.  They meet on the 1st Thursday of the month.  He reported they won’t be doing the MIA/POW ceremony this year.  The chapter will be in the Nevada Day parade on 28 October.  They have a trailer and some seats are still available.  He stated this parade is a big event in Carson City.  Terry stated he would be attending the Veterans Day parade in Virginia City.

Old Business.

Vietnam Memorial.  Rick Shuster reported acquisition of the land remains in Limbo.

VVA Convention Report.

Kenny Williams reported on resolutions passed affecting veterans incarcerated.  Terry Hubert detailed the resolutions and reported on the Veterans Incarcerated conference.  He reported the reelection of President John Rowan and shared his impressions of the Fisher House, their president, and mission.

Jim Hanson thanked the chapter for allowing him to represent them.  He reported on the opening ceremony, noting the singers and the amazing stereophonic effect of a Huey flying through the room at full volume.  He recognized the Fisher House for their national involvement in veterans’ issues.  Jim introduced and reported on the “Last Man Standing” debate on the future and legacy of Vietnam Veterans of America.  Jim noted we didn’t sit at 1 table for the banquet, which was his understanding of the format.

Michial Nolan thanked the chapter for his participation.  He reported on the keynote speaker, Richard Pimental.  Mr. Pimental has two pieces on the Internet on You Tube: his speech at the Miami Beach convention last year and another shorter piece introducing his movie, “The Music Within.”  He also shared impressions of the speech by United Mine Workers president Cecil Roberts and General Shinseki as well as his participation at committee conferences.  He shared the history of the Bobby J award for homeless vets and noted 2 vets in the area appeared to be eligible for the award.  He also spoke to the “Last Man Standing” debate and proposed continued discussion at the next Board of Directors meeting.

The airport greeters were recognized for their contribution, making visitors feel welcome from the moment they deplaned.  Rick Shuster, who participated at the airport, reported on how other travelers joined in thanking the vets for their service.

Rick Shuster was recognized for his tireless efforts on behalf of Agent Orange victims.  He reported the government now intends to use dioxin-based herbicides to eradicate non-native species in the Northwest.

Booth Report.  Bob Marshall reported on the convention booth, reporting fantastic reception and success.  He credited Jim Kittrell with helping an out of town Vietnam vet who forgot his medications by taking him to the V.A. Hospital.

New Business.

Home Depot Grant.  Bob Marshall stated he applied for a Home Depot grant.  If awarded, Home Depot will provide materials and labor to construct a handicapped ramp for a local disabled veteran.

Navy Flag.  Bob Marshall reported it will cost $105 to replace the Navy flag lost at a recent event.  Mike Miller moved to replace the flag, seconded by Jim Hanson (unanimous).

Bob Marshall stated we need a delegate to represent the Carson City 388th chapter at the Nevada State Council meeting on Sept. 30-Oct.1.  Jim Hanson volunteered to go.

Good of the Chapter.

Johann Sprenger announced the University will do a roll call of all Nevada veterans killed in action on Veterans Day.