16 June 2011

16 June 2011


18:02: President Bob Sperry called the meeting to order, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, a prayer offered by chapter chaplain Jim Kelley, and a moment of silence for POW /MIAs.

President Sperry reported he was having a gout attack and asked Treasurer Bob Marshall to conduct the meeting so he could leave early.

Guests: Cindy Reinhardt, Pat Moran (new member, lifetime member)

Officer Installation:  State president Darrol Brown swore in new president Bob Sperry and new vice president Gary Fink.

Attendance:  All officers present except Sgt at Arms Armando Arizmendi, who declined to serve following resignation of past president and vice president.  Greg Montalvo accepted a unanimous draft to serve as Sgt at Arms.

Minutes.  Minutes were distributed for three meetings: the amended minutes for 21 April, the minutes for 19 May, and the minutes for the 2 June special election.  Voting was tabled to the end of the meeting.  Jim Hanson took exception to the May minutes because they contained no birthday announcements.  May birthdays were announced at this meeting as Jim Hanson and Tom Bracamonte.  Ron Coleman took exception to the minutes for April but withdrew his objection when informed that the minutes were previously approved and were circulated in order to publish the correction approved at the May meeting.

Treasurer’s Report.  Bob Marshall presented the treasurer’s report.  Jim Hanson moved to accept the report, seconded by Rick Shuster (unanimous).

Petty Cash:  Bob Marshall presented the petty cash report.  Greg Montalvo moved to accept the report, seconded by Jim Hanson (unanimous).

Resignations:  Bob Marshall announced that Bob Primeaux, Bill Thomas, and Dennis Espinoza resigned from the chapter.  Lacy J. Dalton resigned her membership in the chapter’s AVVA.

Fourth of July Parade.  Leon Gravelin announced we are to meet up in the parking lot at the south end of town.  He reported hot dogs would be available at the formation area at 10:30.  He put out a call for additional food to go with the hot dogs.  Greg Montalvo called for a committee for the parade hot dog party.  A show of hands indicated ~30 people would be on hand for the parade.  Jim Hanson volunteered to bring a camp stove and pot for the hot dogs.  Ron Coleman announced he would set up a “chuck wagon.”The Vet Center will provide the float.  He stated the chapter is running out of parade supplies.

Welcome Home Party.  The American Legion is sponsoring a welcome home party for returning troops Sunday at the Marina.  Greg Montalvo called for volunteers to help load tables on Saturday.

Garden Committee: Rusty Bolton, Larry Mullins, Ron Coleman, Jim Hanson, Armando Arizmendi.  Rusty reported the garden is doing much better than last year:
-Irrigation system is not set up but a 550 gal tank was donated and a landscaper
volunteered to design the system.
-We need letters of appreciation for support
-The committee has receipts for expenditures to be passed on to the treasure for
A discussion of distribution of the produce followed.  Consensus appeared to be:
1. Those who work on the garden.
2.  Those who contributed.
3.  The chapter at large.
4.  The food bank.

Greg Montalvo volunteered to help write the donation letters.  Darrol Brown reported he toured the garden last month and commended all involved.

Ron Coleman moved to accept the committee’s report, seconded by Bob Sperry (unanimous).

Vietnam Memorial.   Greg Montalvo moved that the chapter buy “Warriors Remembered,” the book of other memorials for $49.95, seconded by Gary Fink.  Discussion: Jim Hanson stated the memorials may all be viewed on line.  Greg Montalvo stated it would help when we sit down with an architect.  Bill Baines asked if we could consult w/ a local architect.  Motion passed unanimously.

Progress on the memorial.  Rick Shuster reported progress is currently delayed by City of Fernley City Council but plans are in the works to get past the blocks.

Flag Crematorium.  The flag crematorium has been approved and funded and will be completed this fall.  Leon Gravelin stated we could get into the Guinness Book of World Records for retiring flags.

Website.  Gary Fink reported he took over this project 2 weeks ago.  Carson City Chapter 388 already has a site and has offered to share it.  Gary is working with Bob Murdoch (388) to develop our home page.  It is in development and he hopes it will be up soon.  He promised to report further next month.

Registered Agent.  Bob Marshall reported past president Bob Primeaux made himself a registered agent for this chapter.  It will cost $60.00 to change it.  Jim Hanson moved to make Greg Montalvo registered agent for this chapter, seconded by Rick Shuster (unanimous).

Chapter Mail Box.  Greg Montalvo raised the question of whether the chapter should have its own post office box.  He explained that historically, chapter mail comes to his personal box.  Jim Hanson asked how the mail comes to the chapter officers.  Bill Baines moved that the chapter acquire its own P.O. box, seconded by Norm Graham (unanimous).

Election Report.  Bob Marshall reported the Election Report must go in tomorrow (6/17/2011).  Discussion: chapter board of directors.  Darrol Brown asked if we have to have an elected board.  Rick Shuster reported he has been on the 989 board since the founding of the chapter but is not currently on the board.  Bob Marshall stated all chapter officers are board members but that we need 2 more.  Johann Sprenger asked what the qualifications were.  Jim Hanson and Ron Coleman offered themselves.  The following members were unanimously elected to serve as the board:
Rick Shuster, Director of the board
Jim Hanson, board member
Ron Coleman, board member

National Convention Delegates.  Discussion: Greg reviewed qualifications for chapter delegate and their role at the convention.  Delegates will represent the chapter and will vote on national officers and on resolutions.  Darrol Brown stated this is a working convention from noon on Wednesday to noon on Friday.  He advised all interested members to visit the national website to learn about the convention.  Our chapter will have 2 delegates.  Registration is $125.00 per delegate.  Greg Montalvo called for the question, seconded by Ron Coleman.  Chapter delegates:
Michial Nolan
Jim Hanson
Bill Baines (alternate)

Rick Shuster moved to pay $125.00 each for delegate registration, second by Bill Baines (unanimous).

Darrol Brown announced a table for 10 at the Saturday night dinner dance was $480.  John Sheets moved to purchase 1 table, Ron Coleman second (unanimous).

Convention Souvenir Sales.  We will share an 8’ table with chapter 388 and Nevada State Council to sell T-shirts and hat pins.  Cost of merchandise split 3 ways is ~$1600/chapter.  Ron Coleman moved to approve the purchase of the shirts and pins, seconded by Greg Montalvo (unanimous).

State Delegate.  One delegate was needed to represent the chapter 4x per year in Tonopah.  Jim Stinson volunteered and was unanimously approved.



Good of the Chapter.

Special Election Ballots.  Todd Brill stated he turned over a sealed envelope with the special election ballots.  Greg Montalvo moved to destroy the envelope and ballots, no second.

Chaplain.  Jim Kelley stated he wants to be more of a chaplain to the chapter, for members in time of need.

Compensation to Bill Thomas.  Tod Brill moved to return $100.00 to Bill Thomas, seconded by John Sheets (unanimous).

Approval of the Minutes.  Rick Shuster moved to approve the minutes for May and the special election of 2 June, seconded by Greg Montalvo (unanimous).

Adjournment.  Greg Montalvo moved to adjourn, seconded by John Sheets (unanimous).  Meeting adjourned at ~19:20.