17 February 2011

17 February 2011


Call to order: 18:04

Pledge of Allegiance, Prayer was offered returning chapter chaplain, Jim Kelley, moment of silence for POW/MIAs.

Roll Call: all officers present except Rick Shuster, who was excused.

Treasurer’s Report: No treasurer’s report in Rick Shuster’s absence.

Petty cash report: presented by Greg Montalvo.

Bill Gans Jim Kittrell Joe Ward Ken Bird
Butch Babb James Stinson Andy Lepeilbet David Wolf
Frank Greenwood

Outreach Report: no report.

Minority Report: National Chairman of minority affairs asked for a re-write of the resolution.  It was sent to Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Senate, and VA Secretary Shinsecki.  Bill Thomas said a package was sent to President Obama.  Information was sent to 2 North Dakota tribes to start VVA chapters.  Senator Harry Reid offered encouragement and asked that Susan Lisagor be kept in the loop.  Bob Primeaux was asked how many Native American veterans have died from Agent Orange since 2003.

Greg Montalvo asked for a clarification of plans: is Bob Primeaux prepared to take this to Tonopah to get state support?  Bob stated he wanted approval from the chapter at this meeting but brought only 1 copy of the resolution.  Darrol Brown stated he is unfamiliar with the bill.  Bob Primeaux read the resolution to the chapter.  Bill Thomas said he would email it to every member.

Ron Coleman introduced a motion for approval of presentation to the state conference at Tonopah.  Darrol Brown explained the procedure: a “motion out of committee” needs no second.  Bob Primeaux asked Darrol to explain how this procedure would work.  Terry Hubert explained the procedures at the national level.

Greg Montalvo noted the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) had been signed twice but had never been acted upon.  Darrol Brown stated a MOU leads to regulations and that process can take years.

A committee motion for approval of the resolution was approved unanimously.  Darrol Brown suggested Bob Primeaux write a letter in support of the resolution for Bob Marshall’s signature.

Horticulture Committee: Rusty Bolton reported the garden is dead but will be coming back.  The committee wants to get started earlier this year:
-Start vegetables indoors now
-Plan to distribute to vets and partners

Darrol Brown asked if the committee considered a presence at Farmer’s Market.  Rusty Bolton replied production is still too low.  Rusty stated vets have to be involved in the garden and take the produce, and participation in this project is an excellent way for vets to lower their stress.

Old Business.
Veterans Guest House: a signup sheet for the annual fundraiser at the Atlantis Hotel, to be held on March 5 from 10:00 – 5:00.  The chapter found 7 new members at last year’s event.  Bob Marshall said he would send an email to the membership and Ron Coleman said he would call all members.

Veterans Memorial: Terry Hubert reported Carson City has a committee and wants to work with the Ch. 989 committee.  Greg Montalvo volunteered to chair the chapter committee.  Leonard Munuz and Lige Lambeth agreed to join him.  Terry Hubert stated the memorial can get materiel from different base’s bonepile.

Lige Lambeth reported a materials supplier at Mill and Terminal offered to supply materials and equipment for the memorial project.

Website: Bill Thomas reported still no movement on the adding a page to Chapter 388’s website.

Elections: Dennis Espinoza proposed scheduling elections in March.  Bob Marshall stated we can’t change bylaws.
Dennis Espinoza offered a motion out of committee calling for candidates for president and vice president to give 5-10 minute campaign speeches.  Darrol Brown made a point of order that no campaigning was allowed on the convention floor.

Greg Montalvo called for discussion of the motion.  He opposed the resolution, stating he did not have to speak and Bob Marshall did not have to speak.  He suggested ballots to be distributed in March with the election in May.  Leonard Munoz asked to make sure speeches are optional.  Rusty Bolton and Ron Coleman both stated they favored the motion.  The motion passed on a split vote.

Dennis Espinoza opened nominations.  The following nominations were presented:
Lige Lambeth nominated Robert Primeaux.
Ron Coleman nominated Bob Sperry.
Greg Montalvo nominated Jeff Gunderson (declined).

Vice president:
Bob Primeaux nominated Bill Thomas, second Rusty Bolton.
Ron Coleman nominated Gary Fink.
Greg Montalvo nominated Ron Coleman (declined).

Secretary: Bob Marshal nominated Michial Nolan, second Greg Montalvo.

Treasurer: Greg Montalvo nominated Bob Marshall.

Sergeant at Arms: Appointed by new president.

Chaplain: Jim Kelley

Dennis Espinoza move to hold nominations open at the next meeting (Unanimous).

Conventions and meetings:
Bob Primeaux will represent the chapter at the next State meeting.
The region 8/9 conventions will be June 10  – 12.
National convention will be August 17 – 20 at Silver Legacy.  Chapter membership as of 28 February 2011 determines how many delegates we will have for the National convention.  Bob Marshall reported current membership at 114, including 25 AVVA members, for a net current membership of 89. Chapters 989 and 388 will combine efforts on merchandise at the convention. A shirt design still needs to be approved.

Marty Smith of the Flag Store said he doesn’t want to be involved in the convention because he cannot subsidize the event.  Darrol Brown stated color guard issues must be approved by National.

January Minutes: approved unanimously.

Adjourn at 19:11.