2 June 2011

2 June 2011

Special Election


18:00: Treasurer Bob Marshall Called the special election meeting to order.  The pledge of allegiance was followed by a prayer offered by chapter chaplain Jim Kelley.  No formal meeting was held.

Bob Marshall reported to the meeting that chapter president Bob Primeaux and vice president Bill Thomas resigned on 1 June.  Most chapter records were returned to Bob Marshall on 1 June and more were returned on 2 June before the meeting, but all records were not returned by the adjournment of this evening’s proceedings.

Election committee chair Tod Brill explained the procedures.  He said that even though Bob Primeaux and Bill Thomas withdrew their names, the ballots were already printed and remained on the ballot.  All chapter offices would be subjects of this special election.  All members who presented to vote would have their names checked against the official register.  All records of this election will be sealed and turned over to the new president.

Greg Montalvo announced that the chapter must also elect convention delegates.  Bob Marshall stated we must first have nominations.  Tod Brill said this issue would be taken up at the next regularly scheduled chapter meeting.

Ballots were counted and results announced:

President: Bob Sperry
Vice president: Gary Fink
Treasurer: Bob Marshall
Secretary: Michial Nolan

Special election meeting was adjourned following announcement of the outcome at 19:00 without motion or adjournment.