20 October 2011

 20 October 2011

1759: Call to order, Pledge of allegiance, moment of silence.  A prayer was offered by Chaplain Jim Kelley.

Vice President Gary Fink introduced a number of speakers:

1. Jim Hanson and Jeff Gundersen presented a $125 dinner gift certificate to Bob Marshall to honor his long faithful service to the chapter

2. Jeff Gundersen, American Legion Legionnaire of the year for the State of Nevada, acknow-ledged joint work between VVA and American Legion.  He introduced Kim Young and the “Tip a Vet” Veterans Day restaurant fund raiser.  American Legion arranged with Red Robin, Denny’s in Sparks, and Famous Dave’s.  American Legion is gifting the Denny’s site to VVA.  Veterans will keep 100% of tips generated, less 10% of the gross to Keystone Printing.  Hours of operation will be 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  Kim Young estimated 6 volunteers would be adequate.

Motion: Greg Montalvo moved that the chapter support and participate in this event, seconded by Gary Fink (unanimous).

Motion: Rusty Bolton nominated Greg Montalvo to serve as coordinator for this activity, seconded by Gary Fink (unanimous).

3. Rick Shuster and Noreen Leary of Veterans Guest House were joined by their guest, Rick Butler, in thanking VVA for supporting Veterans Guest House and to announce their activities for Veterans Day:
-4th annual acknowledgement and remembrance for Agent Orange at 9:00.
-Ribbon cutting for the second house at 2:00 pm.  The second house will house up to 7 people in 5 new bedrooms.
-Noreen announced a raffle, with first prize $5,000 and 10 2nd prizes of $500 each.  The drawing is to be held November 10 at Bugsy’s, at the Army-Navy game party.

Motion: Greg Montalvo moved for that the chapter purchase 2 raffle tickets, seconded by Jim Hanson (unanimous).

4. Theresa Thurman from MyHealthyVet.org.  Ms. Thurman is coordinator for the health information site, and a retired Navy veteran.  With updated accounts, members can order prescriptions, check appointments, email health care providers and get responses w/in 3 days, see lab results within 7 days, print out a list of all prescriptions, and arrange transport to-from the VA, at 786-7200 ext 1588.

5. Johann Sprenger who reported University of Nevada Reno will sponsor the National Roll call and needs volunteers to read names.  He has forms for those interested in reading.  Reading will take place from 6:60 – 12:30 and 12:30 – 4:30, in 15 minute shifts.  Each reader will read 225 names in 15 minutes at a structured pace of 1 name each 8 seconds.

Return to agenda:

Minutes.  President Bob Sperry announced we will bring copies of the minutes but they are emailed to those with valid addresses listed.  Vice President Gary Fink added they can be mailed to those who prefer it.

Motion: Greg Montalvo moved to approve the minutes, seconded by John Sheets (unanimous).

Shirts.  Bob Marshall reported 3 people did not pick up ordered shirts.

New Members.  The chapter welcomed new members:
-Michael Edwardson transferred from at large to chapter membership
-Gary Nichols
-Terry O’Rourke: announced intention to join, state he would bring his DD214 to the
next meeting.

Birthdays.  This month’s birthdays were Gary Fink and Kenny Williams.

Treasurer’s Report.  Presented by Bob Marshall, who also reported the missing Navy flag was found.

Motion: Jim Hanson moved to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Mike Miller (unanimous).

Wreaths Across America.  Bob Marshall reported we have participated each of the past two years in the effort to place wreaths on all veterans’ graves.  The event this year is to be on 10 December.

Motion: Jim Kittrell moved to donate $300 for wreaths, seconded by Jim Hanson (unanimous).

President’s Report.  President Bob Sperry reported on last week’s Board of Director’s meeting, which he described as “productive.”  He reported Ron Coleman will no longer participate as outreach coordinator.  David Billau and Jim Hanson offered to be co-coordinators.

Motion: Larry Runyon moved to name Dave Billau and Jim Hanson co-chairs of the outreach committee, seconded by Mike Miller and Rusty Bolton (unanimous).  They will also inventory the outreach supplies.

Barbecue Patio.  The American Legion post is working to put in a $2,000 barbecue patio at the Dugout.  Once completed, it will be available to the chapter to use for gatherings and cookouts.

Motion: Greg Montalvo moved that the chapter contribute $500 to the patio fund, seconded by Jim Hanson (unanimous).

Garden Report.  Rusty Bolton reported the garden was successful and members should help themselves to the tomatoes in the lobby, with the surplus going to the Veterans Guest House.  He announced a barbecue and completion of the harvest at the garden following the Nevada Day parade.  He requested members bring chairs.

Beehives.  David Billau reported installing a beehive in the garden this in February-March.  By July, one honey box was filled and the bees are still working on the second box.  David expects to extract honey next year.  He donates the hives and bees to the chapter.

Chapter 388 report.  No report this month.

Fernley Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  Greg Montalvo reported no progress has been made at this time.

Website.  Gary Fink reported we will have a working website in a few weeks, for a cost of $200 for set-up and $51 to own the name for 3 years.

Motion: Gerry Wittman moved to pay $251 to QBDoc (website consultant) for set up and 3 years name ownership, seconded by John Sheets (unanimous).

Stand down.  David Billau reported the stand down served 155 homeless vets.  Mike Miller reported 9 folding chairs belonging to the American Legion post were missing from the stand down.  Bob Sperry said Paula Rowles and Jeff Gunderson are looking for them.  The chairs are well-identified w/ American Legion logos and their return is expected.

Nevada Day Parade.  Parade will be 29 October, meeting place next to FISH.  Leon Gravelin requested $20 for replacement donuts.  VVA inadvertently ate another participant’s donuts at last year’s parade.  Bob Marshall asked him to bring a receipt back for the Petty Cash fund.  Leon Gravelin reported Hands of Hope wants to put their van behind us in the parade.

Motion:  Rusty Bolton moved the chapter provide a sympathy card for Paul Gademsky, seconded by Jim Hanson (unanimous).  The card will be sent by chapter Chaplain Jim Kelley.

Greg Montalvo asked if he should get the fire truck for the parade.  Consensus was to get the fire truck.

Motion: Jim Hanson moved that we have a Christmas pot luck on 15 December.  The motion was tabled until the November meeting.  Greg Montalvo and Jim Hanson volunteered to cook.

Adjourn at 1945.