21 April 2011

21 April 2011


18:00: President Bob Marshall Called the meeting to order.

The pledge of allegiance was followed by the opening prayer offered by chapter chaplain Jim Kelly, and a moment of silence for POW/MIAs.

New members: Norman Graham, Reed Minton, and Ron Wilson.  New lifetime member: Dennis Tognetti.

Jeff Gunderson Janet Brown Grace Bird Beatrice Thayer
Bob Marshall David Billau Bill Baines James Wallace
Jay Jamison Kathleen Frank Edwina George Vernon Moyal
Juan Gerraro

Minutes from the last meeting: tabled until the end of this meeting.

Roll Call:  all officers present.

Treasurer’s Report: presented by Rick Shuster.  Greg Montalvo moved to accept the report, seconded by Bob Marshall.

Petty Cash Report: presented by Bob Marshall.

President’s report: Bob Marshall thanked the membership for the honor of serving as president, then relinquished the chair to the chair of the Election Committee, Dennis Espinoza.

Election: Dennis Espinoza introduced the candidates and laid out the rules for the election:

Must be a member in good standing for 90 days in order to be eligible to vote.

AVVA cannot vote.

Members of the election committee cannot vote.

Ron Coleman took exception to the 90 day rule.  Bob Marshall stated that all members present were eligible to vote.


At the 19 May chapter meeting, Bob Marshall stated he was in error in stating that all members present were eligible to vote.  The April minutes were approved at the 19 May meeting subject to this correction.

Following introduction of the candidates, ballots were distributed.  Bob Marshall resumed the chair while votes were cast and ballots collected.  The meeting proceeded with the report from the outreach committee while votes were counted.

Election Results:  Bob Primeaux was elected president, Bill Thomas Vice President, Bob Marshall Treasurer, Michial Nolan Secretary.  New officers were sworn in by Darrol Brown, State President.

Bob Primeaux addressed the body, pledging to serve faithfully for his term.

Outreach Committee: Jim Hanson reported the purchase of a bird feeder and birdseed placed outside the window of Joe Rullie, a hospitalized vet and requested permission to submit a bill for the purchase (<$26).  Greg Montalvo moved to pay the bill, 2nd Bob Marshall (unanimous).

New Sun Tent for Outreach: Ron Coleman requested $400 for a new tent.  Bob Marshall informed him we must have an exact price (Ron Coleman conferred w/ Darrol Brown).  Ron Coleman offered a motion out of committee: the committee moved to spend up to $400 for a sun tent, Jim Hanson 2nd.  Discussion: Greg suggested getting one with a VVA logo.  Dennis suggested that for $400 they should buy two.  Greg stated the purchase should be researched through VVA catalogues and elsewhere.  The motion was denied.

New VVA Banner for Outreach: Dennis Espinoza moved to investigate the price of acquiring a new VVA banner in lieu of a tent with a logo (no 2nd).

Minority Affairs Committee (presented after swearing in of new officers): Bob Primeaux displayed a shirt designed as a contestant for the convention shirt contest.

Susan Lisagor (Sen. Reid’s liaison) contacted Bob Primeaux asking what he wants from the Senator for Indian veterans’ health.

Horticulture Committee: Rusty Bolton reported the garden is getting started and he has a volunteer with a backhoe to dig a sump for extra water.  Ferguson Supply will donate PVC pipe and filters for construction of a hoop garden.  Western Supply will also donate pipe.  Rusty called for volunteers for labor.  The garden is located at 8301 Rocky Meadows Circle.

Greg Montalvo suggested sending a donation letter to each garden contributor.

David Billau announced he has copies of instructions for construction of a Hoop House, constructed of PVC pipe and visqueen for year-round gardening.

David Billau reported Moana Nursery will give a 10% discount to all veterans.

Rusty Bolton reminded the body that plants can be started indoors and transplanted when garden weather arrives.


Mike Fitzmorris, MOH convention speaker: Ron Coleman moved to have the chapter pay for his life membership in Chapter 989m 2nd Leonard Munoz (unanimous).  Darrol Brown reported the National Convention wants to show Mr. Fitzmorris hospitality while in Reno.  Bob Primeaux stated he would expedite his membership so that he will be a member in good standing for more than 90 days, required for admission to the convention floor.

Vietnam Memorial: Leonard Munoz and Lige Lambeth visited the cemetery and learned from the people there that 40 acres has been dedicated to a veterans park and the actual memorial will be a 50’x50’ plot.  The American Legion is planning to put a building on the property.  A discussion ensued on the need to get representatives from 388 and Winnemucca involved in the project.

Greg Montalvo reported on a book of Vietnam memorials from around the country and proposed it would be valuable to research what has been done elsewhere while designing the Fernley memorial.  Bob Primeaux stated Bill Thomas will get the book.  Greg stated he wants to be on the memorial committee.

Bob Primeaux suggested to Lige Lambeth that he put out a letter to all other veterans organizations by next meeting to begin building a coalition in support of the memorial.

Butch Babb stated he is trying to get tanks for the memorial and is having some success.  Leonard Munoz asked if he could also research getting a tent (see Outreach Committee discussion).

Rick Shuster stated he is on the board of directors for the Living Park at the cemetery and would be happy to serve as liaison.  Bob Primeaux and Bill Thomas stated they would attend the next cemetery meeting.

Website: Bill Thomas is working with Gary Fink and Bob Murdoch (388) to build a 989 page.



Socks to Afghanistan: Ron Coleman stated the Marine Corps League is planning to send socks to troops in Afghanistan.  Interested parties can purchase socks at the Keitzke Walmart store on Armed Forces Day and drop them in a bin out front.  He reported a vet at the VFW meeting said they don’t need socks over there.  Greg Montalvo said his son, who served tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, said the issued socks were superior to anything available at Walmart.  Ron Coleman moved to contribute $100 to the Marine Corps League, 2nd Michial Nolan.  Several members raised concerns and reservations about the appropriateness of the initiative and about relations between veterans’ organizations.  Bill Baines called for the question.  The motion was defeated.

Support for Troop 1, Boy Scouts:  The troop needs money for school clothing and scouting kit for several poor members of the troop.  Bill Baines moved to contribute $200 to the troop, 2nd Rick Shuster (unanimous).  Greg Montalvo stated such contributions were the purpose of maintaining a bank account and appealed to all members to support outreaches.

Lacy J. Dalton Letter: Outgoing president Bob Marshall read an open letter to the membership from lifetime AVVA member Lacy J. Dalton.  New president Bob Primeaux stated she will be performing on 16 August on the eve of the convention and will sing the National Anthem at the opening ceremony.

Kenny Williams stepped down as Sergeant at Arms.  In the absence of volunteers, President Primeaux appointed Armando Arizmondi, who accepted.



State President Darrol Brown offered the following announcements and inquiries:

-asked about the flags for the convention hall which 989 is handling: Bob P said that is correct;
-asked about 989 contacting and securing the color guard for the convention;
-asked the location of the Veterans Eternal Flame in downtown Reno; to which Leon said he can direct Darrol;
-mentioned the need to have Reno VAMC staff at the convention for support and that VVA is giving them a table in the vendors hall for a display;
-mentioned the possibility of having a VVA Household Goods Donation Program truck at the convention for local HG donations and that HGDP Manager Quentin Boucher is working on getting that done; and
-mentioned that VVA is giving Nevada 3 tables for the convention vendor hall (2 for state council and 1 for the local chapter).

Playing Cards to Afghanistan: Jim Kittrell reported his neighbor’s son is going to Afghanistan on his 3rd tour and requested playing cards.  Cindy Daniels of Nugget Marketing donated 2 cases of cards.  She said their donation committee would be open to a letter requesting other support.

Dennis Espinoza offered support to contact all local casinos with this and similar requests.

Hands of Hope:  Leon Gravelin announced the food bank will have a table at the convention and is looking for volunteers to distribute flyers.

Hazen, NV: Leon Gravelin reported this community is losing its water and needs water trucks and storage tanks of any size to tide them over until June.

Purple Heart Veterans Meeting: Janet Brown announced their meeting schedule.

Greg Montalvo: For the first time since the establishment of the chapter, Greg Montalvo will not be an officer.  He shared about how he came to be involved in VVA and what it has meant to him.  He was given a sustained ovation by the body.

Adjourn: 19:30