21 July 2011

21 July 2011


18:01 Call to order

Pledge of allegiance, moment of silence for POW/MIA

Prayer was offered by Chaplain Jim Kelley

Treasurer Bob Marshall distributed sign-in sheets and called for volunteers to work the table at the convention.

President Bob Sperry called for recruitment of additional members.

Roll call: All officers present.

Birthdays:  Bill Elander Gilbert Lopez Ed Travis

Noreen Leary Hal Wakeling Kathy Taylor

Linda Britt Cindy Ransom

Secretary’s Report: Bob Marshall stated minutes were emailed the minutes and announced 1 change re: the vote to compensate Bill Thomas.  Research indicated he donated in his and his wife’s name and not the chapter.  Todd Brill communicated he wanted to rescind his motion.  Rick Shuster made a motion to rescind the motion, seconded by John Sheets (unanimous).  Mike Miller moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Rick Shuster (unanimous).

Treasurer’s report:  Treasurer Bob Marshall presented the treasurer’s report.  Mike Miller moved to approve the report, seconded by Rick Shuster (unanimous).

New Post Office Box: Treasurer Bob Marshall announced the chapter now has a new PO Box: PO Box 20921 Reno, NV 89515-0921.  Price was $68/year plus $9 each for extra keys.

Convention book: Jim Hanson presented a receipt for copying an additional convention delegate’s book.  Greg Montalvo moved to reimburse him, seconded by John Sheets (unanimous).

Chaplain’s supplies: Chaplain Jim Kelley presented receipts for greeting cards.  Greg Montalvo reported his wife received a card recently and was moved by it.  He supported giving the chaplain anything he needs to perform his mission.  Mike Miller inquired whether National has a chaplain’s kit.  State President Darrol Brown stated they have a book.  Vice President Gary Fink stated Chaplain Kelley will be listed as chaplain on the web site, along with contact information.  John Sheets moved to reimburse Chaplain Kelley, plus additional funds for stamps; seconded by Mike Miller (unanimous).

Surety Bond:  Bob Marshall reported the chapter must have a surety bond.  He has the application and the price is $126 per year for a $10,000 bond.  Mike Miller moved to acquire the bond, seconded by Greg Montalvo (unanimous).

Reno Aces/Blue Star Mothers Fundraiser: Gary Fink reported an upcoming game with $10 general admission to an Aces game to benefit Blue Star Mothers.  Contact Gary Fink for additional information.

Outreach Report: No outreach report for July.  Ron Coleman dropped off flags and stands but did not stay for the meeting.

Minority Committee:  Committee chair and membership is currently open.  President Bob Sperry called for volunteers but there were no takers among the attendees.

Horticulture Report: Jim Hanson reported the garden is thriving and needs more volunteers.  Bob Sperry asked about plans for the excess harvest.  Jim replied there are several possible actions under consideration.  Michial Nolan asked if the garden was featured on the website.  Greg Montalvo suggested adding a feature.  Gary Fink quoted from the Carson City Garden feature on their website.  No motion to add the feature.

Old Business.

Vietnam Memorial Committee:  Greg Montalvo reported the book of existing memorials has been ordered.  Rick Shuster reported he is actively involved in the cemetery which is embroiled in an ongoing dispute with a new Fernley City Council member who called for reconsideration.  Rick stated we don’t have the property yet but we expect a positive outcome.  He stated we can move forward with the design now.  Greg asked about the Korean War memorial.  Rick stated it has been completed.

Chapter Website Report: Gary Fink reported he is working with Bob Murdoch of chapter 388 on an expanded home page.  Gary stated the site has a new name, Northwestern Nevada VVA.  Greg Montalvo asked Gary who is helping him.  Gary reported Bob Murdoch, who uses a designer to finish things.  Greg stated Gary’s name and contact information should be available, and that we all need to share information.  Rick Shuster stated he would work with Gary on development.  Jeff Gunderson stated he has a good webmaster who is willing to help with development.

New Business.

Stand Down:  The stand down is scheduled for 30 September in the same location (outdoors in front of the VA Hospital).
-We need a storage unit for all the goods coming in from Herlong and elsewhere.
-OSSIE storage, Victoria and Stanford, is offering reduced rent of $75/mo for 3 units.

Greg Montalvo recalled last year we rented a truck.  Jeff Gunderson reported we are trying to borrow the VA laundry truck.  Terry Hubert reported he has a truck and a big trailer.  Greg Montalvo asked if Pepperidge Farms will contribute again this year.  Terry reported he’s still trying to contact his source.  Bob Sperry reported he and Dave Billau built shelving for VA storage.  He stated we will have volunteers at the VA storage area 2-3 days per week, and that we would need a lot of volunteers.

Rick Shuster moved we reserve 3 storage units for ~$300, seconded by John Sheets, no vote recorded.

Tents:  Butch Babb reported he has 2 tents.  Greg Montalvo reported on a man in Truckee who has a large collection of memorabilia to display inside a tent.  Jim Hanson asked about the sizes.  Butch replied he didn’t know.  Bob Marshall stated we should wait and see what we will have in order to determine what to do with them.

National Convention: Delegates and official attendees:

Jim Hanson Kenny Williams Jeff Gunderson

Darrol Brown Terry Hubert Michial Nolan

Agenda:  State President Darrol Brown gave a general rundown of the convention agenda.

Vendor Tables:  Terry Hubert stated it is important to man the tables.  Bob Marshall will be there Monday through Friday but we need more volunteers because it is going to be busy.  He stated the tables will make good money for 388/989.

Keynote speaker: Richard Pimental

Other activities: Welcome home party on Tuesday is for delegates only, with registered guests free.

Changed date of next meeting: The next meeting will be 11 August to avoid conflict with the convention.

Good of the Chapter.

New life member:  The chapter recognized new Life Member Tom Bracamonte.

Veterans Guest House: Rick Shuster, current VP of VGH, described the mission and purpose, and said VGH is his first love, to honor and recognize veterans.  He gave a history of VGH real estate development and future plans and announced VGH will do beer at Hot August Nights.

82nd Airborne Reunion: 200-man jump on 4 August in Stead, 7:30 – 12:00.  VGH will do refreshments at this event and needs volunteers.

Summer barbecue:  Bob Marshall reported there will be no 388-989 barbecue this summer because everyone is too busy with the convention.  Rick Shuster suggested doing it around October when things have slowed.  A show of hands supported it.

Temporary USO: Open through 5 August at 647 Rock, 9:00 – 10:00 pm daily, greeting returning marines.  American Legion is volunteering.

Adjourn 19:22.