Minutes, 17 March 2011

Minutes, 17 March 2011


Call to order: 18:01

Pledge of Allegiance, prayer (Chaplain Jim Kelly), moment of silence for MIAs

Roll Call: all officers present.

Guests: Norman Graham, Jeff Scace.  The chapter is attempting to get Jeff through eligibility but his DD214 doesn’t show Vietnam service in 1968.

New members: Norman Graham, Hernando Arizmundi, Bill Turner, and Reed Minton.  Lacy J. Dalton is now an associate member.

Birthdays:   Johann Sprenger, Rudy Calderon, David Jenner, Charles Shepard, Gary Kruger, and George Bower.

February Minutes: tabled to end of meeting (move to accept by Dennis Espinoza, 2nd Bob Sperry, passed unanimously).

Treasurer’s Report: presented by Rick Shuster.  Move to accept by Mike Miller, 2nd Jeff Gunderson, passed unanimously.

Petty Cash Report: presented by Bob Marshall.

Outreach Report: presented by Ron Coleman.  The committee worked weeks with a PTSD vet who left town with members’ tools.  The committee filed a police report.  They won’t file charges but are moving to expel the member from VVA.

Minority report: presented by Bob Primeaux.  Chapter 388 voted on 7 March to support the proposed resolution regarding the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between VA and Bureau of Indian Affairs.  Documents concerning the MOU were sent to President Obama, VA Sec. Shinseki, and 16 others on 11 March.  A press release will be completed next week and distributed nationally.  A meeting is set with Sen. Reid’s office for next week.

Garden Report: presented by Rusty Bolton.  The garden is still dead.  The hat was passed to raise funds for rejuvenating the garden.


Old Business.

Veterans Guest House: their recent fund raiser brought in $35,000, including $6,000 raised by VVA.

Memorial Committee.  Lige Lambeth reported contacting the cemetery.  He reported they are excited and interested in seeing the design.  An artist is available to work up design suggestions.  Information on other existing designs may be forwarded by email to Dennis Espinoza.  Bob Marshall asked Darrol Brown if Chapter 388 has a committee and suggested they get together.  Terry Hubert reported on their involvement and spoke to the memorial committee to schedule a joint meeting. Four Rockeries is willing to work on the memorial.  Rick Shuster said the initial and ongoing costs dictate Xeriscape.

Newsletter.  Darrol said what used to be the state newsletter is now the Chapter 17 newsletter.   He asked Bill Thomas for a proposal to publish a state newsletter.  Bill accepted.  Darrol clarified that the proposal remains to be approved.

Bill Thomas said he still wants to do the Chapter 989 newsletter and will start contacting other veterans groups next week, with the approval of the chapter.  Greg Montalvo noted this has been tried before without success.

Nominations.  Dennis Espinoza stated nominations are still open and read the list of candidates.  Rick Shuster moved to close presidential nominations, 2nd Jim Hansen (unanimous).

Nominations for vice presidents.  Greg Montalvo was nominated by James Stinson but declined.  Jim Hanson moved to close nominations for vice president, 2nd Greg Montalvo (unanimous).

Secretary.  Leon Gravelin moved to close nominations, 2nd Mike Miller (unanimous).

Secretary.  Leon Gravelin moved to close nominations, 2nd Greg Montalvo (unanimous).

Speeches:  Kenny Williams was official timer.

Bob Sperry: Born in Las Vegas, 78 years old.  He was drafted in 1952 and is a 24 year veteran.  He served in Vietnam in 1967-1968 as a company commander.  He knows the VA system and has been affiliated with the Vet Center since 2009.  In Bob’s view, the organization is working well, citing the development of specialty courts, especially the Veterans court.  Bob believed outreach was everybody’s job.  He participated in the Veterans Guest House fund raiser and was one of the organizers of the last Stand Down.   In his vision, “We’ve got to be talking to other people, and get more veterans into the VA.”

Bob Primeaux: Bob believes Chapter 989 and the VA need to get involved in the community beyond veterans issues.  He has worked on Veterans and Native American issues in leadership positions for more than 30 years.  He received a master’s degree in 1986 and his first PhD in 1986 and is working on a 2nd PhD.  He described his approach as “Passion with Reason.”  He believes in open doors, scholarship, and homeless veterans.  His business plan is a contract between himself and the chapter.  He would work to align Chapter 989 with other veterans’ organizations.

Vice President:
Gary Fink: He joined the chapter 1 year ago and has participated in chapter activities since that time.  He has been active since adolescence in American Legion and service organizations.  He operates 2 group homes for seniors and takes vets in his care to the VA.  He would like to get Chapter 989 involved with other service organizations.

Bill Thomas: He began by circulating his resume.  He described the vice president’s role: to back up the president, and chair the veterans affairs committee:
-Recruitment and retention
-survey members with a goal of increasing membership by 50% with greater
-Wants to make it fun and increase retention of members.

Greg Montalvo moved to close nominations, 2nd Ron Coleman (unanimous).


New Business.

Bob Primeaux wants to bring a Medal of Honor winner to the state convention at a cost of $1250.  Darrol guaranteed such a guest would be recognized.

Ron Coleman moved to provide the funds, 2nd Mike Miller (unanimous).  Bob Primeaux will report to Bob Marshall when arrangements are made.

Region 8/9 convention/national convention dates.  Darrol and Dennis will attend a nomination meeting 10 June at 6:00 pm at the Dugout.

Darrol: convention shirts are for sale.  Delegate shirts are to be worn at the opening.  He listed criteria for the shirts and announced design deadlines are 19 May with a final vote on designs on 10 June.

Bob Marshall asked what about convention t-shirts.  Darrol said the design will be finalized in 1 month and we will order 300 – 500 shirts.

Greg Montalvo asked if there will be a joint chapter committee.  Darrol responded that they have been talking about it for nearly 1 year.  This was followed by a general discussion of convention logistics, Dennis made a motion for a convention t-shirt planning committee.  Dennis Espinoza, Jim Cattrell, and Dave Kaiser volunteered to serve on the committee.


Good of the Chapter:

Spaghetti feed:  VFW’s Verdi post 10053 is scheduled for April 9, 2:00 – 5:00.

Lacy J. Dalton will be appearing Sunday, 20 March at the Knitting Factory.

Adjourn: 19:20.