Minutes, 17 November 2011

Minutes, 17 November 2011


Call to Order was at 18:09, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence for POWs and MIAs

Prayer.  Chaplain Jim Kelley offered the invocation.

Special Guests.  Jr. ROTC Spinning Team.  A member of the team sang the Star Spangled Banner, followed by an introduction to the group by Viktoria Colvin, mother of the team captain.  Ms. Colvin stated the team is working to go to an audition for America’s Got Talent in January.  Ms. Colvin is leading an effort to raise $9,875 for weapons and travel expenses.  Members of the team demonstrated their skills with performances by two 2-man teams and 2 solo performers.  Ms. Colvin stated the team could be reached at their website, www.americasspinningteam.org(Note: the secretary was unable to reach the site through Bing or Google, but if you google Viktoria Colvin, you can find links to the team’s website).  The chapter discussed the merits of the team, reaching an informal consensus to follow their progress and possibly contribute at a later date.

Roll Call.  President Bob Sperry called the roll.  All officers were present.

Motion.  Jim Hanson moved to approve minutes of the chapter meeting of 20 October 2011.
Discussion: Several members asked for amendments to the minutes:
-Mike Miller: Contribution for the barbecue area was to VFW, not American Legion.
-Bob Marshall: First prize for the VGH raffle is $7,500, not $5,000.
-Rick Shuster:  Winners will be announced at the Army-Navy Game party on 10 Dec.
-Bob Marshall: The $125 award was not from the chapter, but from individual donations
from members.  He stated he and his wife would use the award to celebrate their

Rick Shuster seconded the motion to approve the minutes as amended (unanimous).

Bob Sperry asked the chapter to recognize the service to the chapter of Bob Marshall.  The
membership rose for a standing ovation.

Treasurer’s Report.  Bob Marshall presented the treasurer’s report.  Jim Hanson asked him to speak to outreaches and fund raisers. Jim suggested we should have a flyer on hand at these events that shows what we do with the money.  Greg Montalvo stated we have one and should start using it.  Another member questioned refunds posted on 1 October.  Bob Marshall explained the refunds were distributed as listed from a refund for the purchase of an airline ticket (see Treasurer’s Report, June 6).  Jim Hanson also noted there was no accounting for purchasing sandwiches for the Stand Down.  Greg Montalvo and Bob Marshall reported the sandwiches were purchased from Walmart, who promptly refunded the price, making sandwiches a wash.

Motion.  Mike Miller moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  Gary Fink seconded the motion (unanimous).

Petty Cash.  Bob Marshall presented the petty cash report (approved w/o exception).

New Members.  The chapter welcomed new members Richard Caudill, Terry O’Rourke, Gary Nicholes, Bill Siminske, and Gary Romansik.

President’s Report.  Bob Sperry posed the question, “Does the chapter want more demonstrations or speakers at meetings?  Greg Montalvo observed spending chapter funds locally is a good idea and guests such as America’s Spinning Team lets the chapter know what is out there.  Rick Shuster observed the chapter receives other useful information from speakers such as last month’s Theresa Thurman from MyHealthyVet.org.

Outreach Committee Report.  No outreach report was presented.

Horticulture Committee Report.  Rusty Bolton reported the garden is dead for this year but there are still tomatoes available.

Past President Charges.  Greg Montalvo and Bob Marshall were asked to remove themselves while this action was discussed.  Past president Robert Primeaux preferred charges with the Region 9 Disciplinary Committee against these members, charging gross negligence in performance of their duties as chapter officers.  The bulk of the charges related to poor maintenance of chapter financial records.  The members were not charged with financial malfeasance and in fact, they are able to provide a complete accounting for all chapter funds.  The principal reason to bring this to the chapter’s attention was the wording of the complaint, which read. “I, Robert L. Primeaux, acting on behalf of myself and Chapter 989, . .   The chapter was never notified of his intent to include them in his complaint and never asked for its endorsement.  The following motions were introduced as a result of this information:

Motion.  John Sheets moved to deny the chapter’s inclusion in Robert Primeaux’s complaint.  Multiple seconds were heard from the floor.  The motion passed unanimously.

Motion.  For purposes of clarity, Rick Shuster moved to endorse the chapter’s inclusion in Robert Primeaux’s complaint, seconded by Mike Miller.  This motion was defeated with one assent.

Motion.  Gary Fink moved a letter informing the Region 9 Disciplinary Committee of the chapter’s exclusion from Mr. Primeaux’s complaint and directing them to remove our name  from the complaint and any subsequent documents, signed by sitting chapter officers, be sent by certified mail.  The motion was seconded by Jim Hanson.  The motion carried unanimously.


Old Business.

Sympathy Card.  Chaplain Jim Kelley reported he sent a sympathy card in the name of the chapter to Paul Gademsky, who recently lost his wife.

Vietnam Memorial.  Rick Shuster reported the City of Fernley is trying to get the property and will eventually give it to the cemetery when discrepancies are settled.  Mike Miller suggested we speak to the Korean vets at the Verdi Post because they just designed their memorial.

Website.  Gary Fink reported the website is up and running with a number of sections and many pictures.  The “Members Only” is secured by a password and is where information such as membership rosters will appear.  The password to the Members Only page is thebunker.

Business Cards.  The chapter discussed printing VVA 989 generic business cards with the PO Box and website listed.  Greg Montalvo will research optimum price and quantity.

John Sheets asked the chapter to recognize Gary Fink for doing the work on the website.  The chapter responded with an ovation.

Veterans Day Parade.  Bob Sperry reported the Veterans Day parade was a huge success and expressed the wish that the chapter should continue participating in this and similar events.  He stated the Sparks Christmas parade may be cancelled.  Rick Shuster said he wasn’t sure but it was possible.  Leon Gravelin encouraged members to fight for the parade by making phone calls to the city and parade officials.

Tip a Veteran.  Greg reported that the event was an okay money maker but better than that it was a great gathering with many members showing up.  The chapter discussed having several restaurants next year and ways that that might happen.


New Business.

Wreaths across America.  A sign-up list for participation in this event was circulated.  Bob Marshall reminded the membership the event is on 10 December at 9:00 at the cemetery in Fernley.  Members discussed transportation and carpooling.  Bob Marshall expressed the desire to make sure a wreath ended up on John Will’s grave.

December Meeting.  Next month’s pot luck was discussed and a sign-up list circulated for who would bring what.

Motion.  Bob Sperry moved we have a brief (15 – 20 minute) meeting followed by the pot luck next month.  No second was heard.  In absence of a motion, chapter reached consensus on this issue, with an assumption of about 30 members and guests to attend.

Bob Sperry agreed to provide utensils.  Greg Montalvo and Jim Hanson both volunteered to cook turkeys.  Gary Nicholes volunteered to cook a ham.

Birthdays.  The following members are celebrated birthdays in November:

Fred Conner Raul Diaz Leon Gravelin

Dave Kaiser Andy LePeilbet Leonard Munoz

John Sheets Rick Shuster Bill Tenner

Terry Weiderhof


Good of the Chapter.

DAV Luncheon.  Leon Gravelin announced Disabled American Veterans were offering a holiday luncheon November 18 at their location on 2nd next to the Reno Police Dept.

Denise Parsons.  Rick Shuster announced Denise Parsons passed away at 91-years old.  Her funeral will be at Ross-Burke on 18 November, followed by a luncheon.  Ms. Parsons was very involved with veteran’s issues.

Jr. ROTC award ribbons.  Red Kittrell asked if VVA can give an award ribbon similar to those worn by a couple of the spinning team members.  Bob Marshall stated we would have to contact National to find out about decorations.  He stated he would check.

Adjourn.  President Bob Sperry adjourned the meeting at 19:49.