Minutes, 12 July 2012

Minutes, 12 July 2012


Call to Order was at 18:02, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Prayer.  Tod Brill offered the invocation in place of Chaplain Jim Kelley, who was absent from this meeting.  The invocation was followed by a moment of silence for POWs and MIAs.

Roll Call.  Sergeant at Arms Greg Montalvo and Chaplain Jim Kelley were absent.  All other officers present.  Twenty-five members, two Chapter 388 members, and 1 guest were in attendance.  The chapter welcomed new members John and Linda Dickinson, Don Alis, Michael Hawe, and Bill Wedlake.

Adopt a Vet Dental Program (AAVD).  Guest speaker Ike Berry offered a presentation of the Adopt a Vet Dental Program (AAVD), founded by Linda Haigh.  “AAVD targets the low-income veterans that live below 150% of the Federal Poverty Guideline.”  Literature describing the program, its function, and goals was distributed to members.  AAVD was revisited in “New Business.”

Minutes.  Minutes for the meeting of 17 May (no June meeting) were distributed to the membership electronically and was made available at the meeting.  No exceptions or challenges to the minutes as recorded were offered.

Motion.  Eric Hobson moved to accept the May minutes, seconded by Rick Shuster (unanimous).

Treasurer’s Report.  Treasurer Bob Marshall presented the treasurer’s report.

Motion.  Rick Shuster moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Norm Graham (unanimous).

Petty Cash.  Treasurer Bob Marshall and President Gary Fink presented the petty cash report.

President’s Report.  President Gary Fink addressed outreaches of 26 May and 23 June, June’s potluck barbecue, and the 4th of July parade in Virginia City.  Gary thanked Gary Nicholes for soliciting donations for the barbecue and Jim Hansen for taking charge of the barbecue.

Outreach Committee.  No committee report.

Horticulture Committee.  No report.

Vietnam Memorial.  Rick Shuster reported no recent change in the land issue but he continues to believe the issue will be resolved at some point in the future.

Chapter 388 Report.  Chapter President Rick Arnold reported on several outreaches including 7 July in Incline Village and the 4th of July parade in Carson.  Rick reported 3 new members and reported on work with local organizations on behalf of young veterans, including Friends in Service Helping (FISH) and the men’s shelter.  Rick also offered kudos to the VA for their work with homeless veterans.


Old Business.

Outreaches.  The 26 May outreach at Walmart raised $1003.  The 23 June Veterans Guest House Poker Run and outreach in Fernley raised $300.

Nevada State Council.  Terry Hubert reported he is now State Council President.   President Hubert reported the council’s secretary and sergeant at arms resigned when results of the presidential election were announced.  Chapter 17 president Richard Small announced his interest in the secretary position, and the Communications Director position is also open.  Terry also announced the Region 9 meeting will be held Saturday in Henderson.  Nevada State Council now has a second mailing address, P.O. Box 18121 – Reno, Nv. 89511.

Chapter 989 State Council Election Report. Chapter representative Norm Graham endorsed president Hubert’s report.

New Business.
Adopt a Vet Dental Program.
Motion.  Rick Shuster moved to donate $200 to this program, seconded by Mike Miller (unanimous).
Note: Tod Brill suggested increasing the donation while Rick’s motion was on the floor.  Rick did not amend the motion so it was passed as originally moved.  Secretary Michial Nolan suggested sending letters/certificates of appreciation to participating dentists, but did not offer a motion.  Further action on this issue is tabled to the next meeting

Shirts.  Bob Marshall called for a show of hands for a shirt order.  Bob stated he wanted a minimum order of 25-30 shirts.

Traveling Vietnam Wall.  Chapter 388 president Rick Arnold updated the meeting on the travelling wall, scheduled for the Nevada Day celebrations, 25-28 October (27 Oct is Nevada Day).  Rick reported publicity is going out in a multi-state area.  Up to 500 motorcycles and other vehicles will meet the wall outside Fernley on 24 October and escort it to Carson City.  Rick also spoke to the controversy of the wall sharing space with a carnival.  Rick assured the meeting there would be generous and respectful separation between the wall and the carnival, and stated there would be plenty of other distinguishing features of the space around the wall.  A barbecue is planned for Saturday afternoon.  A G-P tent with memorabilia will be erected and surrounded with static military displays including a B-25, a Huey, and others.  Rick stated the intention is to maintain the solemnity of the wall but also to celebrate those who came home.  Volunteers are still needed to act as guards and assist with set-up.

Several members expressed reservations about the intended production surrounding the wall.  Rick acknowledged those reservations but reiterated, Nevada State Council put up $2,000 to bring the wall, the wall is coming, and all members of Chapter 989 are invited.  Rick invited the chapter to contact him regarding any memorabilia this chapter wished to display.

Magnetic Vietnam War Veteran signs with the Chapter 388 logo are available on the chapter 388 website for $0.85 each.  Chapter 989 can order them with chapter logo and website address for the same price in a lot of 500.

Good of the Chapter

Operation Feedback.  First annual poker run on 26 August 2012 to support and cap a 2-month food drive to bring food to the families and children of veterans.  Main starting point is at Operation Feed Back, 295 Gentry Way, Unit 14, Reno 89502.  For more information, see flyer distributed at the July meeting or call (775) 284-8878.  Also see poker-run@handsofhope.us

Fallen Soldier Project.  Tod Brill and Rick Shuster announced the project would be in town August 3-5 and would feature a poker run.  Further information available by googling Fallen Soldier Project.  Norm Graham suggested members wear chapter shirts to events.

Veterans Stand Down.  Bob Sperry reminded the chapter of the Veterans Stand Down coming on 29 September at the VA.  A wide range of services will be available from many service organizations and agencies throughout the community.

June birthdays: Steven Loomis Larry Runyon Lori Montalvo
Terry O’Rourke Dennis Tognetti Ron Wilson

July Birthdays: Ron Bradley Ed Davis Bill Elander Dave Evans Bob Johnson Gilbert Lopez
Cynthia Ransom Stewart Salamawca Bob Stringer
Ed Travis Hal Wakeling Barb Lane
Noreen Leary Kathleen Taylor Terry Hubert

MotionNorm Graham moved to adjourn, seconded by Eric Hobson (unanimous).  Meeting adjourned at 19:24.