Minutes, 16 February 2012

Minutes, 16 February 2012

Call to Order was at 18:01, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Prayer.  Chaplain Jim Kelley offered the invocation, followed by a moment of silence for POWs and MIAs.

President Bob Sperry asked vice president Gary Fink to run tonight’s meeting.

Roll Call.  All officers present.  Total attendance, including AVVA and guests from Carson City Chapter 388: 35 present 

Guest Speaker.  Rick Arnold (Chapter 388) informed the chapter about Battle Born Days (25-28 October 2012) activities including the Traveling Wall.  The Wall will be displayed from Thursday, 25 October through Sunday, 28 October in Carson City at Mills Park adjacent to the Vietnam Memorial.  The Traveling Wall will be escorted from Fernley to Carson City on Wednesday 24 October.  Motorcycles and classic cars from both chapters are welcome to join the escort.

The wall custodians are requesting 15 able-bodied people to help with set-up on 25 October.  Volunteers are also sought for a 24-hour security guard from Thursday through Sunday afternoon.  Two RVs will be onsite to support the honor guard.

A big tent w/ Vietnam memorabilia vendors will be on site and a display of military vehicles will be on display.

Jeff Gundersen set up the Moving Wall when it came to Reno.  He reported it took 100 people 2 days to do the set-up.  Home Depot supplied building materials and their own volunteer crew for that effort.  He noted the Moving Wall is shorter than the Traveling Wall.  Jeff stated he would provide Rick with a DVD of the wall assembly.  Rick and Jeff will meet to coordinate the effort.

Because of the presence of the wall, Rick stated Chapter 388 will make an effort to get vets from across Region 9 to participate in the Nevada Day parade.

President Bob Sperry reported the evening’s second guest speaker, VA Hospice Program rep John Howard is postponed until next month.  The program is based on the goal of “no veteran dies alone.”  When doctors determine a veteran is within 72 hours of death, volunteers sit with him in shifts until he passes.  Fourteen veterans died at VAMC in January, illustrating the great need for volunteers.

Minutes.  Gary Fink called for approval of the minutes.
Motion: Pat Moran moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Jim Hanson (unanimous).

Treasurer’s Report.  Treasurer Bob Marshall presented the treasurer’s report.
Motion: John Sheets moved to accept the report, seconded by Norm Graham (unanimous).

Petty Cash Report.  Vice president Gary Fink presented the petty cash report.

Standing Committee Reports.

President’s Report.  Bob Sperry recognized Jim Hanson for completing the storage cabinet project.  Jim reported it came in at $200, well below original estimates.  Greg Montalvo added thanks to the VFW Post 9211 for their hospitality.

Outreach Committee.  Jim Hanson stated the chapter needs to thank Dave Billau and his wife for their donation.  Bob Marshall reported the letter already went out.

Horticulture Committee.  Dave Billau reported it is still too cold to be working in the garden.  Rusty Bolton reported volunteers have been digging it up and asked for the donation of soil amendments.  He stated we may be able to expand the garden.  Rusty asked for a volunteer with a backhoe to dig a garden well.  Dave stated we will be able to harvest honey from the bees.

Discussion followed on where to donate the excess from this year’s garden.  Suggestions included the Veterans Guest House, Veteran’s unit at VOA men’s drop-in center, Family shelter at the Record Street complex, and Food Bank of Northern Nevada.

Darrol Brown stated there is a veteran’s garden in Minden.  Chapter 989 horticulture committee may be able to contact the Minden chapter for purposes of networking.

Chapter 388.  No report.

Fund Raising.  No report.

Old Business.

Business Cards.  Gary Fink brought in the first run of 1000 business cards.  Cards were distributed in lots of 10 to the membership.  Special thanks to Gary Nicholes and his sister Terry Bartek who directed production.

Tip a Vet.  Michial Nolan gave Bob Marshall contact information for Claim Jumper on South Virginia and informed him they would be willing to stage a Tip-A-Vet event

New Business.

Killed in Action Memorial.  KIA Riders will hold a memorial on 28 April at 11:00 at the Fernley Cemetery.  The memorial will be followed by a get together at the Fernley Pizza Shack.

Veterans Guest House.  Greg Montalvo encouraged the chapter to continue voting on Face Book for the Home Depot Foundation $25,000 charitable contribution.  Voting continues through 23 February.  Individuals may vote 1 time every 24 hours.

Election of Chapter Officers.  Election committee chairman Todd Brill opened the floor to nominations for 2012 officers.  The election will be at the April meeting.  Nominations are open at the February, March, and April chapter meetings.  The following were nominated at the February meeting:

President: Bob Sperry, nominated by Leon Gravelin, seconded by Dave Billau.
Jeff Gundersen, nominated by Greg Montalvo, respectfully declined.

Vice President: Gary Fink, nominated by Greg Montalvo, seconded by John Sheets.
John Sheets, nominated by Greg Montalvo, respectfully declined.

Secretary: Michial Nolan, nominated by Greg Montalvo, seconded by Jim Hanson.

Treasurer: Bob Marshall, nominated by Greg Montalvo, seconded by Jim Hanson.

Bob Sperry asked when the Board of Directors were to be elected.  State President Darrol Brown stated they would be elected at the same time as the board.  Jim Hanson noted that at the last board meeting it was stated we could have additional board members.  Bob Marshall read the list of sitting BoD members.   Darrol Brown noted that BoD nominations were not on the agenda and suggested it be added to the agenda for the March meeting.

Leon Gravelin noted that Chaplain and Sgt at Arms were both appointed positions and requested that Parade Coordinator also be an appointed office.

Darrol Brown stated the chapter must also elect a State Council delegate.  Treasurer Bob Marshall proposed Jim Hanson, and John Sheets as an at-large delegate.

Darrol Brown asked, as a point of information, who sits on the election committee.  Chairman Todd Brill stated we need a new member to replace a member no longer in the chapter.  He asked Fred Conner, who agreed to serve.

Todd Brill announced the rules for voting eligibility.  Voters must be a member in good standing for the previous 90 days.


Birthdays.  Birthdays for February:

Butch Babb Kenneth Bird Bill Ganz

James Kittrell James Stinson Joe Ward

Good of the Chapter.

Bob Marshall reported all charges were rejected at last month’s disciplinary board hearing in Sacramento.  Bob and Greg Montalvo acknowledged all chapter members who went to the hearing.

Adjourn.  Vice President Gary Fink adjourned the meeting at 19:16.