Minutes, 18 October 2012

Minutes, 18 October 2012

Call to Order was at 18:00, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Prayer.  Chapter chaplain Jim Kelley offered the invocation, followed by a moment of silence for POWs and MIAs.


Roll Call.  

President Gary Fink Present

V. President John Sheets (interim)   Present

Secretary Michial Nolan Present

Treasurer Bob Marshall Absent

Sgt at Arms Greg Montalvo Absent


Attendance.  30 members and 5 guests: Terry Hubert (President, State Council), Rick Arnold (President, Chapter 388), John Hussong (Chapter 388), Troy Stormoen (Vet Center), and Kevin Gerow.


New Member.  The chapter welcomed John Rickard to the chapter.


Minutes Minutes for the September meeting were distributed electronically and at the meeting.


Motion.  Tod Brill moved to accept the September minutes, seconded by Norm Graham (unanimous).


Treasurer’s Report.  President Gary Fink presented the treasurer’s report in the absence of Treasurer Bob Marshall.


Motion.  Eric Hobson moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Norm Graham (unanimous).


Petty Cash.  President Gary Fink presented the petty cash report.


President’s Report.  President Gary Fink reported that VVA National informed the chapter we can no longer use the VVA logo with 989 in the center.  John Sheets suggested we ask for approval.  Rick Arnold of Chapter 388 showed an example of an approved logo from chapter 388.  Gary also announced that, in the interest of maintaining the flow of chapter meetings, discussions and presentations would be limited to 8 minutes.


State Council Report.  State Council President Terry Hubert reported on the State Council President’s Meeting in Silver Springs, Maryland.  Terry reported the number of chapters facing suspension for financial reporting violations is 257.  Additionally, 13 state councils are at risk.  AVVA has combined with VVA on Agent Orange town hall meetings.  These have been held on the east coast, in several southern states, and in California.  Retired Lt Gen Claude M. Kick lighter (USA Retired) spoke at the VVA BOD meeting and indicated the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War was initiated at the May 28,2012 Memorial Day At The Wall May 28,2012. It will be a fifteen-year effort concluding in 2027 and encompasses the whole nation in a series of commemorative events of the Vietnam War. There will be opportunities and funds for communities and veteran organizations for funding to mark the sacrifices of Vietnam veterans. A National 50th Vietnam War Commemoration Flag is available and the State Council and local Chapters can contact and seek further information and the flag/pins/badges at www.VietnamWar50th.com  Terry stated the State Council wants to bring this series to Nevada.  Terry reported the Council is working to get Nevada to recognize 29 March as Welcome Home Day in Nevada.  Terry stated the House of Representatives and US Senate voted in 2007 to recognize 30 March as Welcome Home Day.


Outreach Committee.  Jim Hanson reported that Claim Jumper does not do “Tip a Vet” anymore.  In their current outreach, Claim Jumper will print flyers/coupons and return to the chapter 15% of any ticket accompanied by a coupon on Veterans Day.  Chapter members would need to distribute the coupons to friends, colleagues, and family.  Discussion of this effort was generally favorable.  Jim Hanson stated he would head up the effort if others would join in.  A substantial number of members agreed to participate.


Horticulture Committee.  Rusty Bolton reported the garden still has a good crop of tomato, squash, etc. needing harvesting.  Ron Coleman, Larry Runyon, and Dave Billau built a plastic cover for the remaining crops.  Rusty called for volunteers to dig more irrigation trenches.




Old Business.

VA Stand Down.  Dave Billau reported this year’s stand down for homeless vets included at risk vets for the first time.  The event served 215 vets, including 16 women vets.  The chapter acknowledged all members who participated.


New Business.

Motion.  To buy a 36” wreath from Greenleaf to place at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Carson City, 24 October to 28 October 2012.  The cost will be less than $50.  So moved by Jeff Gunderson, seconded by Eric Hobson (Unanimous).

Rick Arnold (Chapter 388) suggested the chapter may want to include a sentiment.  Rick reported Chapter 388’s wreath will say “To our Fallen Brothers.”


Election.  Elections chair Tod Brill reported a vacancy in the office of Vice President.  Tod put the question to the body, to take the board’s appointment (John Sheets) or nominate other candidates.  Norm Graham formally nominated John Sheets, seconded by Eric Hobson.  John was elected by a unanimous vote, accepted the office, and was sworn in.


Motion.  To buy two raffle tickets at $100/each for the Veterans Guest House Annual Raffle to benefit the annual Veterans Guest House Operations Budget.  So moved by Rick Shuster, seconded by John Sheets (unanimous).


Motion.  That VVA Chapter 989 purchase 75 2-ride bus passes for Nevada Job Connect to distribute to veterans via the vet-reps at the Reno and Sparks Nevada Job Connects.  75 passes at $3.40 = $255.00.  So moved by Bob Martin, seconded by Tod Brill (unanimous).


Veterans Day Parade – Reno.  Jim Hanson reported the parade starts at 11:11 am.  Participants should arrive at the NW corner of Virginia and Liberty between 10:00 – 10:30.  Terry Hubert stated he would try to arrange the fire truck used in past parades.


Motion.  To spend $300 for Wreaths across America, from Northern Nevada Veterans Coalition, for Wreaths across America wreaths for placement on veterans graves at the Northern Nevada Veterans Cemetery.  Terms are “buy two at $15/each, receive a 3rd one free.”  The purchase price of $300 will therefore provide 30 wreaths.  So moved by Rick Shuster, seconded by Jim Hanson (unanimous).


Birthdays.  Birthdays for October:


Mike Edwardson Gary Fink Patrick Moran Bill Wedlake Kenny Williams


Good of the Chapter

Motion.  To correct the minutes of 20 September to read Wreaths across America at 9:00 am, Saturday, 15 December at Northern Nevada Veterans Cemetery in Fernley.


Jim Hanson: proposing new business for next month.  Jim will propose a chapter mediator/interventionist at the November meeting.


A letter from Hug High School Administrative Assistant Dee Parks was read, thanking the chapter for members’ service and for generous gifts to the student body.  The letter noted 85% of Hug’s students are at or below the poverty line.


Jim Hanson also reported on a nice letter from Linda Haigh, director of the Adopt-a-Vet dental assistance program.


Gary Fink called for a sense of the chapter re: a December meeting pot luck.  John Sheets stated we need to plan ahead and asked if we can cater it.  Jim Hanson argued it is inappropriate to cater our holiday dinner with donated funds.  Red Cottrell answered a call for a volunteer to investigate price.


Gary Fink moved to adjourn, seconded by Tod Brill (unanimous).  Adjournment at 19:24.