Minutes, 19 April 2012

Minutes, 19 April 2012


Call to Order was at 17:58, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Prayer.  Chaplain Jim Kelley offered the invocation, followed by a silent prayer for his wife, and a moment of silence for POWs and MIAs.

Roll Call.  All officers present except Bob Sperry who was absent for foot surgery.  Total attendance, including AVVA and guests: 33 present.

Guest Speakers.
We Care Volunteers.
  Norm Graham introduced Amber Dawson of We Care Volunteers.  Ms. Dawson and her organization are in their third year providing hot meals Monday through Thursday in the parking lot of the homeless services campus at 4th and Record Street.  Ms. Dawson and her volunteers rely on donations to serve 150 – 350+ people each evening.  She does all the cooking in her own kitchen.  Ms. Dawson and We Care Volunteers serve an important need as the only way most of her clients get dinner.  Ms. Dawson estimated she serves about 35 homeless and needy veterans daily.

“No Veteran Dies Alone.”  Becky Anderson and Robi McMordie, VA Hospital social workers, run the  program.  They addressed the meeting to announce they are working to expand the program and to call for volunteers.  They explained the duties of volunteers and their training program.

Virginia City Parade Volunteers.  Jim Kittel introduced Deputy Marshall John-Michael Mendoza of Virginia City.  Officer Mendoza called for volunteers, particularly someone willing to be Grand Marshall.  He asked all interested members to call him and to submit a brief resume of service experience.  Officer Mendoza also announced 15 July will be Senior Awareness Day in Virginia City.

David Billau introduced guest Bob Martin.  Kyle Edwardson,  Eric Hobson was a life member in first attendance.

Minutes. Minutes were distributed to the membership electronically and was made available at the meeting.

Motion.  Rick Shuster moved to accept the March minutes, seconded by Eric Hobson (unanimous).

President’s Report.  No report due to president’s absence.

Treasurer’s Report.  Treasurer Bob Marshall presented the treasurer’s report.

Motion.  Mike Miller moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by John Sheets (unanimous).

Bob Marshall reported $1 million liability insurance for outreach is available free through National.  He reported we could get a $25,000 surety bond for our bank account for $100/year.  Alternatively, the chapter can get a $10,000 bond free through National.

Motion.  Rick Shuster proposed the chapter use the VVA free insurance, seconded by Eric Hobson (unanimous).

Announcement.  Bob Marshall announced Bob Primeaux has transferred his membership to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (round of applause).

Petty Cash.  Treasurer Bob Marshall presented the petty cash report.

Outreach Committee.  Jim Hanson reported setting up an outreach for 26 May.  He requested authorization to spend $300 to replenish the outreach inventory.

Motion.  Jim Hanson proposed funding inventory replenishment up to $300, seconded by Mike Miller (unanimous).

Horticulture Committee.  Bob Marshall gave Rusty Bolton a check for $80 per the motion passed last month (see April minutes). Motion.  Clay Coleman moved to fund the horticulture committee’s budget at $250, seconded by Bob Marshall (unanimous).  Rusty Bolton called for volunteers to prep the garden.  He announced he expects starters to be donated by the same people who provided them last year.

Vietnam Memorial.  Rick Shuster reported the land dispute continues.

Chapter 388 Report.  No report.

New Business.

Elections.  Tod Brill reported the chapter nominated single candidates for each position. Nomination and elections were conducted per chapter laws and by-laws.  A unanimous vote was recorded for each position with no opposition.

Announcements.  Rick Shuster: Northern Nevada Veterans Coalition, 23 June at the Silverado.  The chapter will set up a table and sell goods.  The chapter will pay $50 for the table and proceeds benefit Veterans Guest House.  A monument honoring all Nevada service people killed in action while serving their country will be dedicated on 28 April at the Fernley Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetary.  Rick announced the outcome of the recent Home Depot Foundation contest: Veterans Guest House won first prize of $250,000.  Rick informed the chapter that Home Depot donates $3 million annually to veterans’ charities.  Home Depot is veteran-friendly and employs veterans.  Your VA ID card gets a 10% discount on merchandise.

Birthdays.  Birthdays for April:

Bill Baines Dave Billau Grace Bird Ty Cobb Juan Gerraro Jeff Gundersen Jay Jamison Bob Marshall James Wallace Gerald Wittman

Good of the Chapter

We Care Volunteers.  Norm Graham stated Amber Lynn Dobson needs a warming tray and cooler.  Bob Marshall suggested the chapter offer a donation.

Motion.  Jim Kittel proposed a grant to We Care Volunteers in the amount of $600 in 3 equal installments.  Discussion: Tod Brill stated there could be a liability issue because the organization is unlicensed to prepare and distribute food.  The motion was withdrawn.

Motion.  Rick Shuster proposed the chapter donate 3 $200 Walmart gift cards, seconded by Norm Graham.  The motion passed with 1 dissent.

Rick Shuster suggested the chapter Board of Directors should visit the chapter’s donation policy.

Motion.  Rick Shuster offered a motion to adjourn, seconded by John Sheets (Unanimous).

Adjourn, 19:32.