Minutes, 20 September 2012

Minutes, 20 September 2012

Call to Order was at 18:00, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the invocation, offered by Chaplain Jim Kelley.


Moment of Silence.  President Gary Fink called for a moment of silence for MIAs and POWs.


Roll Call.  All chapter officers were present except Treasurer Bob Marshall and Sergeant at Arms Greg Montalvo.  Attendance for the meeting totaled 27 members and 3 guests.


New Members and Guests.  The chapter welcomed new members Bob Martin and Rocky Beyers, who came as a guest and joined at this meeting.  Eric Arentz is a life member who attended his first meeting.  Other guests were Chapter 388 Vice President John Hussong and Nevada State Council President Terry Hubert.


Minutes.  President Gary Fink called for acceptance of the minutes of the August meeting.


Motion.  Eric Hobson moved to accept the August minutes, seconded by Mike Miller (unanimous).


Treasurer’s Report.  President Gary Fink presented the treasurer’s report in the absence of Bob Marshall.


Motion.  Rick Shuster moved to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented, seconded by Jeff Gunderson (unanimous).


Petty Cash.  President Gary Fink presented the Petty Cash report.


President’s Report.  President Gary Fink reported on the Walmart outreach on 25 August.  Gary introduced the new “President’s Motion Form,” used by Chapter 17 and by State Council to provide formal documentation of motions brought to the floor.  Gary reported several extra shirts from the last order, available for $20 each.  Five remaining Chapter 989 patches are available for $7 and 2 Lifetime Member patches are available for $6 each.


State Council President’s Report.  State Council President Terry Hubert reported he attended a Chapter 17 meeting and endorsed the utility of the President’s Motion Form, introduced at this meeting by Gary Fink.    President Hubert stated the former State Council secretary and sergeant at arms expressed interest in running for their old seats.  Terry stated there is an additional position to fill, “Communications Clerk.”  This person will, among other duties, be responsible for producing a State News Letter.  Terry reported seeing a movie, “Bravo Company: Uncommon Valor,” presented by Betty and Ken Rogers, while at the leadership conference in Dallas, Tx.  Terry proposed bringing this film to Nevada, probably in early spring.  Terry reported the Vet Center said they would provide counselors to be present for the event.  John Sheets stated we would have to offset travel expenses for the Rogers in order to bring the film to Reno.  President Gary Fink stated chapter 989 would support the event.  Terry Hubert stated all members should be receiving copies of “The VVA Veteran.”  If members do not, they should inform President Gary Fink or contact either Michael Keating – mkeating@vva.org or Eric Harris – eharris@vva.org.  Terry announced “Perimeter Guard” is no longer a stated newsletter, now serving Chapter 17 only.  The “Vietnam Newsletter,” chiefly a free 173rd Airborne division publication, is available by contacting Lew Smith – rto173d@cfl.rr.com.


Charles “Bob” Sperry.  Board of Directors chair Rick Shuster announced the resignation of Vice President Bob Sperry due to health issues and welcomed his return to the body of the chapter.  President Gary Fink accepted Bob’s resignation effective October 1, 2012.  The membership recognized Bob Sperry with a rousing 3 cheers.


Elections Committee.  President Gary Fink called on Elections Committee Chair Tod Brill to initiate the process of electing a new Vice President.  Tod stated there were two options: 1) nominate candidates tonight, and 2) nominate next month.  Jay Jamison suggested a secret ballot but Tod stated nominees have to want the position.  Interested candidates were to notify Tod before the next meeting by email to Tod Brill, Tod52@aol.com.  Board of Directors Chair Rick Shuster cited the chapter by-laws which state the BoD appoints the vice president from among the 4 “At-Large” board members.


Motion.  Nominate candidates for vice president at the October 18 meeting, and to elect a vice president at the same meeting.  If no members step forward, BoD will appoint an at-large member to serve, so moved by Jay Jamison.

Amendment: Put the nominations and election in the agenda for next meeting in order to get

the announcement to as many members as possible.  Amendment proposed by Jim Hanson.

Amendment: Any interested party must contact Tod Brill before the next meeting.

The motion was passed (unanimous).


Outreach Report.  Jim Hanson reported 16 members participated in the outreach on 26 August at the Walmart on Pyramid Highway, which raised nearly $1,800.  New member Bob Martin reported it was “awesome” and asked for more notification next time.  Jim reported 3 more outreaches are planned, including one at the Traveling Wall event.  Eighteen members answered a call for volunteers to work the outreaches.  Jim proposed selling roses for placement at the wall but John Hussong replied there would be no commerce near the wall, and because the Traveling Wall is a Chapter 388 event, Chapter 989 cannot set up an outreach.


Horticulture Committee.  Dave Billau distributed directions to the garden and announced harvesting is in progress.  All members are welcome to come.


Traveling Wall.   John Hussong, Chapter 388 Vice President, distributed a flyer for Battle Borne Days.  He reported the Parks Dept is cleaning the park, and Chapter 388 spent an additional $1,000 on clean up.  He reported tents will be set up and the Vet Center crisis center will be on hand.  Various military armaments will be on display, including a B-25 WWII bomber.  Chapter 388 will run a membership outreach and will forward new members in the chapter 989 area.  John presented a calendar of events and called for volunteers for set-up and security.  John stated he hopes to put out a map of the event layout by the next meeting.


Vietnam Memorial.  No report this meeting.


Chapter 388 Report. See Traveling Wall report.


Old Business.

Adopt a Vet.  Gary Nicholes reported on framed certificates for 21 dentists and labs participating in the Adopt-A-Vet dental care program.  Additionally, a framed certificate will be presented to Walmart on Pyramid Highway for supporting the 26 August outreach.


VA Stand Down.  Dave Billau called for volunteers to load trucks with tables and chairs at the Bunker on 27 September at 2:00 – 3:00pm.  He also called for volunteers to unload and set up on Friday 28 September at 6:00 – 7:00.  Additional volunteers will be needed around 2:00 – 3:00pm to tear down and reload the trucks.  Dave announced we will not do refreshments this time but there will be a barbecue for homeless vets, and that “at risk” vets will also be included this time.  Dave stated there will be on-site HIV and Hep-C testing and flu shots.  The most important outreach will be to make sure veterans are getting their benefits.  Dave asked members to contact Gary Fink for further information.


POW/MIA Day.  21 September is POW/MIA Recognition Day.  While there is no official recognition, posters were distributed to members at the meeting.


Good of the Chapter.

Eric Hobson suggested we all speak to our dentists and invite them to participate in “Adopt-A-Vet.”

Rick Shuster: Northern Nevada Veterans Coalition will participate again in “Vets Across America” laying wreaths on veterans graves on Veterans Day.  Rick stated he would do a formal presentation at the October meeting.


Birthdays.  The following members celebrated birthdays in August:


Armando Arizmendi Tom Buntin John Dickinson Eric Hobson

Michael Miller Gary Nicholes Tom O’Brien Vernon Watts


MotionRick Shuster moved to adjourn, seconded by Mike Miller (unanimous).  Meeting adjourned at 19:19.