Minutes, 17 January 2013

Minutes, 17 January 2013

Call to Order was at 18:03, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a moment of silence for POWs and MIAs.   Sergeant at Arms Norm Graham called for an additional moment of silence for Rhoda Kelley, wife of Chaplain Jim Kelley, who recently passed.

Prayer.  Chapter Chaplain Jim Kelley offered the invocation.

Roll Call.  All chapter officers were present.

President: Gary Fink

Vice President: John Sheets

Secretary: Michial Nolan

Treasurer: Bob Marshall

Sergeant at Arms: Norm Graham

Attendance: 28 members, two guests

New members Roger Sanchez and Sam Knipmeyer were welcomed to the chapter.  Guest

Keith Burgess was also present.

Minutes.  The minutes were distributed electronically before the meeting.  President Gary Fink called for exceptions.

Motion.  In the absence of exceptions, Michael Hawe moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Norm Graham (unanimous).


Treasurer’s Report.  Treasurer Bob Marshall presented the treasurer’s report.  Rick Shuster requested reimbursement for travel expenses and presented sufficient documentation.

Motion.  Eric Hobson moved to reimburse Rick Shuster’s travel expenses, seconded by Norm Graham (unanimous).

Motion.  Mike Miller moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Jeff Gundersen (unanimous).

Petty Cash.  President Gary Fink presented the Petty Cash report.

President’s Report.  No report.

Outreach Committee.  David Billau was not present.  President Gary Fink summarized storage sheds.  Last year the chapter spent $600 for storage.  This year the chapter can have up to 5 storage “closets” for free but last year’s space must be emptied immediately.  Northern Nevada Veterans Resource Center offered to let the chapter use their basement for storage

Horticulture Committee.  No report.

Chapter 388 Report.  Chapter president Rick Arnold was out of the country.  No report.

Nevada State Council Report.  Nevada State Council President Terry Hubert presented the State Council Report:

Council of State Council Presidents (CSCP) – met in Jacksonville, FL Jan 3-6, attended by NSC VP Virgie Hibbler

VVA BOD Meeting last week in Silver Spring, MD-Jan 10-12

  • New National Disciplinary Code approved-sent to NSC
  • Ruth Matthews Funds—disbursement $ 3000.00 for State Councils and $4.00 per member for each Chapter based on 2/28/2013 membership roster. $50,000 to A/O  Campaign
  • Legacies of War: The Truth About Agent Orange in Vietnam-by Richard E Phenneger
  • Government Affairs Committee—April  VVABOD/CSCP meetings- Storming The Hill and presenting VVA’s  Legislative Agenda & Policy Initiatives for the 113th Congress—-Senator Dean Heller placed on the Senate’s Veteran Affairs Committee
  • National Convention-August in Jacksonville—three way race for president—John Rowan, Bruce Whittaker and Fred Elliot. VP—Rick Davidge  and Marsha Fore—Sec – Bill Meeks and Treasurer-Wayne Reynolds
  • Constitutional Amendments/National Resolutions-cutoff date 3/30 (?)
  • At Large Directors (10) Regional Directors (9) —submit by 3/25(?) but can run from the floor….
  • Region 8 and 9 Pre Convention-June 7-9, Silver Legacy


  • NSC Meeting is Feb 15-16 at VVA 17 Chapter Hall-on west Cheyenne
  • June 7th NSC meeting at VFW Post 9211, Reno , convention delegates
  • NV VVA membership:

At Large                           142                AVVA   12

Chapt 17                         221                AVVA   19

Chapt 388                        83                AVVA    15

Chapt 545 NSP                18 to At Large, Revoked 1/12/13

Chapt 719 NNCC             83                             13

Chapt 744-Winn             20                AVVA    6

Chapt 834 LCC                 51                             1

Chapt 989                      114                AVVA   7

Chapt 993-Mesquite     98                AVVA 26

  • March screening at UNR-JOT Theater-Bravo! Common Men, Uncommon Valor: a Tour of Hell in a Small Place, By Ken and Betty Rogers—see The Veteran ,July/Aug 2012
  • Agent Orange Road Show —VVA/AVVA, west coast tour

Board of Director’s meeting.  Rick Shuster summarized the proceedings of the Board of Directors

Meeting, held 16 January 2013.

-Rick Shuster represented the chapter at the Veterans Legislative Summit for the first time.  Lee Jackson represented chapter 388.  There were twenty-eight veterans’ bills in the state, and the summit discussed about 10 of them.

-The board discussed the need for volunteers to empty out the storage shed.  Jim Hanson said David Billau implied no help would be needed.

-Vietnam Veterans Memorial: Ghost Soldiers will build a memorial within the cemetery.  This memorial is in progress, with plans of completion by Memorial Day.  Jeff Gundersen said he would distribute the memorial design to members.  Rick Shuster stated volunteers would be needed for labor and the project requires raising another $32,000.

-Rick Shuster summarized the status of the memorial outside the cemetery.

-The board discussed coordinating At Large board members with chapter committees to facilitate their activities.

-Board member Jim Hanson and Board Chair Rick Shuster’s terms on the board expire in March.

-Jeff Gundersen stated he was president of American Legion when they donated $500 to VVA three years ago.  He stated he approved the donation at that time.  He asked if the funds would be better spent on the Ghost Soldiers Memorial.  Jim Hanson stated we should contact American Legion to seek their blessing.  Jeff Gundersen stated he endorsed this purpose and would communicate with American Legion on this issue.

-Memorial Day commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War.

New Business.

A chairperson is needed for the parade committee.  There will be a 50th anniversary Memorial Day parade in Virginia City and a Memorial Day 50th anniversary commemorative in Fernley.

Nominations for New Officers.  Nominations will be open at the next two meetings, and the chapter needed to nominate a chair for the election committee at this meeting.

John Sheets nominated Tod Brill for a second term, seconded by Norm Graham.  Without opposition, Tod was re-elected.

Veterans’ Service Officer.  Jim Hanson suggested the chapter needs a Veterans’ Service Officer (VSO) and proposed Keith Burgess, a certified VSO with AMVETS at the VA.  Jim and Terry stated he would need to certify at the chapter level.  John Sheets asked if there was any conflict between representing AMVETS and VVA.  Michial Nolan asked what the procedure would be for bringing in Mr. Burgess.  Mr. Burgess stated the first step would be to clear it with AMVETS and others to make sure there would be no conflicts.  Gary Fink invited Mr. Burgess to report back at the February meeting.

Agent Orange.  Bob Sperry asked to put Camp Lejeune agent orange issues on the February agenda.

The following members celebrated birthdays this month:

John Bell Ron Coleman Butch Hayes Thomas Hildebrand

James Kelley Johnny Martinez Dick Pattinson Ronald Reinhardt

Kate Roman Bob Sperry

MotionBob Martin moved to adjourn, seconded by Eric Hobson (unanimous).  Meeting adjourned at 19:18.