Minutes, 18 July 2013

Minutes, 18 July 2013

Linda Dickinson volunteered to take the minutes for this meeting since Michial was sick.

Roger Sanchez announced before the call to order, that a 50/50 raffle would be conducted and at the end of the meeting, money raised would be split between the chapter and one lucky ticket holder.

Call to order- was at 18:00, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, invocation offered by chapter Chaplain Jim Kelley, followed by a moment of silence for POWs and MIAs.

Roll Call- Sergeant at Arms Norm Graham called the roll:

President John Sheets Present

Vice President Ronald Reinhardt Present

Secretary Michial Nolan Absent

Treasurer Gary Fink Present

Sergeant at Arms Norman Graham Present

Attendance:    ——- VVA Chapter 989 members

State Council President Terry Hubert

New Members or Guests:  Guest: Gary Fagin

Guest SpeakersTom Lakey of the Ghost Soldiers was unable to attend, but a plaque from the Ghost Soldiers was given to the Chapter in thanks for our contribution and support to the Vietnam War Memorial monument at Fernley Veterans Memorial Cemetery.

Secretary Report: Minutes of the June meeting were distributed for review before the call to order.

Motion:  Eric Hudson introduced a motion to accept the June minutes, seconded by Norm Graham.

Treasurer’s Report:  Gary Fink presented the Treasurer’s report.

Motion:  Eric Hudson introduced a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report seconded by Rick Shuster.  Eric brought to the attention of the Chapter that if we had not had surplus monies for 2010, 2011 and 2012, the Chapter would have no funds currently.

Petty Cash Report – President John Sheets presented the petty cash report and identified that increases in costs has resulted in increased outlay of petty cash.

President’s Report – President John Sheets presented the President’s report, beginning with identifying that the meetings have become too lengthy and recognizing other options to help defray costs:

  1. The Vet Center will now be accessed to do the printing for the Chapter, such as agendas and minute meeting copies.
  2. Agenda items must be received by the Monday prior to the week of the meeting so that they can be put on the agenda.  (the next meeting is August 15, 2013, so agenda items must be received by Monday, August 5,2013.
  3. Committee reports are to remain within the scope of that particular committee’s responsibility.  Speakers were asked not to wander or bring up other items.   John also reminded committee chairs that they limit their reports to 3-5 minutes.
  4. The “Good of the Chapter” should be where other items are brought up for discussion, and then brought to the members at the next meeting.
  5. Greg Montalvo reminded that the Vet Center could also do mailings as well as printings for the Chapter.

State Council President’s Report – State Council President Terry Hubert reported that he has been going around the state attending chapter meetings:

  1. Henderson 1076 is the newest chapter with approximately 28-29 members.  Their Charter was awarded in April, 2013.  Their activities have centered around the Veterans’ Home and Veterans’ cemetery.
  2. Mesquite 993 has approximately 30 AVVA members
  3. Las Vegas 17 nothing to report
  4. 16th National Conference:  10 delegates from Nevada will be attending
  5. October 19, 2013 will be the next State Council meeting, in Tonapah.
  6. Terry anticipates that he may be retained as the Veterans Incarcerated chair.

Board of Directors  Report – Rick Shuster-  A meeting was held on 7/11/13.  The Board recognized that the Chapter needed to have more oversight and fiscal responsibility.   Extensive fiscal discussion including goals and fiscal responsibility occurred.  It was also determined that the Chapter’s fiscal year was from March 1- Feb 28 (29) of each year.

Two new committees have been created;

  1. Finance:  Eric Hobson, chair, with members Mike Miller, Don Thomas, Jim Hansen and Ron Reinhardt as oversight.
  2. Government Affairs: Bob Sperry chair, with members Norm Graham, Dave Billau, Gary Nichols and John Sheets as oversight.  Gary Nichols will also be alternate Board member.  The bylaws for the Chapter will be approved once the National and State bylaws have been approved.
  3. Gary Fink reported that the last time the Treasurer’s report showed a balance of less than $6000 was in July 2010.  The decrease in available funds has been due to increased cost of expenses, and also special causes

A motion was made by Gary Fink that any cause be limited to a $500/ calendar year and if the cause is unsettled after brief discussion or if the request for contribution is above $500, then the request needed to go to the Board of Directors.

This motion was seconded by Brent Butler.

Chapter 388 report – Rich Arnold was not present

Standing Committee Reports

  1. Outreach Committee – Dave Billau:  $2548.36 has  been raised in the last three outreaches.  $721.24 has been costs to replace supplies.  $1827.12 has been donated to the Chapter.  The next outreach is 7/20/13 but neither Dave or Roger Sanchez will be available.  Jim Hansen volunteered to pic up supplies.
  2. Don Thomas asked if anyone knew how much the books “The Wall” would cost as these might be a good source of money for the Chapter.  Greg Montolva will bring in his copy
  3. Northern Nevada Veterans Coalitions – Rich Shuster reminded everyone that the Coalition at the Veterans’ Cemetery in Fernley had a memorial service the 4th Thursday of every month and encouraged anyone to attend, to honor those who have died.
  4. Parade Committee – Roger Sanchez reported the attendance of our Chapter at the following events:  Memorial Day at Fernley, the Honor Flight  and welcome home recognitions at the airport and the Virginia City July 4th Parade.  Roger is working hard to let the public know we exist.

Roger announced that a special recognition to honor the Blue and Gold Star mothers is being planned on 9/14/13, at 1:00 PM.  Senator Reid and Congressman Heller as well as Governor Sandoval are planned to attend.  The location is not confirmed but plans are either UNR stadium or the Reno Convention Center.  Attempts to get Linda Smith, a Blue Star mom and national speaker to attend as well.

  1. Stand Down Committee – Bob Sperry reported the next Stand Down event will be on 9/20/13.  There will be meetings before this.

President John Sheets complemented all the committee chairs on their hard work.

  1. Veterans Guest House – Marion (Monk) Mann reported that the Summer Salute raised $8500 and the Golf tournament raised $17,000 for the Veterans Guest House.  They have had 340 guest nights as of the end of June.  The Guest House is looking for volunteers to man the Beer Booths at both Hot August Nights and the Rib Cookoff.

Old Business

  1. No Old business 

New Business

  1. No new business


Birthdays for the month of July were announced. 

Good of the Chapter Roger reported that $113 dollars have been collected for the 50/50 raffle.  The winning ticket would receive $56.50.  The winner was John Dickinson who donated the money to Amber Dobson to assist with her feeding the homeless.

Rick Shuster asked how can the name of our Chapter and VVA be more visable.  discussed that perhaps when groups benefit from the Chapter’s donations (such as the Veterans‘ Guest House or other community programs, we encourage that they mention our Chapter, thanking us for our support in their advertising or public service.  Jim Hansen agreed it needed to be a two way street with the groups we assist.

It was reported that an agency PR meeting regarding the young mother veteran we helped will be having a public service report and how we supported this cause will be mentioned.

Meeting Adjourned:  Motion to adjourn made by President John Sheets and seconded by Brent Butler.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM

Next meeting will be August 15, 2013