Minutes, 19 September 2013

Minutes, 19 September 2013

Call to Order was at 17:55, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a moment of silence for POWs and MIAs.

Prayer.  Chapter Chaplain Jim Kelley offered the invocation.

Roll Call, present:

President: John Sheets

Vice President: Ron Reinhardt

Secretary: Michial Nolan

Treasurer: Gary Fink

Sergeant at Arms: Absent, Roger Sanchez standing in

Attendance: 33 VVA 989 and AVVA members

New members The chapter welcomed Gary Fagan and Daniel Stewart to the chapter

as well as Ken Becker, who announced he would be a member by the

next meeting.

Guest Speaker.  Chapter member Andy LePeilbet of Purple Heart presented statistics on who served during the Vietnam era, and invited members to the Purple Heart meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, held at the Bunker.

Minutes.  The minutes were distributed electronically before the meeting.

MotionEric Hobson moved to adopt the minutes as presented, seconded by Rick Shuster (unanimous).


Treasurer’s Report.  Treasurer Gary Fink presented the monthly Treasurer’s report.

Motion.  Rick Shuster moved to accept the report, seconded by Mike Miller (unanimous).

Petty Cash.  President John Sheets presented the Petty Cash report.  Ron Coleman sought clarification on fund replenishment, which was explained by John Sheets.

President’s Report.  President John sheets presented his report, and stated he was proud of the organization for its participation in parades, the honor guard, and outreaches.  John called on the chapter to recognize the organizers and participants in the outreaches for their outstanding contributions and also to recognize Roger Sanchez for his efforts organizing the honor guard.

Nevada State Council Report.  Nevada State Council President Terry Hubert was not present at the September meeting.

Board of Director’s Report.  Board Chair Rick Shuster presented the board’s quarterly report.

-Financial Committee: Ron Reinhardt, Eric Hobson, have been doing good work.  Eric Hobson has been developing financial spreadsheets and according to his analysis the chapter is close to actively supporting our principal charities, and should be in our best financial shape by December.  Rick called on the chapter to recognize their efforts.

-Florida meeting: results have not been distributed by National.  A principal goal was to update the bylaws.  The board did not have a governmental affairs committee report because National has not reported.

-Veterans Guest House:  Rick Shuster asked Noreen Leary to describe the mission of Veteran’s Guest House.  Their goal is to provide 5,000 guest nights for 2013.  The guest house has a fashion show in the works and will soon be selling raffle tickets at $100/each for a drawing scheduled for 14 December.

-Personal: Rick stated he is proud of his 16-year association with Veterans Guest House and of his work raising awareness of Agent Orange.

– Nevada Veterans Coalition: wreaths at the cemetery will identify Vietnam veteran’s graves for the first time.

-Disciplinary action at the end of the meeting:  Rick informed the chapter that a rare disciplinary action had taken place at the end of the meeting, the primary thrust of which was appropriate and inappropriate use of the Chapter’s good name in public and unauthorized public representation of the views, positions, and opinions of the Chapter.

Chapter 388 Report.  Chapter 388 was not represented at September’s meeting.

Outreach Committee.  David Billau was not present.

Northern Nevada Veteran’s Coalition.  Bill Drummond presented reports on The Eddington Story and the involvement of Project Purple Heart Express and the Patriot Guard.  Peggy Eddington of Dayton was to receive a letter from her father, killed in World War II, and a medal he earned.  The letter and medal were only recently discovered.  Delivery was to be at Dayton Intermediate School on Saturday, 21 September, at 13:30.

Parade Committee.  Roger Sanchez presented the report on upcoming events.

-Nevada Day parade in Carson City will be held on 26 October.  The Vet Center trailer will be available to those participants preferring not to march.

-Veterans Day.  Participants will meet at the Veterans Guest house and then march in Reno.

-Christmas parade: in Virginia City December 7th.

Stand Down Committee.  Bob Sperry reported a good turnout last Thursday and good provisions from Herlong.  Bob stated we would have good winter gear to distribute.  Bob gave directions to the location of this year’s stand down on Capitol Hill.  Ron Reinhardt reminded members all clothing donations must be clean.  Doors will be open at 6:00 for set up.

Banquet Committee.  John Dickenson reported that the Holiday Thanksgiving potluck will be 21 November.  He called for volunteers to help with organization.  Eric Hobson, Jim Kelly and Jay Jamison responded, Rick Shuster stated he would cook a turkey, and the chapter will provide meat and paper products.

Old Business.

Scooter Raffle.  Packets of 10 tickets each are available from John Sheets.  The drawing will be held 19 December.  The chapter needs to sell 1,000 tickets.  Four hundred have been distributed and 600 are left.  Roger Sanchez is selling at outreaches and is taking a trailer with the scooters to schools, etc.  Roger stated he would do ticket sales at the Air Force – UNR game.  Ron Coleman stated he wants to raise money for outreach volunteer expenses and suggested members bring recycle cans to chapter meetings.  John Sheets said reimbursement would need a formal motion.

New Business.

Tri-Care.  Jay Jamison circulated pamphlets and reported on changes which kick in on 1 October, and stated additional information is available on the internet.

Good of the Chapter

School Presentation.  Jim Kittrell announced a slide show of veterans in uniform taken at the time of service to be presented at a school.  A dinner was also to be held in conjunction with the slide show, and Jim stated he would take reservations.

Bylaws.  Vice President Ron Reinhardt reminded the chapter that all members represent the chapter when in public and can be identified as members of VVA.  Ron stated it is prohibited to use the name of the organization to express private opinions.

The following members celebrated birthdays this month:

Armando Arizmenda Thomas Buntin John Dickinson

Eric Hobson Michael Miller Gary Nicholes

Thomas O’Brien Vernon Watts Debbie Coleman

Bonnie Hubert

MotionRon Coleman moved to adjourn, seconded by Kenny Williams (unanimous).  Meeting adjourned at 19:37.