Minutes, 21 February 2013

 Minutes, 21 February 2013

Call to Order, 1805.

Pledge of Allegiance (Fink

Prayer (Kelley).

Moment of Silence for POW/MIAs.

Roll Call:

President, Gary Fink

Vice, John Sheets

Secretary, Bill Baines (acting)

Treasurer, Bob Marshall

Sergeant-at-Arms, Graham

New Members/Guests:

Randy Bright; Bill Drummond

Motion to approve minutes, Miller; Second, Martin. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Marshall

Chapter Balance, $6,341.44

$374.00 check for Rick Shuster; $112.00 deposit rebate

$200.00 check for Adopt-A-Vet

$10.00 donation check for earring sale

Report accepted: Miller; Wedlake, 2nd

Petty Cash Report: Fink

$11.25 paid out; $125.99 Balance

President’s Report: Fink

Call for nominations for election of officers

State President’s Report: Sheets announced film, Bravo, at UNR, 12 March, 1830. Khe Sanh documentary; will eventually be on DVD; expenses, $600, state VVA to donate $300; Sheets moved that Ch. 989 donate $300; passing hat on the night of show discussed at some length; Miller seconded Sheets motion; motion approved.

7 June 1800 meeting of State Council at The Bunker

8,9 June, pre-convention confab of Regional at Silver Legacy re. National agenda (no action at this time)

National VVA: Florida in August; 3 delegates needed; discussion ensued about whether expenses to be paid by chapter or State Council; no action

State Council Report : Sheets

Bylaws formulated (2 pages) ref’d. National model (constitution); second reading scheduled;  Chapter 989 needs to work on same;

State will no longer reimburse delegate expenses; extensive discussion, Sheets.

Standing committees:

Outreach Report: Billau

Planning outreach, no date set; call for volunteers’ phone numbers; outreach donations help chapter treasury.

Horticulture Committee Report: Bolton

Garden cleaned of last season’s debris

Interested helpers contact Bolton

Donations welcome

Billau discussed gardening’s role in ameliorating PTSD

NN Vets’ Coalition: Brill

Fernley Vets’ Cemetery – Vietnam Memorial, sponsored by Ghost Soldiers; Brill moved that 989 donate $500 to support effort; Miller seconded. Motion passed.

Chapter 388 Report: Arnold

388 donated $500 to Ghost Soldiers; further donations discussed.

30 March, 50th Anniversary of the start of VietNam War; remembrance set on that date at 1700 at Mills Park with no-host bar afterwards at High Sierra Brewing Co., 302 N. Carson St.; Ch. 17 organizing ceremony in Vegas.

New Business:

Call for nominations for officers; President: Fink declined, Sheets declined, Baines declined, Drummond declined (ineligible at this time), Hanson nominated, not present. Vice: Sheets nominated and accepted. Secretary: Nolan nominated, not present. Treasurer: Billau declined; Fink accepted.

Action set for next meeting.

Holiday Dinner, 20 December: extensive discussion Motion to canvass

Membership (Hanson; Miller seconded; passed)

Announcements: Radiothon, Atlantis, 2 March, 1000-1600.

Sperry discussed Camp Le Jeune water problem re. Those who served there in 1950s.

Birthdays: Babb, Ganz, Graham, Kittrell, Martin, Ward

For the good of the chapter: Kelley thanked 989 for support in deaths of his wife and brother.

Call for adjournment moved and seconded, Fink