Minutes, 21 March 2013

Minutes, 21 March 2013

Call to Order was at 18:03, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Sergeant at Arms Norm Graham called for a moment of silence for POWs and MIAs.

Prayer.  Chapter Chaplain Jim Kelley offered the invocation.

Roll Call.  All chapter officers were present.

President: Gary Fink

Vice President: John Sheets

Secretary: Michial Nolan

Treasurer: Bob Marshall

Sergeant at Arms: Norm Graham

Attendance: 35 members, 4 guests

Guest Speakers.

Linda Haigh, Adopt a Vet.  Ms. Haigh thanked the chapter for $1800 in donations over the past 9 months.  Ms., Haigh stated this money can be used to treat abscesses, and ten veterans received immediate extractions.  Several veterans have died from such abscesses, so this was an important contribution.  Ms. Haigh thanked Jim Hanson for getting the word out to Carson City.  A veteran’s wife there who works for a dentist is busy recruiting others.  She thanked Gary Nicholes for the framed certificates given to participating area dentists.  Gary Nicholes reported 60 sleeping mats were distributed to veterans living in Carville Apts and elsewhere.  A poster of vets receiving services was displayed.  Ms. Haigh stated Adopt a Vet, founded by Washoe Republican Women, now has 86 participating area dentists.  George Bright stated Adopt a Vet helped him with prescriptions.  Jim Hanson reported the VA pharmacy will honor these prescriptions and described the process.

Kyle Scott, Northern Nevada Veterans Resource Center.  Mr. Scott, director of this new agency (opened 1 October 12) reported on their activities which include rapid rehousing to veterans in danger of losing their housing and a wide range of other services.  Mr. Scott reported a spare office in their agency is used to bring in other organizations to help service veteran, for example the Food Bank, DETR, Vestige, etc.  Mr. Scott stated the agency is grant funded specifically toward homelessness among the veteran population.  He stated they have a raffle coming up but he forgot to bring flyers.  Bob Marshall asked if Mr. Scott was aware of similar services from around 3 years ago (he was not).  Rick Arnold (Chapter 388) shared the story of a family of 4 his chapter put up in a motel for 3 days, and said NNVRC came up with an additional 5 days rent for them.  Rick Shuster asked how, other than the VA, they find vets in need.  Mr. Scott responded his agency works with HUD/VASH and also does community outreach.  Rick asked if and how to refer.  Mr. Scott reported they see walk-ins Tuesday through Thursday.  Jim Hanson asked if NNVRC works with VOA/ReStart.  Michial Nolan responded they have a loose affiliation and he is pleased to refer any VOA/ReStart client meeting NNVRC’s scope of service.  John Sheets asked questions about storing goods at their facility, seeking general information.  Mr. Scott stated they do not discuss with others where the goods came from, but do their best to give out what is needed.  Jim Hanson asked about storing additional material there, such as the cabinet containing chapter outreach materials.

Minutes.  The minutes were distributed electronically before the meeting.  President Gary Fink called for a motion to approve.

Motion.  Rick Shuster moved to approve the minutes of the February meeting, seconded by Mike Miller (unanimous).

Treasurer’s Report.  Treasurer Bob Marshall presented the treasurer’s report.  President Gary Fink called for a motion to approve.

Motion.  John Sheets moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Gary Nicholes (unanimous).

Petty Cash.  President Gary Fink presented the Petty Cash report.

President’s Report.  President Gary Fink presented the president’s report:

-Business cards: now available.  Gary Nicholes distributed them during the meeting.

-VVA Chapter Hats: Now available in a variety of colors and two styles:

-Baseball cap: $12

-Golf cap (adjustable rear band): $8

Tod Brill suggested we may want to order shirts as well because they come from the same vendor as the caps.  Michael Hawe inquired about the shirt price.  Bob Marshall stated the shirt prices cover a range depending on the style ordered.  In the past, when he had enough shirt commitments to comprise an order, he would average the price across all shirts.

Outreach Committee.  David Billau reported on outreaches for March, noting VVA was “scooped” by the girl scouts.  He reported our earliest outreach at Walmart will be 6 April, at the Kietzke store.  He reported we can have 2 Walmart outreaches per month through October.  Available hours are 8:00 – 5:00, no more than 14 people on site at any time.  David gave his phone number (775-848-0594) for all wishing to volunteer.  David reported on outreaches at Meadow Wood Mall.  We would need a business license to hold an outreach indoors, and they apparently have no policy for outdoors.

Horticulture Committee.  David Billau reported Rusty Bolton is presently preparing the ground and wants a larger garden this year.  We are receiving lots of material donations.  John Sheets inquired about the bees.  David reported the colony is thriving, and the first honey harvest is expected this year.

Nevada State Council Report.  Nevada State Council President Terry Hubert presented the State Council Report.  He began with reference to last week’s “Bravo” film.  He stated about 175 of 200 seats were occupied, and that he has a copy of the film available.

-June 7: Nevada State Council meeting, here, w/ guest Linda Haigh.

-June 7: Region 9 meeting here.

-As of today, Chapter 989 will have 3 delegates to Region 9 and Chapter 388 will have 2.

-Bob Marshall: Will State Council pay for delegates?  Hubert: No, it will be a fight to have NSC pay for 1 delegate per chapter for the national convention in Florida.  Jim Hanson stated Chapter 17 (Las Vegas) has subsidized the Nevada State Council for years and can’t do it so easily.  John Sheets stated in their view, it is not their job alone, and they want other chapters to step up.

-State Council President Hubert will be unavailable to swear in Chapter 989 officers, as will 388 President Rick Arnold.  Chapter 388 VP John Hussong will come to the installation meeting and do the honors.

Board of Directors Meeting.  Board of Directors chairman Rick Shuster reported on the board of director’s meeting.  1) John Sheets explained the new bylaws and the 9-point template received from National.  2) The chapter needs to encourage leadership among the membership.

Chapter 388 Report.  Chapter president Rick Arnold presented the 388 report:

-Appreciation plaque for Terry Hubert.

-Fund raising: The chapter took in $2,000 less than it spent to bring the Wall.

-30 March is Vietnam Veterans Day will be celebrated at the Nevada Veterans Memorial in Mills Park at 5:00 pm, followed by a social.  Rick brought flyers for the event and requested distribution.

-Rick addressed the North-South conflict, observing that a 10% contribution of current savings for NSC or delegates to the national convention from Chapter 388 would amount to $350, $500 from Chapter 989, and $10,000 for Chapter 17.  He observed Chapter 17’s revenue stream is secured by their thrift store.  Terry Hubert endorsed this view.

Old Business.

Vietnam Memorial.  Rick Shuster reported the memorial is moving along well and dedication is expected on Memorial Day, 27 May 2013.  Attendance of between 1500 – 1800 people is expected, followed by dedication of the Vietnam Memorial.  Rick said the federal government recognizes 27 May 2013 as the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War.  Rick Arnold reported right now is the 40th anniversary of the POWs coming home.

Outreaches.  Nothing to report.

Veteran’s Guest House Radiothon.  Monk Mann of VGH (and VVA Chapter 989) summarized the annual event and announced VVA collected $3600.  Noreen updated the status of the guest house.  The facility now has 17 beds and runs at 85% capacity.  She stated the numbers are increasing, and the family of one of the Marines injured in Hawthorne are currently staying at VGH.  She thanked the chapter for its efforts and invited members to drop by.  She also called for basic household goods and fresh vegetables, etc. if you do visit.

New Business.
Elections for Chapter Officers.  Elections chair Tod Brill took the floor to open nominations.  Elections will be held at the April meeting, and nominations remain open until the election.

Treasurer: open, Gary Fink nominated

Secretary: open, Michial Nolan nominated

Vice President: open, John Sheets nominated but declined to accept nomination for president.

Ron Reinhardt volunteered, seconded by Mike Miller.

President: open, Rick Shuster nominated John Sheets, seconded by Mike Miller.  John Sheets

accepted the nomination.

Region Nine Conference.  John Sheets announced 3 delegates are needed for the conference, to be held Saturday, 8 June at the Silver Legacy.  He requested the chapter to pick up the $40 registration per delegate.  John said names must be submitted by 7 May.  Three volunteers were selected: Rick Shuster, Tod Brill, and Norm Graham.

Motion.  Mike Miller moved for the chapter to fund delegate registration in the amount of $40 per delegate, seconded by Gary Nicholes (unanimous).

Jewelry.  Linda Dickerson offered earrings and other jewelry shaped like bronze stars and purple hearts for sale with earrings at $5/pair and other items $10 each.  She announced she was donating 10 pairs of earrings to the chapter to be used at outreaches.

Good of the Chapter

Wounded Marines.  Bob Marshall reported he went to Renown Medical Center to see Marines wounded in the mortar explosion in Hawthorne.  He said it was moving, with about 60 veterans and active Marines and family members present.

Medal Degradation Action Alert.  Michial Hawe reported on the bill to award drone pilots at a higher level than medals for direct combat.  Rick Arnold said there is a website for a White House petition on this measure.

Kohl’s Gift Card.  Bob Sperry announced he has a $50 Kohl’s gift card that needs to go to a veteran’s family.  Please contact him if you know an appropriate recipient.

The following members celebrated birthdays this month:

George Bower Rudolph Calderon Bill Everett

Clifford Foss Norm Graham Gary Kruger

Johann Sprenger

Motion.  Rick Shuster moved to adjourn, seconded by Mike Miller (unanimous).  Meeting adjourned at 19:36