Minutes – August 15, 2013

Minutes – August 15, 2013

Call to order- 1803

Pledge of Allegiance


Moment of Silence

Roll Call

President – John Sheets:  present

Vice President – Ronald Reinhardt: present

Secretary – Michial Nolan  absent

Treasurer – Gary Fink:  present

Sergeant at Arms – Norman Graham: present

Linda Dickinson volunteered to record minutes

New Members or Guests:


Guest Speakers:

Paula Fleming (Director) and Penny Estrada (President): Truckee Meadows NV Chapter of the Blue Star Moms.

Explained the purpose of the Blue Star Moms: greet military at airport, send care packages, attend funerals and offer home and support.

Wanted to let the 989 know who they were and how both groups could work together.

Roger Sanchez has contact information.


  1. Secretary Report:

Minutes of the July meeting were distributed for review before the call to order.

Eric Hobson introduced a motion to accept the July minutes, seconded by Norm Graham.  Motion carried.

  1. Treasurer’s Report:

Gary Fink presented the Treasurer’s report.  As of 8/15/13, the Treasury contained $6573.98.  Full treasurer’s report was distributed before the call to order.

Mike Miller introduced a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Leroy Babb.  Motion carried.

  1. Petty Cash Report:

President John Sheets: Petty cash report was distributed before the call to order.

  1. President’s Report: John Sheets

President John Sheets reported that although the chapter has created two committees, Finance and Budget as well as reviewing the Bylaws, money concerns need to be addressed to better serve our mission of supporting all veterans.  The Outreaches are successful in breaking even, however we need to look at a bigger event.  Previous presidents have been asked for suggestions.  John has suggested the Chapter buy three scooters at a quoted price of $699 each.  This would cost the Chapter $2097.  We would not have to pay tax because we are tax exempt.   We would then raffle the scooters off/ 1000 raffle tickets.  Benefits of $5/ticket=$ 5000, $10/ticket= $10,000 and $15/ticket = $15,000.  John recommended that we sell the tickets for $15.00. We would also target the three college campuses, and see if we could get assistance at the colleges to sell these tickets.  We would offer three $1,000.00 scholarships to be divided to the three colleges (UNR, Western NV and TMCC).  Each college would receive one scholarship to be given to a veteran with good grade averages.   The total outlay would be approximately $5097 from the Chapter, but if we sold the tickets at $15/ each this would net the chapter almost $10,000.

The Vet center would provide the printing for the tickets and posters.

Discussion regarding whether this is the best price we could get for scooters, the time frame we might have before the weather changed, whether a scooter store would want to “sponsor” this event, etc.  John confirmed he didn’t have all the answers yet.  Jim Hanson volunteered to check several other scooter dealers in the area.  Noreen Leary informed the Chapter that NV Gaming Commission regulates “raffles” and that she could help with guiding the Chapter through the process.

Brett Butler made a motion to allow John Sheets to go with this idea, seconded by Norm Graham.  The motion was carried with two opposed.

  1. State President’s Report – Terry Hubert

Terry is at the National Convention

  1. B.O.D.  Meeting – Rick Shuster

Rich is at the National Convention

  1. Chapter 388 report – Rich Arnold

Rich is at the National Convention

Standing Committee Reports

  1. Outreach Committee – Dave Billau:

On Aug 24 there will be an outreach at the Kietzke Wal-Mart from 8-5.

On Aug 24 and Aug 25 there will be an outreach at the Pyramid Highway Wal-Mart from 8-5 both days.  This is to access the increased revenue from the attendees at Burning Man.  In addition to the magnets, bumper stickers we also have new pins, military “rubber ducks” and other items.

  1. Northern Nevada Veterans Coalitions – William Drummond

There will be a parade in Yerington on Saturday.

The mobile “Wall” will be passing through to Virginia City on the 29th of August.   Volunteers are requested to assist with 24 hour security.

  1. Parade Committee – Roger Sanchez
    1. Labor Day Parade: Monday in Virginia City
    2. December 7th Parade: in Virginia City
    3. Veterans Day Parade, Nov 11th: in Reno

Roger will look into the Sparks Hometown Christmas Parade that may also be on Dec. 7th.  Roger also hopes that we can encourage Veterans who are watching any of these parades to join us as we march.

  1. Stand Down Committee – Bob Sperry

This will be held on Sept 20th and will be located at the Capitol Hill (Reno) Vet Home, on Capitol and Wells, in Reno.   Haircuts will be offered inside the building, but participants are going to be asked to come with clean hair.  Winter clothes donations will also be accepted, Adult and children, male or female clothing, no underwear.   The Chapter was reminded to make sure the clothes are clean.  We can bring them to the next meeting and they will be taken to the Stand Down.

  1. Veterans Guest House – Noreen Leary

Noreen reported that the Veterans Guest house has seen a 10% increase in residents since 2012.   The Sands hotel assists when they cannot house a veteran or family at the guest house.  The majority of guests are Vietnam Vets requiring chemotherapy.

The Veterans Guest House will be manning four beer booths at the Nugget Rib cookoff and are looking for volunteers to assist with working these booths.  Noreen informed the Chapter that any volunteer could not wear their 989 shirts, as we would be considered representing the Nugget.

Old Business

A letter of thanks was received by the Chapter and distributed before the Call to Order.  This letter was from Anna Romero and thanked Roger, Gary, Armando, Tom and Jim.

New Business

Norm Graham resigned as State Delegate.  Rick Shuster was proposed to replace Norm.


Next Outreach at both Kietzke and Pyramid Wal-Marts:  August 24, 0800-1700.

Pyramid Wal-Mart will also be on August 25, 0800-1700.


Lloyd Benick, Clay Coleman, Dee Garder, Monk Mann, Larry Mullins, Ray Ransom

Good of the Chapter

50/50 $97 collected.   $48.50 went to the Chapter and $48.50 was won by Paula Fleming (Blue Star).  Paula donated $20 back to the Chapter.

Eric Hobson related that on August 23 and 24 a “Combat Paper” collection of old uniforms clothing will occur at the National Guard.  (material made of at least 50% cotton is ground up and made into a slurry, then screened and made into paper).

Meeting Adjourned

Eric Hobson introduced a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Norm Graham.  Meeting adjourned at 7:25 PM.

Next meeting

September 19, 2013