Minutes – March 20, 2014

Sierra Nevada Chapter #989
Vietnam Veterans of America
P.O. Box 20921
Reno, NV. 89515-0921


Minutes, 20 March 2014

Call to Order was at 18:00, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of Silence for POWs and MIAs.

Prayer.  In the absence of chapter Chaplain Jim Kelley, Board Chairman Rick Shuster offered the invocation at this meeting.

Roll Call.  All chapter officers were present.
President:John Sheets
Vice President:Ronald Reinhardt
Secretary:Michial Nolan
Treasurer:Gary Fink
Sergeant at Arms:Norman Graham

Matthew Petty, TMCC scholarship winner, appeared with his wife to thank the chapter for the honor.  Mr. Petty served 6 years in the Air Force reserve.  His father is an Air Force Vietnam veteran and his wife’s father is an Army veteran.  Their son recently completed his first tour in Iraq.  Mr. Petty is working on a degree in paralegal studies, and this scholarship allows him to complete his degree.

Members Rejoining or New.
Frank Greenwood, rejoining
James Stinson, rejoining
Juan Gerraro, rejoining
Tyler Lubson, new
William Schaeffer, new
Leonard Warren, new

Report on a historical novel by Ed Mooney LTC USA Retired, “Tears for Cambodia: Secret War in Cambodia.”  President John Sheets read a letter from LTC Mooney describing the novel, his purpose in writing it, and the issues of which he hopes to raise awareness.  The book is available at www.edmooneybooks.com, Amazon including a Kindle version, and Barnes and Noble including a Nook version.  Ibook and Google versions are available as well.

Dr. Freeman, Cancer Support Group, couldn’t attend.

Secretary’s Report.  Minutes were distributed to members for review and approval.
Motion.  Rick Shuster moved to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Eric Hobson (unanimous).

Treasurer’s Report.  Treasurer Gary Fink presented the treasurer’s report.
Motion.  Jim Kittrell moved to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented, seconded by Mike Miller (unanimous).

Petty Cash Report.  President John Sheets presented the Petty Cash report.

President’s Report.  President John Sheets presented the President’s report, in which he recognized and praised Chapter 989’s enthusiasm and involvement with a big “Thank You.”

State Council Report.  No report: State Council President Terry Hubert was not present.

Chapter 388 Report.  Chapter 388 president Rick Arnold reported there was a press conference last month to get the word out about the Photo Project, seeking to gather period pictures of Nevada veterans.  Legislative: Rick attended hearings and symposium, and recognized Gov. Sandoval’s ongoing support of veterans’ issues.

Andy LePielbet added if there should be another symposium, make it a point to attend.  Andy also reported Ken Santor Adjutant Reno Marine Corps League had been named Nevada Veteran of the Month.

“Welcome Home Day,” 29 March.  Rick stated the event begins at Noon with the ceremony at 17:00.  Rick requested all ceremony participants to be on hand by 16:30.  Rick circulated a sign-up list for Huey rides and stated he wants plenty of pictures after the ceremony.  He asked members to bring pictures for inclusion in a slide show, and wants all veterans’ organizations in Northern Nevada to show up. Rick announced an after-party at the Nugget in Carson City.

Ron Coleman stated cheap dental insurance for veterans was now available and therefore didn’t think we needed to continue to support Linda Haigh’s “Adopt a Vet” program.

Additional Guests.  Henry Phillips, Veterans’ Club president at SNCC, urged all members to attend symposia when they are offered and stated he is organizing a legislative committee at school.

|Jason Bates, treasurer of the TMCC Veterans’ Club, thanked the chapter for sponsoring the scholarship.

Bob Schantz introduced the “Million Dollar Pool Tournament” for beginners through intermediate skill levels, to be held in Reno.  The tournament is sponsored by the Global Pool Players Association, which is offering free membership.  Bob’s associate Bonnie Toomey stated the Wounded Warriors Project is involved and supportive.  Bonnie disclosed her husband is a Vietnam veteran and her son was 10 days away from completing his tour in Afghanistan.

Board of Directors Report.  Board chair Rick Shuster presented the board report:
-the finance committee continues to move ahead,
-The governance committee is also moving ahead,
-AVVA membership drive,
-1-1/2 board vacancies at present,
-3/29 Welcome Home Day: Roger Sanchez will contact people
-Rick represented the chapter at the Veterans’ Legislative Symposium,
-The statewide Agent Orange/Dioxin committee will be chaired by Rick Shuster and will be promoting an Awareness Project,
-The Veterans Guest House poker run will be held on 21 June.

Ken Voorhis Letter.  Ken Voorhis, the veteran who suffered the home fire and was helped when the chapter passed the hat, sent a thank you letter, copies of which were to be distributed with the April chapter meeting agenda and later posted to the website.

Outreach Committee.  No report.  

Northern Nevada Veterans Coalition.  Bill Drummond presented his report on NVCC’s recent activities:
-Things are getting busy at the cemetery,
-The coalition is working to bring home missing remains,
-No word from Victor Sperry on a schedule for Bob’s memorial,
-The date for Brent Butler’s ceremony was given in error.  Bill stated he did not have an accurate date but Roger Sanchez stated he could get it,
-Bill asked if the chapter would like to be more involved with upcoming events.  John Sheets stated he sends out all notices he receives,
-The coalition escorted Rob Jones, a double-amputee marine on a bicycle ride from Main to Camp Pendleton.  Bill stated there was a big event in Carson to see him off, and he was turned over to his California escort on 19 March.
-Rick Arnold reported Chapter 388 participated in the escort,
-Bill announced the next ceremony at the cemetery in Fernley will be next Thursday (27 March).  Those wishing to caravan will depart the Sparks Alamo station at 14:00 for a 15:00 service.

Parade Committee.  Roger Sanchez reported on upcoming parade and Color Guard activities:
-29 March, “Welcome Home Day:” color guard formation at the start of the ceremony and will invite all veterans to join the formation,
-All Huey riders: please show up @ 10:00 to help w/ set-up, “let’s earn our rides!”  Rick Arnold stated the most help is needed at the end of the day.
-Mike Miller asked Rick Arnold if Chapter 989 can have an outreach table at the event.  Rick replied Chapter 388 will have a table and will refer Northern Nevada vets to Chapter 989.
-Tom Brocamonte urged chapter members to attend and show support for the event.

Stand Down Committee.  Vice President Ron Reinhardt reported he was contacted by Dir. Of Health Care for Homeless Vets Elizabeth Pope, who informed him this year’s event was scheduled for 9 September.  Ron stated no real plans have been made yet.  An independent idea was for the chapter to sponsor a “Springtime Stand Down.”

Veterans Guest House.  Noreen Leary reported for the Guest House:
-Noreen began by thanking the chapter for supporting the Radiothon.  She reported the event raised more than $45,000, exceeding its goal by half.
-VVA put on a “Show of Force,” raising $5,424 in their area at the Rotunda.
-Boots used for collections were missing following the event, and Noreen is trying to get them back.
-A picture book of the Korean War, assembled by the Republic of Korea (R.O.K.), is available at the Guest House to give away to Korean veterans.
-Summer Salute at San Rafael Park.  Last year the 50/50 ticket sales reached $1,000.

Banquet Committee.  John Dickinson presented the committee report:
-John passed out business cards to the membership,
-The Chapter’s annual Thanksgiving Dinner will be on 20 November,
-This year’s Barbecue / Chili Cook off will be at the Bunker on 12 July,
-VVA National will publish a report on this chapter’s recent scholarships,
-Gold and Silver Brunch Bunch meets the first Friday of every month, and the next meeting will be 4 April.
-Rick Arnold reported the Carson City Nugget is giving Chapter 388 all the proceeds from 1 slot machine with is labeled as proceeds to veterans.

Minority Committee.  Ron Coleman presented the report and is assuming leadership of the committee in memory of Dennis Espinoza.  Ron stated the committee represents black, Hispanic, native Americans, and women.  Ron observed, “Minorities are Vietnam Vets still left behind.”  Ron announced minority subcommittees that raise money will keep most for themselves, and Ron will oppose any spending of those funds that the subcommittees do not support.

Nominations.  The following nominations and seconds were recorded:

President: John Sheets, nom. Linda Dickinson, 2nd Mike Miller

Vice President: Ron Reinhardt, nom. Andy LePielbet, 2nd Mike Miller

Vice President: Bill Baines, nom. Ron Coleman, 2nd Mike Miller

Treasurer: Eric Hobson, nom. Mike Miller, 2nd Red Kittell

Secretary: Linda Dickinson, nom. Eric Hobson, 2nd Mike Miller

Nominations will be re-opened next meeting before the election.  The election committee consists of John Dickinson and Roger Sanchez.

Old Business

DAV Request.
  DAV is holding their convention 4 – 6 May in Mesquite.  They requested we purchase a ¼ page color ad.  Ron Coleman supported this expenditure, arguing if we help them, it comes back to us.  Mike Miller stated it helps us to advertise in their program.

Motion.  Eric Hobson moved the chapter pay $50 for a quarter page ad in the DAV convention program, seconded by Mike Miller (unanimous).

Allied Health Net.  Allied Health Net has taken over Adopt a Vet and requested continued support.  The board supported $100/month for 12 months beginning in March following advice from the finance committee that the chapter can afford it.

Motion.  Eric Hobson moved to continue support for Adopt a Vet for one year at $100/month beginning in March, 2014, seconded by Mike Miller (passed w/ one dissent.)

Outreach.   The outreach scheduled for 19 April is cancelled.

Birthdays.  The following members celebrate birthdays this month:

George BowerRudolph CalderonBill EverettClifford FossNorman GrahamJohann SprengerGary KruegerWilliam Schaeffer

Please remember a fellow member, Brent Butler
Motion.  Eric Hobson moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mike Miller (unanimous).