Minutes – June 19, 2014

Sierra Nevada Chapter 989

Call to order-  18:00 Hours

Pledge of Allegiance:  Norm Graham, Sergeant-at-Arms

Prayer:  Jim Kelley, Chaplin

Moment of Silence: POW/MIA 

Roll Call- Sergeant at Arms Norm Graham called the roll:

President John SheetsPresent

Vice PresidentWilliam SchafferPresent

SecretaryLinda DickinsonPresent

Treasurer Eric HobsonPresent

Sergeant at Arms Norman GrahamPresent

Attendance:    29 VVA Chapter 989 members

New Members or Guests:

no new members or guests

Guest Speakers:



  1. A thank you card and donation from Bill and Allayne Everett
  2. James Finley, a member has died and a card of condolences is being passed around for signatures.
  3. Gary Fink announced that he is going to be ordering Chapter shirts and hats, and to see him for placing orders
  4. Ron also reported that the Evelyn Mount Community Center is offering free exercise classes for any veteran, called “Fit but not Forgotten”.  See Ron for more details
  5. President John Sheets passed out addendum’s which included a poem called “Homecoming”, information regarding the resignation of the VA Secretary and
  6. Other events:
    1. The Rainbow Bend Country Club at Lockwood thanked the Honor Guard for their presentation
    2. The Summer Salute car show 50/50 was a big success
    3. Summit Racing in Sparks is having an event 7/20,  and we are invited to set up a booth.
  1. Secretary Report:

Electronic and hard copies of the 5/15/14 meeting were distributed to all members fro review prior to the meeting.   President John Sheets called for any corrections and if no corrections then an acceptance of the minutes.    Norm Graham moved to accept the minutes as written, seconded by James Kittrell  Motioned carried

  1. Treasurer’s Report:

Eric Hobson presented the Treasurer’s report.

As of (06/09/2014)  the Treasury contained $(10,527.21)

Bill introduced a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Seconded by Jim Kittrell                      Motioned carried

  1. Petty Cash Report – John Sheets
  1. President’s Report – John Sheets
  1. State President’s Report – Terry Hubert:  not present
  1. B.O.D.  Meeting – Rick Shuster:  not present
  1. Chapter 388 report – not present

Standing Committee Reports:

  1. Outreach Committee – Dave Billau
    1. Dave was not present:  Our Outreach held on 6/14/14 received $569.42 in donations.
    2. Roger reported that an outreach was done at the IBEW (electrical workers) rodeo.
  1. Northern Nevada Veterans Coalitions – William Drummond
    1. Bill reported the funeral for Bob Sperry will be on June 20th, but the funeral home has requested no escort.  However, the Patriot Guard and other members interested can meet at the Alamo Truck Stop, leaving at 0845 for a convoy out to the cemetery.  The Patriot Guard and Honor Guard will form a flag line at the cemetery entrance for the hearse and family.
    2. Roger Sanchez confirmed all honor guard must be at the cemetery by 0930.

Parade Committee – Roger Sanchez

a.  6/20/14:  Bob Sperry Funeral at the Fernley Cemetery

b.  6/21/14:  Reno Rodeo Parade, Downtown Reno.

c.  7/4/14:  Virginia City Parade

d.  7/31/14:  Hot August Nights

Roger reports we are becoming more recognized and have increased requests for participation.  He is requesting more volunteers for the Honor Guard.  John Dickinson requested that people that have uniforms that were donated and are not participating in events for a period of six months, turn their uniforms back in so that they can be distributed to those who do want to participate.


-Roger confirmed there would be no float or trailer for members to ride on during the Reno Rodeo Parade.  Everyone who can is urged to march behind the Honor Guard, even if they don’t have a uniform.  Meet at the staging area at 0830.

-Meet at Virginia city at 1000

– The new banner should be available for the Reno Rodeo Parade

Stand Down Committee – Ron Rinehardt

  1. confirmed the Standown is going to be September 19th .  He is passing around a volunteer list, two shifts.  The first shift will include the set up and the second shift will include the tear down, including unloading the tables etc. back at the bunker.
  2. Ron is also applying for a grant from Wal-Mart

Veterans Guest House – Marion (Monk) Mann/Noreen Leary

Monk reported that VVA 989 and the Cadets teamed up to sell 50/50 tickets during the Summer Salute and collected $1600 for the Guest House.  He thanked VVA 989 for their efforts in this and for sponsoring a hole in the golf tournament.

The Veterans’ Guest House is also sponsoring a tour of the house and a poker run on 6/21/14.

In-Service Newsletter

John Dickinson submitted an article regarding our 1st Annual Scholarship and the recipients that was published in the In-Service Newsletter.

Second Annual Scholarship Raffle

President John Sheets announced that our 2nd “Annual Raffle” will be in partnership with RC Willey which is going to sell (at cost) an entertainment center, including flat screen TV, (see attachment) for us to raffle off.  We will not be responsible for any up front costs.  We hope to have the tickets available for the July 12th BBQ to kick off the raffle, and pick the winning ticket at our “Giving Thanks” party.

The raffle will be expanded to benefit the four local colleges, UNR, TMCC, West. Nevada and Incline.  Estimated cost of tickets will be $10 each.  We will be able to sell them at the Outreaches, Summit Racing on 7/20/14 and we will see if RC Willey would allow outreaches at the store.

John Sheets asked for $300 to pay for Tickets, posters and handouts, the schools will help with sales.  Ron Coleman motioned to approve and Norm Graham seconded.  Motion approved.

6.  Banquet Committee – John Dickinson

John announced he and Linda Dickinson will be attending the State AVVA meeting in Tonapah. Nevada ranks 5th in AVVA growth.

The First Friday on 7/4/14 has been cancelled

The Giving Thanks pot luck will be in November.   The 2nd Annual Scholarship raffle will have the winner picked during this dinner

The July 12th Family BBQ and Honoring the Northern Nevada Coalition will be starting at 12:00 noon at the Bunker.  The Ceremony will be first and then hamburgers, hotdogs chips and drinks will be available. WE are inviting all Veteran groups as well as guest speakers such as Dean Heller, Governor Sandavol.  The Daughters of the American Revolutions will be present.   John is looking for volunteers to help cook and passed out an RSVP list.

John requested an advance of $400. for banquet food.  Motion made by Jim Kittrell and seconded by Norm Graham, motion approved.

7.  Minority Committee – Ron Coleman

Nothing to report

Old Business

No old business

New Business

No New business


Next outreach will be at Walmart 7/19,

Summit Racing event will be 7/20. 

We will pass out a volunteer list at our 7/17 meeting for both events.


Robert Darling, Steven Loomis, Terry O’Rourke, Larry Runyon, Dennis Tognetti, Ronald Wilson, and Lori Montalvo

Good of the Chapter

  1. An inquiry to change the name of “Outreach” to enable community to know what the purpose is.  One suggestion was “Fund Raising”
  2. Eric encouraged members to pass out Chapter business cards and reminded everyone we still have a benefactor paying the first year for any new member.
  3. We will be the honor guard for the Vietnam Veteran who was found murdered in Virginia City.   The date for this veteran is to announced.

Meeting Adjourned  1856 PM

Next meeting

July 17,2014.  18:00 PM

submitted, Linda Dickinson, Secretary