Minutes – August 21, 2014

Sierra Nevada Chapter 989



Call to order-  18:01 Hours

Pledge of Allegiance:  Norm Graham, Sergeant-at-Arms

Prayer:  Jim Kelley, Chaplin

Moment of Silence: POW/MIA 

Roll Call- Sergeant at Arms Norm Graham called the roll:

President John SheetsPresent

Vice PresidentWilliam SchafferPresent

SecretaryLinda DickinsonPresent

Treasurer Eric HobsonPresent

Sergeant at Arms Norman GrahamPresent

Attendance:   30 VVA Chapter 989 members

2 AVVA members

Terry Huber: Nevada State Council President

2 guests

New Members or Guests:

New Member: Walt Oviatt:  Army

Guests:  Patricia Arentz

Harvey Hicks

Guest Speakers:

Patricia Arentz:  DAR

  1. In commemoration of the year of the veteran, and 50 year anniversary of Vietnam invites 989 members to two events, their way of thanking vets
    1. Christmas luncheon 12/14/14 at Fire Station Community Center MaeAnn and Charman St.
    2. Float in NV Day parade:  inviting all veteran groups including Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) Forever Lost and VVA .


1)  Thomas Hutson has free tickets for disabled Veterans to attend Reno Air Races.  Flyer and contact info passed around.

2)  New Secretary for NVVS is Bob McDonald

3)  If anyone is available to assist with blind veterans to help them make their connections at the airport this weekend (following their national convention in Reno) will be greatly appreciated.

4)  Participation in the Christmas Parade for Sparks is official:  12/6/14, with staging starting 10:00-12:15 and the parade starts at 1300 hrs.

  1. Secretary Report:

Electronic and hard copies of the July meeting were distributed to all members fro review prior to the meeting.   President John Sheets called for any corrections and if no corrections then an acceptance of the minutes.    Rich Shuster moved to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Mike Miller, motion carried

  1. Treasurer’s Report:

Eric Hobson presented the Treasurer’s report.  As of 8/4/14,  the Treasury contained $(9,553.06.  Bill Schaeffer moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Norm Graham, motion carried

  1. Petty Cash Report – John Sheets: Norm Graham moved to accept the Petty cash report, seconded by Mike Miller, motion carried
  1. President’s Report – John Sheets

a.  Letter from the SS Jeremiah O’Brien, last of the Victory/Liberty Ships requesting money.

b.  James Brian Finley, a member has passed away.

  1. State President’s Report – Terry Hubert:  

Terry reports the next state council meeting will be in Tonapah on 10/18/14.  The council’s primary problem is finances.  Terry has been appointed by the Governor to the position of Commissioner for Incarcerated Veterans.

  1. Chapter 388 report – not present

8.  B.O.D.  Meeting – Rick Shuster:  

The Board of Directors have finished with the Bylaws which will be available for all members to read tonight, and asked the Directors present to stand and be thanked.

Chapter activities are growing and our chapter has had increased visibility

Agent Orange awareness is in its 8th year in NV and other chapters are increasing recruitment regarding this concern, due to the increased use in the 7 western states.  Veterans Day at the Veteran Guest House is one example of this awareness.

The Veterans Guest House is still looking for volunteers for their Rib Cook off booth.

Committee Reports:

  1. Fund Raising (aka outreach) Committee – Dave Billau: absent/no report

No fund raising was done last week due to lack of members available

  1. Northern Nevada Veterans Coalitions – William Drummond
    1. Bill reports that the Forgotten Veteran program, to provide burial for the unclaimed veterans in the State of NV has now become a state program in all 17 counties, Run by the Coalition out of Fernley.
    2. The Cemetery in Fernley is expanding

3.  Parade Committee – Roger Sanchez:  absent/no report

4.  Stand Down Committee – Ron Reinhardt:  absent/no report

5.  Veterans Guest House – Noreen Leary

Noreen reports the past several events have brought in over $25,000 dollars.  They hope to raise $10,000 from the Rib cook off and will have a fashion show on 9/11/14.  They now have four properties and hope to be expanding within the next 2-3 years.

6.  Banquet Committee – John Dickinson

The Giving Thanks dinner will be on 11/20/14, and he will be starting to get committees set up.

Thank you notes to the Washoe County Commissioners has been sent

A supporter of the Veterans Guest house came to Wingfield Park and bought $500 worth of raffle tickets.

Our AVVA membership is now up to 20 members

The First Friday brunch will be held on 9/5/14 at G&S

Wreaths will be laid at Fernley Cemetery on 12/13/14

Photos are available on the back table from both the Washoe County Commissioners meeting and the Hot August Nights ceremony on 7/31/14

7.  Minority Committee – Ron Coleman: absent/no report

Old Business  none

New Business

President John Sheets called for a 15 minute break so that everyone would have a chance to review the Bylaws:  This would be considered a first reading.

POW/MIA remembrance table:  

Dee Garner set up a table in the center of the room and John Dickinson read the purpose of the table and it’s contents.  This will now be a part of each of our meetings.



  1. The next Fund Raising will be at Wal-Mart on Kietzke on 9/13/14.

2.    Second reading of the Bylaws will be conducted at the next Chapter meeting (9/18/14).

3.  The Stand Down is scheduled for 9/19/14


Lloyd Beniek, Dee Garner, Monk Mann, Raymond Ransom, Clay Coleman

Good of the Chapter:

Eric Hobson had a letter to the editor published in the most current issue of Veteran magazine

Meeting Adjourned  1925 hrs.

Next meeting  9/18/14.