Minutes – December 18, 2014

Sierra Nevada Chapter 989



Call to order-  18:00 Hours

Pledge of Allegiance:  

Prayer:  Jim Kelley, Chaplin

Moment of Silence: POW/MIA   Tyler Lubsen presented a chair cover “POW/MIA” for the chair back for the table honoring the POW/MIA.

Roll Call- Sergeant at Arms Norm Graham called the roll:

President John SheetsPresent

Vice PresidentWilliam SchafferNot Present

SecretaryLinda DickinsonPresentTreasurer Eric HobsonPresent

Sergeant at Arms Norman GrahamPresent

Attendance:    30 VVA Chapter 989 members

New Members or Guests:

Jim Hutcherson USMC gunnery sgt, retired  18 years Reno resident

Rod Yokum, USMC

Mike Stephens-guest (Roger Sanchez son-in-law)

Sami Romansik, Gary’s wife

Guest Speakers: None


Mail:  Community Health Alliance sent thank you for $100 donation

Sun Valley Board of Trustees

Thank you from Elizabeth Pope for Stand down

  1. Secretary Report: Linda Dickinson

Electronic and hard copies of the October meeting (recorded by Gary Fink) were distributed to all members fro review prior to the meeting.  There was no meeting in November.  Rick Shuster moved to accept the minutes as written, Tyler Lubsen seconded.  Motion carried

  1. Treasurer’s Report:  Eric Hobson:  See attached report   As of 12/18/14, the Treasury contained $17,573.51.  Eric asked for special recognition to Roger Sanchez who raised $1000 for annual raffle.
  1. Petty Cash Report – John Sheets;  See attached report
  1. President’s Report – John Sheets: will be moved to end of meeting
  1. State President’s Report – Terry Hubert:  not present
  1. Chapter 388 report – not present
  1. B.O.D./Legislative/Agent Orange reports- Rick Shuster:
    1. BOD meetings have been monthly this past year and the Chapter has become solvent and self disciplined, Rick expressed gratefulness for all their hard work.  The next meeting will be 1/8/15 and will be the Finance committee.
    2. 9th Annual Agent Orange at Veterans’ Guest House on Veterans Day had approximately 85-90 people in attendance.  The Color Guard was present for the third year, TV coverage was very positive.  Rich passed out Agent Orange self help brochures to all members present to use and/or share.
    3. Legislative Committee:  The Northern NV Legislative Committee will meet in two weeks and then meet in Carson one week later to review legislature that is coming up.

Committee Reports:

John Sheets (President) reported:

1.  That the chairpersons of the committees will not be changing except for the Nominating Committee will need to be elected.  John did report there will be some changes in the committees themselves.   The Minority Committee will be eliminated following input from the members.  The Legislative committee will be enlarged to take over the responsibilities of the minority committee, VVA and AVVA.  This was met with unanimous applause by members present.

2.  That he is requesting to have dual chairpersons for all committees, so that responsibilities can be shared.  This will enable the committees to communicate and function better, if the chairperson is not available then the co-chairperson can follow through.  John asked that all members present think about how they can help, if anyone is interested in co-chairing a committee.

3.  That the procedures of this Chapter be followed:   Any requests for activities, donations, Color Guard attendance etc., must be

a.  brought to the attention of the President or presented at the meeting

b.  reviewed by the Board of Directors so that we can best use our resources (member participation or finances)

c.  reviewed by the Finance Committee to confirm whether we can afford and money outlay

d.  Then back to the membership.

John Sheets acknowledged that this organization is blessed with members that go above and beyond, but reminded everyone that no member should work by themselves and commit 989 nor should we go into debt (either money or member time/resource) as this is a volunteer organization.   We are one for all and all for one.

  1. Fund Committee – Dave Billau:  Not present
  2. Northern Nevada Veterans Coalitions – William Drummond:  Wreaths across America have been celebrated for past 7 years.  This year wreaths were laid on each grave.  Bill voiced a thank you from the Northern Nv Coalition to 989 members for both helping unload the wreaths and assisting with laying the wreaths.  Bill voiced how honored he was to be a member of 989.
  1. Parade Committee – Roger Sanchez:  recognition of 989 is continuing to grow in the community.  Jay Jamison reported that both Channel 2 and 4 were recording at the Cemetery during the Wreaths Across America.
  2. Stand Down Committee – Ron Reinhardt:  This will resume next month for 2015.
  1. Veterans Guest House (VGH) – Marion (Monk) Mann:  The VGH raised $7500 from their last raffle, and had a very good year with the help of 989.  Wished all members a Merry Christmas

6.  Banquet Committee – John Dickinson:   John Sheets gave a big thank you for all those who helped make the Giving Thanks dinner  a great success, especially to Jay Jamison, John Dickinson and all the “elves”.  John Dickinson:

1.  raffled off a BBQ gift basket (won by Roger Sanchez),

2.  gave out Christmas cards to all members from the American Red Cross

3.  is scheduling a photo op at RC Wileys with winner of raffle

4.  next First Friday Breakfast Brunch is 1/2/15, at Gold and Silver

5.  Current members for AVVA is 22.

Old Business

Eric Hobson reported that scholarship to Sierra Nevada College has been sent.  989 hopes to have photo op with other colleges either the 3rd or 4th week of January.  All members are invited.

New Business:

A.  Roger Sanchez reported:

1.   We are going to be at the Airport on 12/20/14, per request of a Blue Star mother who’s son is coming home on leave and asked members of color guard to be present.

2.  American Red Cross and Blue Star moms will have booth at airport during holidays.

3.  Roger accepted ashes of cremated individual (veteran) per request of family in Oregon who plan to have this individual interred at Ferley in January.  No other information available.

B.  Correction in calendar that Unattended Funeral at Fernley is the 4th Thursday.

C.  Mike Miller spoke of the Tent City Chuckwagon and made a motion that 989 donate $175 ($25/month for 7 months) for assisting this service.  Pat Moran made a motion to donate and Tyler Lubsen seconded.  Motion carried.

D.  Mike Miller spoke of theft of Marine Corp Trailer including Purple Heart contents.  Mike Miller made a motion that we donate $100 to the Marine Corp League/Purple Heart.  Monk Mann seconded.  Motion carried.

E.  Norm Graham made a motion that 989 continue to support Amber Dobson with the We Care project, donating $200 each quarter for the four quarters of 2015.   John Dickinson seconded.  Motion carried.

Birthdays were announced. Richard Babcock, Rusty Bolton, Todd Brill, Charles Brill, Richard Caudill, Michael Hawe, Red Kittell, Robert Lane, Edmond Masson, Michael McDonald, Greg Montalvo, Dennis Romeo  

  1. President’s Report – John Sheets:   John expressed gratitude to all the members and their families.   Special recognition was to:
    1. Gary and Sami Romansik who donated two flags for the 989 Color Guard to help replace the ones that are in poor condition.
    2. All those who helped with the Second Annual raffle, Bill Schaeffer and Mike Hawe who helped with the UNR/ WNC sites, Roger Sanchez, Jay Jamison and all those who sold tickets
    3. All the members of 989, John stated he was proud to serve with all the members and wished everyone a Merry Christmas     

Good of the Chapter:  It was alleged that Target Stores National Headquarters refuse to have Bell Ringers for Salvation Army or Toys for Tots at any of their stores.  This will be looked into

Meeting Adjourned:  19:15 hrs

Next meeting:  January 15, 2015

Respectfully submitted

Linda Dickinson, Secretary