Minutes – January 16, 2014

Minutes – January 16, 2014

Call to Order was at 18:00, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of Silence for POWs and MIAs.

Prayer.  In the absence of chapter Chaplain Jim Kelley, no invocation was offered at this meeting.

Roll Call.  All chapter officers were present.
President: John Sheets
Vice President: Ronald Reinhardt
Secretary: Michial Nolan
Treasurer: Gary Fink
Sergeant at Arms: Norman Graham

Attendance.  Thirty members were in attendance at tonight’s meeting, including new members Billy Donnell and Tyler Lubsen.  They were joined by four guests, outgoing Chapter 388 president Rick Arnold, and Nevada State Council president Terry Hubert.

Karen Hairfield, certified Yoga instructor, gave a presentation on “Give Back Yoga,” a Yoga class offered weekly at the VA on Wednesdays.  Those interested may contact Valerie Williams Ph.D. at the VA.

Amber Dawson, founder of We Care, thanked the chapter for past help.  We Care serves 150-250 plates per night, Monday – Thursday, at the Community Access Campus, 4th and Record Streets.  Susan Graham, wife of Sergeant at Arms Norman Graham, presented a check for $200 on behalf of Frontier Financial FCU.  Rick Shuster announced that the Board of Directors is currently working on our budget and will renew our annual donation.  We Care can be found at WeCareVolunteers.org and also on their Facebook page.
Motion.  Proposed by Rick Shuster: Renew agreement for 3 x 2014 – $200 gift cards for We Care Feed the Hungry.  Motion was seconded by Norm Graham (unanimous).  Recorded on President’s Motion Form.

Secretary’s Report.  Minutes were distributed to members for review and approval.
Motion.  Eric Hobson moved to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Jim Kittrell (unanimous).

Treasurer’s Report.  Treasurer Gary Fink presented the treasurer’s report.
Motion.  Rick Shuster moved to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented, seconded by Mike Miller (unanimous).

Petty Cash Report.  President John Sheets presented the Petty Cash report.

Additional Guests.  The chair recognized additional guests James Connell, Johnny Portales, and new members Billy Donnell, and Tyler Lubsen.

Letter from Sandra Butler (Brent’s wife): 

Dear Vets

I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for all of your love, assistance and hard work in cleaning and caring for my bedroom and my home since Brent’s passing.

Your hard work saved me well over $1,500 in cleanup costs.  The big difference is that you brothers did this as a labor of love for a fallen brother.


Sandra Butler

Recognizing the contributions of:

Tom Iorio Ron Coleman   Gary Romanski Rusty Bolton Roger Sanchez

Outreach Schedule.  For Wal-Mart Store #2189, Kietzke Lane:

15 Feb 15 March 19 April 14 June

19 July 16 Aug 13 Sep 18 Oct 22 Nov

Member’s Question:
Since Kenny Williams is no longer involved with the Ridge House thrift store or with veterans incarcerated at NNCC, who currently have no outside representative.  Kenny said there has been no connection to the thrift store for quite some time and that he would meet with John Sheets to establish a replacement for outside mentor.

State President’s Report.  Terry Hubert presented the State President’s report which went out by email earlier in the week.

Board of Directors Report.  Rick Shuster announced three new board members:

Roger Sanchez John Dickinson Linda Dickinson

The new board members were recognized by the chapter.  Rick announced the next BoD project will be to revisit the chapter By-laws.

Chapter 388 Report.  The Chapter 388 (Carson City) report was presented by outgoing president Rick Arnold.  Rick announced Nikka Fillipi (winner of the scooter raffle) is a member of chapter 388 and is the former head of the veterans’ organization at Western Nevada Community College.  He also announced a meeting on the new Northern Nevada Veterans Home at the VA on 29 January, and in Carson City on 30 January.  Chapter 388 will volunteer participation in this year’s homeless count.  Last year, 15% of 300 homeless people identified in the count were veterans.  President Obama recently announced 29 March as Vietnam Remembered Day.  The chapter will commemorate it with a display of Vietnam era weaponry in

Mills Park from 13:00 – 17:00.  Efforts are being made to procure a Huey helicopter.  If it is available, rides will be offered.  The chapter will also set up their tent and memorabilia.  Rick closed his presentation by noting the POW captured in Afghanistan in 2009 was just reported alive and remaining in captivity.

Agent Orange.  Rick Shuster reported there will be a meeting next month at UNR, including some faculty from the Medical School.  Terry Hubert reported on billboards in North Dakota which read “: Agent Orange Kills Children” and wondered if we could get some billboards in Nevada.  Rick reported 7 western states are using Dioxin to kill weeds despite the known hazards.

Outreach Committee.  Dave Billau was not in attendance.  NNVC reported no word on Bob Sperry’s internment.  Brent Butler’s service is tentative for March.  Brian Collins, Petty Officer from Truckee, was killed in a Virginia Chopper accident.  A ceremony in his honor will be held at Truckee High School on 25 January at noon.  Nevada Patriot Guard will be in attendance.  A caravan to the ceremony will leave Cabela’s parking lot (time not specified).

Parade Committee.  Roger Sanchez reported nothing is scheduled at present.  Rick Shuster asked if the honor guard will participate in the Collins memorial (no response recorded).

Stand Down Committee.  Ron Reinhardt stated “nothing to report.”

Veterans Guest House.  Noreen Leary presented the report 2013 activities.  Just under 5200 bed nights, representing a greater than 30% increase in 2 years and an occupancy rate of 85%.  She reported the Sands Hotel helped with overflow.  The Guest House is in its 20th year of operation (opened in 1995) and has provided nearly 45,000 bed nights.  The Republic of South Korea has provided ~400 copies of a book on the Korean War to be given to local Korean veterans.  The 2014 Radiothon will take place on 14 March from noon to 18:00.  The governor has declared 2014 as the “Year of the Veteran.”  Norm Graham asked if the Guest House received the donation from Frontier Financial.  Noreen stated she couldn’t say, citing the volume of contributions received by the Guest House.

Banquet Committee.  John Dickinson suggested beginning a monthly tradition of coffee and conversation, beginning Friday 7 February at Gold and Silver from 10:00 – 12:00.  Rick Arnold reported Chapter 388 invites spouses to breakfast on 15 February.

Old Business.

Scooter Disposition.  A discussion ensued concerning the disposition of the scooter donated back to the chapter by raffle winner Glenna Smith.  It was proposed to hold a silent closed-bid auction with a reserve of $700, having received one bid already.  Linda Dickinson proposed a motion to simply sell the scooter for no less than $700, initially seconded by Tom Iorio.  Norm Graham stated the existing offer would go cold if we wait.  Gary Fink stated he spoke to the first customer.  Noreen Leary stated if the chapter had difficulty selling the scooter we could raffle it at the Radiothon, adding we would have to work out the details.  Michial Nolan asked her exactly what that meant.  Noreen replied it was the Guest House Radiothon, and the Guest House would expect a percentage of the proceeds.
Motion.  Clay Coleman moved to simply sell the scooter, second by Linda Dickinson (unanimous).

New Business.

Election Committee Chair Election.  John Sheets stated Tod Brill resigned from the Elections Committee, citing personal reasons.  The chapter needed to elect a new Nominating Committee chair for the April elections.  Roger Sanchez nominated John Dickinson, who declined.  Mike Miller nominated Roger Sanchez, seconded by John Dickinson.  Roger and John agreed to co-serve, with John as chair and Roger as vice-chair, seconded by Mike Miller (unanimous).

Birthdays.  The following members celebrated birthdays in January:

John Bell Ronald Coleman Butch Hayes Thomas Hildebrand Thomas Iorio James Kelley John Martinez Dick Pattinson Kate Roman Ronald Reinhardt Bob Sperry

Good of the Order.  Linda Dickinson stated Sandra Butler conveyed her thanks to the members of the chapter who helped with clean-up.

Motion to Adjourn.  Norm Graham, seconded by Gary Fink (unanimous).  Adjourned at 19:38.