Minutes – July 17, 2014

Sierra Nevada Chapter 989

Call to order-  18:00 Hours

Pledge of Allegiance:  Roger Sanchez

Prayer:  Jim Kelley, Chaplin

Moment of Silence: POW/MIA 

Roll Call- Roger Sanchez called the roll:

President John SheetsPresent

Vice PresidentWilliam SchafferPresent

SecretaryLinda DickinsonPresent

Treasurer Eric HobsonPresent

Sergeant at Arms Norman GrahamAbsent

Attendance:    26 VVA Chapter 989 members

New Members:

Anne Beler Navy ’61-63

Larry McAllister Army ’71-74

Mark Hogan

David Levine


Allayne Everett

Guest Speakers:

Terry Hubert: President Nevada State Council

  1. Secretary Report:

Electronic and hard copies of the 6/19/14 meeting were distributed to all members fro review prior to the meeting.   President John Sheets called for any corrections and if no corrections then an acceptance of the minutes.    Rick Shuster moved to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Butch Babb. Motioned carried

  1. Treasurer’s Report:

Eric Hobson presented the Treasurer’s report ($9656).  A correction was identified by Eric and the amount  was adjusted.  Bill Schaeffer introduced a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Seconded by Pat Moran.  Motioned carried

  1. Petty Cash Report – John Sheets
  2. President’s Report – John Sheets
    1. BBQ/Picnic:  John S. thanked all the Picnic Committee and members who made the Picnic such a success and gave a special thank you to Roger S. who recommended the Coalition get special recognition.
    2. Guy Clifton, Reno Gazette Journal reporter had a very nice article regarding the Coalition, the article was passed around for members to read.
    3. Sparks Home Town Xmas Parade will be planned
    4. Our 2nd Annual Scholarship raffle haas started.  $10.00 a ticket.  John S.  asked every member to take 5 tickets to sell.  2000 have been printed and the hope is that we can sell 1500 by November. We can sell these at the various fund raisers.
  1. State President’s Report – Terry Hubert: 
    1. The new Sargent At Arms is Tom Lyons from Winnemucca chapter
    2. Expressed high praise for the job being done by Chapter 989
    3. Winnemucca now has 22 active members, city is donating old fire station to Vet groups
    4. Expressed concern for funding State Council.   Chapter 17 no longer footing bill although they get approximately $100,000/year from thrift store.  Requesting support of all chapters to donate 10% of their income to State Council
    5. Terry has prepared a budget but still waiting to have one supplied by the State Council
  1. B.O.D.  Meeting – Rick Shuster: 
    1. Asked all Directors to stand to be recognized
  1. Chapter 388 report – not present

Standing Committee Reports:

  1. Fund Raising (Outreach) Committee – Dave Billau
    1. Name change to Fund Raising to better describe purpose
    2. Scheduled Fund Raising will be
      1. 7/19/14 at Wal-Mart
      2. 7/20/14 at Summit Racing on Glendale in Sparks
    3. Lineman (IBEW) rodeo collected about $200

2.  Northern Nevada Veterans Coalitions – William Drummond

     a.  The picnic on 7/12/14 was the first public recognition of the Northern Nevada Veterans Coalition

b.  The Patriot Guard will escort the Mustang on 7/20/14.

c.  Next unattended burial will be 7/24/14

  1. Roger Sanchez confirmed all honor guard must be at the cemetery by 0930.

3.  Parade Committee – Roger Sanchez

     a.  7/22/14 County commissioners will be honoring Chapter 989.  19 members of the Chapter have expressed willingness to attend.  Please come in uniform.

b.  Sign up sheets are being passed around for the events

a.  6/20/14:  Bob Sperry Funeral at the Fernley Cemetery

4.  Stand Down Committee – Ron Rinehardt:  not present

5.  Veterans Guest House – Marion (Munk) Mann/Noreen Leary: not present

6.  Banquet Committee – John Dickinson

John D. again thanked everyone for making the BBQ/picnic such a great success

7.  Minority Committee – Ron Coleman:not present

Old Business;  None

New Business: None

Announcements: None


 Eric Arentz, Ronald Bradley, Edward Davis, William Elander, David Evans, Gilbert Lopez, Cindy Ransom, Bobby Stringer, Edward Travis, Daniel Viveiros, Hal Wakeling, Barbara Lane, Noreen Leary

Good of the Chapter

Meeting Adjourned:  18:50

Next meeting  8/21/4