Minutes – May 15, 2014

Sierra Nevada Chapter 989



Call to order – 18:00 Hours

Pledge of Allegiance: Norm Graham, Sergeant-at-Arms

Prayer: Richard Shuster for Jim Kelley, Chaplin

Moment of Silence: POW/MIA

Roll Call- Sergeant at Arms Norm Graham called the roll:

President John Sheets  Present

Vice President William Schaffer Present

Secretary Linda Dickinson Present

Treasurer  Eric Hobson Present

Sergeant at Arms  Norman Graham Present

Attendance: ——- 31 VVA Chapter 989 members

! ! ! !

New Members or Guests:!

Hugh Richie: new member

Debbie Coleman: guest, AVVA member

Guest Speakers:



1. Secretary Report:

Electronic and hard copies of the 4/17/14 meeting were distributed to all members fro

review prior to the meeting. President John Sheets called for any corrections and if no

corrections then an acceptance of the minutes. Norm Graham moved to accept the

minutes as written, seconded by Bill Schaffer. (Unanimous)

2. Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Eric Hobson presented the Treasurer’s report.

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Richard Shuster and seconded by

Mike Miller. (Unanimous)

3. Petty Cash Report – President John Sheets presented the Petty Cash report. Motion

to accept the Petty Cash report was made by Eric Hobson and seconded by Bill

Schaffer. (Unanimous)

4. President’s Report – President John Sheets:

John reports that he is quite proud of the progress both the Chapter and the Board of

Directors have made over the past year. He reports he is looking into another raffle but

without the “moving around of the heavy equipment”, and to keep it in the summer. He

hopes to be able to present the details at the next meeting. John thanked everyone

who worked so hard on the last raffle.

5. State President’s Report – Terry Hubert (not present)

6. Chapter 388 – Representative (not present)

7. Board of Director – Rick Shuster

Richard reports that the Governance and Finance committees are running smoothly. It

is hoped that the updated Bylaws can be presented to the Chapter by the end of the


Standing Committee Reports:

1. Outreach Committee – Dave Billau!

Dave reported that the next Outreach is this Saturday, 5/17/14 at the Wal-Mart at

Kietzke. Our best sellers are the rubber ducks and baseball caps but we are now going

to be selling T-shirts.

Dave has also submitted paperwork to request a table or two at the Crossroads Gun

Show, at the Reno Convention Center, next show in July. Each table would enable us

to have two passes (to man the table) He and Bill Baines found out that there is no

charge to non-profit military organizations. This is something the Marine Corp League

has been keeping a closely guarded secret.

Bob Marshall reported the Chapter tried to do this before but it was with Lockett and

Sullivan show, and the Marine Corp/Purple Hearts were already accepted, and they

would not donate any other tables. Dave said he is hopeful we will be welcomed.

2. Northern Nevada Veterans Coalitions – William Drummond


6/20/14: Bob Sperry’s memorial service. Meet at funeral home (Ross/Burke/

Nobel) on Kietzke at 09:00 hours. Escort to Fernley Cemetery by Patriot Guard and

989 Color Guard, with services to start at 10:00 hours.

Missing in America project has started to identify the abandoned and “shelved”

veterans who have not been claimed.

VFW officers were met at the airport and escorted to Fernley to inspect the

cemetery. The escort included 16 motorcycle riders (Patriot Guard, American Legion

and VFW)

5/26/14: Memorial Day events are being clarified.

3. Parade Committee – Roger Sanchez


7/31/14: Opening ceremonies for Hot August Nights, first time HAN have ever had color

guard for presentations has been confirmed.

June, 2014: Reno Rodeo participating in Reno Rodeo Parade and table for Outreach

5/17/14: Rainbow Bend Country Club (Lockwood) starting at 17:00 hours to honor


John Dickinson and Edmond Masson reported that they have started researching

the cost of replacing the flags and poles and parade banner.

The banner will have a logo with all the military insignias on one side and the

VVA logo on the other. The center will have “Sierra Nevada Chapter 989” and it’s tag

line written.


John Dickinson confirmed there was no request for monies at this time but

estimates were about $1500-2000. These are our public image. The current flags are

from 1980. It is estimated that repairing the current poles would cost about $40.00 and

new poles would be about $60.00. He is hoping that the sale of the power chair will

help defray most of the cost. It is possible that we could have two sets of flags and

poles, using the current set for the Outreach and the new set for public ceremonies.

Roger encouraged more volunteers to the Color guard, because sometimes the Chapter

gets only 1-2 days notice requesting attendance and individual member’s schedules

may prevent participating. Roger reassured members that if they wanted to be in the

color guard, uniforms would be obtained. Will Everett is our newest Color Guard


4. Stand Down Committee – Ron Reinhardt Not present

5. Veterans Guest House – Marion (Monk) Mann

a. Summer Salute Car Show at San Rafael park 5/24/14, 9 AM-2 PM. A sign in

sheet for volunteers to assist 50/50 raffle tickets. This includes lunch for the

volunteers. Last year the volunteers raised $1000.00

b. Golfing for Heros golf tournament at Lake Ridge Golf Course on 6/13/14.

President John Sheets reviewed that the Chapter supported this event last year

by sponsoring a hole. Mike Miller made a motion that the Chapter sponsor a hole

as we did last year. Norm Graham seconded. (Unanimous)

6. Banquet Committee – John Dickinson

a. The Giving Thanks dinner is being planned for the November meeting. John

is hoping to recruit the same committee members as last year. Jay Jamison

volunteered to help with the cooking.

b. The chili cook-off is scheduled for the same day as a sanctioned event in

Carson which is for the Honor Flight. John asked that we could have a picnic instead

for family and friends rather than trying to do a fund raiser. Roger Sanchez was trying

to set up a celebration to honor the Northern Nevada Coalition and Bill Drummond is

going to see if the California Building at Idlewild park would be available. This

celebration will include Glenna Smith from Dean Heller’s office. It was discussed that

we have a Members, Family and Friends picnic.

7. Minority Committee – Ron Coleman

Ron Coleman reported on his first meeting with the NAACP and was very well

received. We will share website links. The NAACP will have a booth at the Reno

Rodeo and Ron plans to share responsibilities to man the table to spread our mission.

The Native American, Hispanic and AVVA portions are also coming along. Ron was

thanked for all his hard work from John Sheets and the Chapter.

Old Business:

No old business was discussed

New Business:

President John Sheets announced that the State Council meeting in June will be

in Tonapah. He will be representing the Chapter as delegate because Richard Shuster

cannot travel for extended periods. Alternative delegates are also Michial Nolan and

Ron Reinhardt.

John Sheets requested that John and Linda Dickinson represent the Chapter for the

AVVA meeting during this same meeting, and be reimbursed at the GSA per diem rate.

Richard Shuster motioned to have John and Linda represent the Chapter and be

reimbursed for their travel. Eric Hobson seconded.


John Dickinson reminded everyone that the next Brunch meeting will be at the

G&S restaurant on June 6th. We had a very good meeting on the 9th of May when an

additional brunch meeting was held with Ross Lewis, the author.


Don Alis, John Boyne, Tom Bracamonte, Michael Collins, Lee Hamrick and James

Hanson. A moment of silence was for Dennis Espoinoza, who’s birthday was this


Good of the Chapter:

Red Kitell asked all members to be vigilant in the VA investigation by Congress, to make

sure the VA health system isn’t ruined by Congress’s interventions.

Meeting Adjourned:

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM

Next meeting will be June 19, 2014 at 6:00 PM