Minutes – October 15, 2014

Sierra Nevada Chapter #989
October 15, 2014
Call to order- 18:00 Hours

Pledge of Allegiance : Gary Romansik

Prayer : Rick Shuster

Moment of Silence : POW/MIA – Rick Shuster

Roll Call – Acting Sergeant at Arms Gary Romansik called the roll:

President John Sheets Present
Vice President William Schaffer Present
Secretary Linda Dickinson Not Present – Gary Fink will be acting Secretary
Treasurer Eric Hobson Present
Sergeant at Arms Norman Graham Not Present – Gary Romansik acting Sergeant at Arms

Attendance: 28 total, Members 26
Guests : 2 – Terry Hubert – Nevada State President and Katherine Miller – NDVS

Guest Speaker : Kat Miller – NDVS (the Director of Veterans Services for the Reno Regional Office) – Talked about that there are plans to build a Veterans Home in the Reno/Sparks area that would be a 96 bed facility, providing 24-hour skilled nursing care to veterans, spouses, and Gold Star parents. There is a Veterans Nursing Home in Southern Nevada in Boulder but one is needed in Northern Nevada. The proposed location is bordered by Kietzke Lane and Galletti Way in Reno. During the 77th Legislative session, Governor Sandoval proposed and had approved funding for design through construction funding for the new home. There will be a vote on it in May 2015 and if approved, construction could occur as early as January 2017.

Announcements: 1. John Dickinson said that there is a BBQ put on by TMCC on Sunday Nov. 2 at 11 am at Big Shot on Double R Blvd. There will be a discount on target shooting. 2. A thank you letter from Eliz Pope was read aloud and passed around at the meeting thanking the # 989 for “….your incredible participation and coordination of donations for the Annual Stand Down event on September 19, 2014.” There were 210 veterans who attended the event. A special thanks was given for Ron Reinhardt, John Sheets, John Dickinson, Bill Schaeffer, Rick Shuster, and Edmond Masson.
Secretary Report: Linda Dickinson
Electronic and hard copies (for member without e-mail address) were sent out days before the meeting. Hard copies were available to members before and during the meeting. Rick Shuster moved to accept the minutes as written. Mike Miller seconded the motion. Motion was approved.

Treasurer’s Report : Eric Hobson

As of October 3, 2014, the Treasury contained $12,634.94.
Tyler Lubsen moved to accept the Treasurer’s report. Bill Schaffer seconded the motion. Motion was approved.

Petty Cash Report : John Sheets
Although there is only $20.22 in the Petty Cash account, there is $400.00 out in the 4 boxes for the Raffle ticket sales.
No motion needed for approval of Petty Cash report.

President’s Report : John Sheets
John urged all members to sell raffles tickets, as this is a Chapter #989 fund raising to give out four (4) $1,000 scholarship to one (1) veteran at each of the nearby colleges. John stated that we are also going to be at several places to sell tickets during October and November and to check the VVA 989 calender for time and location if you want to help. Calenders are available at the meeting and they are also available on the VVA #989 website. Ron Reinhardt reported that the needy veteran that we gave $300 + out of our own pockets a few months ago at a meeting, bought 30 raffle tickets from Ron. His claim was approved by the V.A..

State President’s Report : Terry Hubert
Terry reported that he has been very busy lately attending meetings, functions and taking care of business for the four (4) chapters in Northern Nevada. Those are the 744 in Winnemucca, the 989 in Reno, the 388 in Carson City and the 834 incarcerated chapter. There will be a State council meeting Oct. 24-25 in Tonapah. The State council is going broke.

B.O.D. Meeting : Rick Shuster
Rick stated that there was a B.O.D. meeting Oct. 8 and it was discussed that the Chairman of each committee needs help. Rick asked the members to volunteer and join at least one committee. Forget what you learned in Basic Training to “never volunteer”, that was a long time ago and your chapter needs you. Rick also stated that John Dickinson was voted on to become the Vice Chairman of the B.O.D..

Committee Reports:

Fund Raising Committee – Dave Billau not present
President John Sheets stated that the next fund raising would be Sat. Oct. 18 at Walmart on Kietzke from 8 am to 4 pm.

Northern Nevada Veterans Coalitions – William Drummond
Bill stated that “Wreath across America” will be Dec. 13 at 9 am at the N.N.V.M.C. in Fernley. Last year there was 3,700 wreaths put on the graves. Rick Shuster made a motion to spend $300.00 on obtaining 30 wreaths (buy 20 get 10 free). Tyler Lubsen seconded the motion. Motion was approved.

Parade Committee – Roger Sanchez
Roger mentioned three (3) parades coming up that we are signed up for, the Nevada Day parade in Carson City on Nov. 1 at 10 am., the Veterans Days parade in Reno on Nov. 11 at 11 am. and the Sparks Christmas parade Dec. 6 at 1 pm. Please get there an hour early for all parades. On Veterans Day there will be also a function at 8:30 at the Veterans Guest House regarding Agent Orange for the Colored/Honor Guards. The Colored/Honor Guards will also be at the N.N.V.M.C. Dec. 13 for the “Wreath Across America” at 9 am.

Stand Down Committee – Ron Reinhardt
See Announcements

Veterans Guest House – Monk Mann
Monk mentioned that before the Agent Orange event there will be coffee and donuts available at the Veterans Guest House. The Agent Orange event will start at 8:30. After the Veterans Day parade there will be a BBQ at the Veterans Guest House. Monk also mentioned that there will be a raffle at the Veterans Guest House on Dec. 13. Tickets are $100 apiece. John Sheets mentioned to the chapter that we buy two (2) tickets every year for the Veterans Guest House raffle. Rick Shuster made a motion to buy two tickets. Mike Miller seconded the motion and the motion was approved.

Banquet Committee – John Dickinson
John stated that the Breakfast brunch for Nov. 7 is canceled due to the Raffle sale at the Sportsman that morning. The Nov. 20th Giving Thanks Dinner is going good. Jay Jamison is working with John. There will be door prizes given out and a closed auction. There will be no meeting that day.

Minority Committee – Ron Coleman
Not present
Birthdays: Mike Edwardson, Gary Fink, Patrick Moran, Bill Wedlake, Kenny Williams

Good of the Chapter

Meeting Adjourned :1935

Next meeting Dec. 18, 2014