Minutes – September 18, 2014

Sierra Nevada Chapter 989

Call to order- 18:00 Hours
Pledge of Allegiance: Norm Graham, Sergeant-at-Arms
Prayer: Jim Kelley, Chaplin
Moment of Silence: POW/MIA
Roll Call- Sergeant at Arms Norm Graham called the roll:
President John Sheets Present
Vice President William Schaffer Present
Secretary Linda Dickinson Present
Treasurer Eric Hobson Present
Sergeant at Arms Norman Graham Present
Attendance: 32 VVA Chapter 989 members

New Members or Guests:
Dave Levine: new member
Sami Romansik (wife of Gary Romansik)
J.R. (John Knotts) visitor from Sandy Or., here for 3rd Recon Battalion Reunion

Guest Speakers:


Secretary Report: Linda Dickinson
Electronic and hard copies of the (date) meeting were distributed to all members fro review prior to the meeting. Tyler Lubsen moved to accept the minutes as written, Pat Moran seconded. Motion carried

Treasurer’s Report: Eric Hobson
As of 9/18/14, the Treasury contained $10,849.17. So far we have only sold 70 raffle tickets, ($1400), We need to sell 600 for our breaking point, with only two months to go. Raffle tickets sales schedule:
John Dickinson will be at TMCC, alternating Monday and Tuesday
Bill Schaeffer will be at UNR every Wednesday
Bill Hawes will be at WNC
Henry Phillips and Edmond Masson will be at Sierra Nevada College
Members need to step up to the plate to help sell tickets.

Bill Schaeffer moved to accept the minutes as written, Tyler Lubsen seconded. Motion carried.

Petty Cash Report – John Sheets

President’s Report – John Sheets
The DAV vehicle will be at the Sierra Car Wash to answer questions.

State President’s Report – Terry Hubert: not present

Chapter 388 report – not present

B.O.D. Meeting – Rick Shuster:
BOD meeting held on 9/11/14:
discussions on how to get more communication with the members, i.e.: phone tree,
improve member participation, because we are burning up our leaders
increase raffle participation to our contacts.
Stand down: Tables and chairs will be loaded tonight, the VA will help load tomorrow after the stand down.
Agent Orange: next event will be 0800, 11/11/14 at Veterans Guest House with color guard participation.
Rick attended Legislative committee
QA for Health care in VA, needing matching funds for 88 bed extended care
Benefits for VA, better access

Committee Reports:

Fund Raising Committee – Dave Billau; not present

Northern Nevada Veterans Coalitions – William Drummond
Missing in Action project has already been contacted by Reno funeral homes re: 12 unclaimed vets
House in Fernley being given
Ferley cemetery has 8000+ graves, reminded next unclaimed service is 9/25/14.
Wreaths across America

Parade Committee – Roger Sanchez not present
Stand Down Committee – Ron Reinhardt not present
Edmond has lined up food and haircuts
We will plan to load the tables and chairs into the truck after the meeting
Walmart has donated $450, expenditures are $220 for food and $62 for the truck
Veterans Guest House – Marion (Monk) Mann/Noreen Leary not present
Banquet Committee – John Dickinson
Jay Jamison reports the plan is a silent auction, door prizes and an estimate of 200 people
Sign up sheets handed out for potluck

7. Minority Committee – Ron Coleman
Ron voiced concern that the Minority committee remain called the Minority committee, although some members had mentioned that the name might indicate members were being labeled.

Old Business
Bylaws were presented as the “second reading”. The only correction was to add “(newly revised)” following “Roberts’ Rules of Order” Article 10, page 7.
With this change, Rick Shuster motioned the Bylaws be accepted, Mike Miller second, motion carried.

New Business:
The next BOD meeting will be Oct. 8
The next Chapter meeting will be Oct 15
These meetings will be on Wednesday, as the Bunker not going to be available on Thursdays.

Birthdays: Armando Arizmendi, Thomas Buntin, John Dickinson, Eric Hobson, Michael Miller, Gary Nicholes, Thomas O’Brien, Veron Watts, Debbie Coleman, Bonnie Hubert

Good of the Chapter
Henry Phillips invited members to a military Ball, Oct 9, in Incline Village
Ron Reinhardt announced that the disabled Marine Vet we helped move and assist with his claim has been approved for a 70% rating and thanks the 989 for getting him on track

Meeting Adjourned 1925

Next meeting Oct 15, 2014 (Wednesday)