Minutes – March 19, 2015


Sierra Nevada Chapter 989



Call to order-  1800 Hours

Pledge of Allegiance:  

Prayer:  Jim Kelley, Chaplin

Moment of Silence: POW/MIA 

Roll Call- Sergeant at Arms Norm Graham called the roll:

President John SheetsPresent

Vice PresidentWilliam SchafferNot PresentSecretaryLinda DickinsonPresentTreasurer Eric HobsonPresent

Sergeant at Arms Norman GrahamPresent

Attendance:   33 VVA Chapter 989 members

New Members or Guests: Steve Yeghoian: new member

Thomas Spencer:  Chapter 388 VP

Guest Speakers:  Pat Cox, Reno Police S.A.V.E Program

Thanked all veterans present for their service and expressed awe regarding POW/MIA ceremony

asking for volunteers to join Reno Police S.A.V.E Program  See brochure

Sign in sheet passed with request from members to update their information (phone, address, birthday)

Steve Yeghoian Air Force, pending new member

Announcements/Mail/Mark your calendars info passed around for review:

Letter of resignation from Bill Schaeffer from elected office at end of term

Letters of thanks from scholarship winners WNC

Marcela Reyes: Nursing student

Michail Larkin: Graphic Communication

3/26/15  Veterans/Military day at Legislature Building Carson City

3/28/15   Tom Spencer, VP for Chapter 388 passed out flyers for Vietnam Veterans Day Carson City, Mills Park 10:00 AM until 5:30 PM

4/2/15     Veterans Forum, 3:30-5:00 PM VA Hospital Reno, in old Canteen.  John Sheets encouraged all members to attend to give feedback to VA system

4/6-22/15 WNC art exhibition “Always Lost: A Mediation on War” in second floor of atrium, opening ceremonies 4/6/15 from 1000-1030 hrs in room 1214

8/16/15  Wreaths For 70th Anniversary end of WWII

Help Hospitalized Veterans:  sponsoring Jefferson Starship Concert, model replica of soldiers for VVA monument, photo album with uncle fatigue shirt cover.  Have donated over $100 K  (see handout)

Printing of minutes, agenda and treasurer’s report now being donated by Syn-dex printing in Sparks (Linda Way).  A certificate of appreciation will be given to them, with a picture of 989

Member Pat Moran will be participating in the Honor Flight scheduled for April, through his chapter of the DAV.  Pat is also going to receive the “Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm Leaf” and other medals due him thanks to the efforts of his wife.

March and April Calendar of events passed out

  1. Secretary Report: Linda Dickinson

Electronic and hard copies of the 2/19/15 meeting were distributed to all members fro review prior to the meeting.  Correction made re: Copier “may” not “will” be available at Bunker.

Rick Shuster moved to accept the minutes as corrected, Norm Graham seconded.  Motion carried.

  1. Treasurer’s Report:  Eric Hobson

As of 2/12/15, the Treasury contained $10,661.98. Report approved

Eric reminded everyone that he is collecting the DD214s

  1. Petty Cash Report – John Sheets
  1. President’s Report – John Sheets
  1. State President’s Report – Terry Hubert: not present
  1. Chapter 388 report – Tim passed out flyers for Vietnam Veterans Day Celebration 3/28/15 1000 hrs -1730 hrs in Carson, at Mills Park.  This event flag presentation is being performed by the Carson High School ROTC, so that all veterans can enjoy the festivities as guests.
  1. BOD/ Agent Orange/Legislative Committees.  Meeting – Rick Shuster:  Present
    1. BOD:  Meeting 3/12, discussed State Council meeting but a more formal report will be presented to the Chapter
    2. Agent Orange:  Region 8/9 will be conducting a town hall meeting on 6/26/15 regarding Agent Orange.  This will be open to the public.  Rick did not have a time
    3. Legislative: Primary project discussion is the Veterans Home in Northern Nevada.  Also in May as part of the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle rally, the VA hospital in Reno will be a staging site.   More info to follow.

8.  Northern Nevada Veterans Coalitions – William Drummond

      a.  The “Missing American Project” working with local funeral homes for unclaimed veterans has discovered 55 unclaimed remains from one local funeral home.  The project is researching to determine if these remains are from veterans.

b.  Encouraged everyone to come out and see the expanded cemetery in Fernley

c.  Invited everyone to come for the monthly unclaimed internment services (4th Thursday of every month)

9.  Veterans Guest House – “Monk” Mann:

a.  Estimated donations from the Radio-Thon may be in excess of $70,000.   Monk reported that the collections from 989 resulted in almost $15,000.  Monk would appreciate return of the boots used for the collection back to the VGH

b.  The 3rd Annual Summer Salute will be held in San Rafael Park on 3/23/15.

Committee Reports:

  1. Fund Committee – Dave Billau/Bill Schaeffer:  Not present, no report
  1. Parade Committee – Roger Sanchez/Edmond Masson/Gary Romansik
    1. Gary Romansik reported that he has been researching for a new utility trailer to assist with parades and other chapter events.  Enabling members to be able to ride in parades.   This will be brought to BOD at next meeting and then to the Chapter.  Gary passed out pictures and several quotes.
    2. Edmond Masson announced that either April 1 or 2, will be a meeting of the Color guard members, at 1800 hrs at the Bunker to discuss the schedule of events and participation.  Mike Miller will check on Reno Rodeo registration.
    3. Edmond stressed that despite rumors, Roger has not been pushed out of the Color Guard.  The ongoing goal is to set up a calendar, more timely schedule and plan events/commitments, not waiting till the last minute to prevent being at the back of the parade units.
  1. Stand Down Committee – Ron Reinhardt
    1. Reported that California chapters have eliminated VA participation completely and is calling those chapters to see how they present their stand-downs.
    2. Wal-mart grant system process to see if we can receive $1000
    3. Discussion regarding contacting other veteran organizations to provide clothes, (new or gently used) and other items for handouts.  Also contacting Elizabeth at VA to get list of previous participants.

4.  Banquet Committee – John Dickinson

     a.  Jay Jamison has volunteered to be co-chair

b.   This year’s events will be a summer picnic and the “Giving Thanks” dinner.  The plan is that both will be held at locations other than the Bunker (due to lack of kitchen) and will be for 989 and guests,

c.  The “First Friday” brunch at the Gold and Silver (G&S for long time Reno residents) is getting more and more popular.  Next brunch will be Friday 4/3/15 at 1000 hrs.

d.  The Verdi VFW is having a spaghetti feed and raffle on 4/4/15.  Members were encouraged to attend.  Mike Miller said that a garage sale by the women’s auxiliary will also be occurring

5.   PTSD Discussion Group/ Mike Hawe

a.  Mike Hawe reported that the 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 1800 hrs., a discussion group is meeting at the Bunker.  Led by Dr. Frank Shuster, this discussion group is open to all veterans, military, fire/police and medical/health care as well as families and parents to discuss PTSD. 

Old Business


Gary Fink performed the second reading of the nominations.  Treasurer:  Eric Hobson, no further nominations: Pat Moran motioned and Mike Hawe seconded

Secretary:  Linda Dickinson: no further nominations: Norm Graham motioned and Dee Garder seconded

Vice President: Hal Wakeling and Roger Sanchez were nominated. no further nominations: Norm Graham motioned and Mike Miller seconded

Hal would like to consider the nomination.  Roger was not present to acknowledge whether he is willing to accept the nomination.

President:  Bill Schaeffer declined the nomination for president.  Linda Dickinson was nominated.  no further nominations: Pat Moran motioned and John Sheets seconded.

The third and final reading as well as the election of officers for the 2015-16 term will occur at our next meeting.   

New Business

Linda Dickinson would like to recognize the members of 989 who participated in the VA Art Exhibit. Anne Beeler, Edmond Masson and Rick Shuster.

Announcements:   No announcements


George Bower, Rudolph Calderon, Bill Everett, Clifford Foss, Norman Graham, Gary Kruger, Bill Schaeffer and Johan Sprenger

Good of the Chapter:

John Sheets asked all the members present to try and encourage at least one member who doesn’t attend the meetings to come

John Sheets reminded everyone that surveys are being sent out to get member input.

Dave Levine asked that new members receive information about the chapter, contact information for the officers and committee chairpersons as well as information about the various committees and their purpose

Meeting Adjourned:  1925 hrs

Next meeting  April 16,2015


Respectfully submitted,

Linda Dickinson, Secretary