989 Chapter Bylaws


Article I – Name

This body shall be known as the Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc., Sierra Nevada Chapter #989 (hereinafter The Chapter), a Not-For-Profit Corporation registered in the State of Nevada.

Article II – Objective

The objectives of the The Chapter are to enhance the general social, cultural, economic status, the physical well being of Vietnam Veterans and Vietnam Era Veterans and all generations of Veterans, The Chapter shall promote and enforce the principles and policies of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc., (hereinafter VVA) National Constitution, National and State Council resolutions and the VVA Code of Disciplinary Procedures.

Article III – Purpose

The policies and procedures in these by-laws shall serve to carry out the daily duties and responsibilities entrusted to its elected and appointed officers of The Chapter, consistent with the purposes and functions as set forth in the VVA and the AVVA (Associates Vietnam Veterans of America).
Article IV – Duties

The Chapter shall in the course of its objectives:

A. Utilize the strength of Vietnam Veterans and Vietnam Era Veterans to enhance membership in VVA and AVVA.

B. Identify issues of concern to Vietnam veterans and Vietnam Era veterans. Examine legislative and/or administrative proposals that may affect Vietnam Veterans and Vietnam Era Veterans and their families, and provide input, through communication with the Nevada State Council, to put forth the position of Vietnam Veterans and Vietnam Era Veterans of The Chapter relative to such matters.

C. Establish a communication network to assist Veterans in gaining awareness of those issues, which may affect their social, economic, or physical well being, and provide a mechanism by which Vietnam Veterans and Vietnam Era Veterans may raise areas of concern.

D. Develop moral support to promote programs of education and community awareness developed by The Chapter.

Article V – Membership

A. Membership to The Chapter is open to any Vietnam Era Veteran who served on active duty in the United States Armed Forces during the dates established by federal law for the Vietnam War as stipulated in the National Constitution.

B. Those eligible for membership (as detailed in A. above) shall file an application for membership with The Chapter, a Form DD-214 and dues in order to qualify for membership.

C. The National Organization has established dues.

D. The Chapter shall have representation to the Nevada State Council in the form of one (1) regular voting delegate and an alternate delegate. Delegates shall be members in good standing of the VVA. The President of The Chapter shall certify the name of its Nevada State Council delegate and, as necessary, provide written verification to Nevada State Council for alternate delegate representation of The Chapter.

E. The Chapter will send delegate(s) to a minimum of three (3) Nevada State Council meetings or conferences per year. The Chapter shall provide, in writing to the Nevada State Council, the names of delegates and alternates within thirty (30) days following their appointment.
Article VI – Meetings/Functions

A. All Chapter meetings will utilize Robert’s Rules of Order. The President may appoint a Parliamentarian.

B. Rudeness and discourteous language during The Chapter meetings is prohibited and offenders and persons or groups of persons who, by admission and/or action, act inconsistently or detrimentally to the purposes, principles, objectives, or goals of VVA, may be subject to ejection and/or be addressed by the National Disciplinary Code and the Board of Directors. The Chapter may suspend membership from persons or groups of persons who, by admission and/or action, act inconsistently or detrimentally to the purposes, principles, objectives or goals of VVA.

C. A Special Meeting of The Chapter may be called by the President or by a vote of twenty-five (25) percent of the regular membership of The Chapter. Notice of any Special Meeting shall be communicated to each Active Member of The Chapter at least ten (10) calendar days in advance of such Special Meeting. Notice of any meeting shall be deemed to have been given when such notice is communicated to the Member at an address, email, or telephone of record.

In the event of a Special Meeting, the President shall also make a diligent effort to contact each member of The Chapter by telephone and/or email advise him or her of the time, location, and purpose of any such special meeting.

D. No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances will be consumed at any meeting.

Article VII – Elected and Appointed Offices

Section 1. Executive Board

The elected officers of The Chapter shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer and will constitute the Executive Board.

A. President

The President shall be the chief executive officer of The Chapter and, subject to the direction of the Board of Directors; shall supervise and control all business affairs and property of The Chapter and shall see that all orders and resolutions of The Chapter are carried into effect. The President will preside at all Chapter meetings, and will appoint all chairpersons of committees with the exception of the Nominating Committee chairperson. All chairpersons will report to the President. The President shall, by virtue of the office, be a member of all committees with the exception of the Nominating Committee.

B. Vice-President

In the absence of the President, or in the event of his or her inability or refusal to act, the Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President and, when so acting, shall have all the powers of and be subject to all the restrictions upon the President. Otherwise, the Vice-President shall perform such duties and have such other powers as The Chapter may, from time to time, prescribe.

C. Secretary

The Secretary shall record all the proceedings of the meetings of The Chapter and of the members in a book to be kept for that purpose. He/she shall give, or cause to be given, notice of all meetings for which notice is required by these by-laws and shall operate under the supervision of, and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by The Chapter or the President.

D. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall have charge and custody of all funds and securities of The Chapter and all funds or securities in any way generated, collected or obtained in connection with The Chapter activities. The Treasurer shall be responsible for such funds and securities and the receipt and disbursements in books belonging to The Chapter and shall deposit all monies and other valuable effects in the name and to the credit of The Chapter in such depositories as may be designed by The Chapter.
Section 2. Appointed Officers

The appointed officers of The Chapter shall be Sergeant-at-Arms, State Council Delegate, Parliamentarian and Chaplin.

A. Sergeant-at-Arms

The Sergeant-at-Arms shall have the authority to keep order at all functions of The Chapter. He/She shall have the power to remove any and all members or guests that cause disruptions at any event or meeting, at the discretion of the majority of the Executive Board. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall perform such other duties as The Chapter may, from time to time prescribe.

B. State Council Delegate and Alternate

The Chapter shall provide one (1) delegate to the Nevada State Council.
See Article V., D.

C. Parliamentarian

D. Chaplin

Section 3. Board of Directors

The Board of Directors may be composed of the Executive Officers and other Chapter members (At-Large Directors) to equal an odd number. Executive officers will serve the term of one (1) year. The At-Large Directors will serve a term of two (2) years. The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson will be elected by the Board of the Directors from the at-large Directors. The Chairperson and the Vice Chairperson will serve a two year term. The Executive Officers are not eligible for the positions of Chairperson or Vice Chair

In the absence of the Chairperson, or in the event of his or her inability or refusal to act, the Vice-Chairperson shall perform the duties of the Chairperson. The Vice-Chairperson shall be involved in oversight of Chapter committees’ short and long term events and activities.

The Board of Directors Duties and Powers shall be those prescribed by the Constitution of the VVA.

The Board of Directors will oversee the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee:
Shall be composed of at least three (3) members of the Board of Directors of the Chapter, excluding the Treasurer.
This committee shall be responsible for developing a Chapter operating budget, making recommendations to the Chapter for the expenditure of funds; and other business conducted by The Chapter.
The committee has oversight function of the Chapter Treasurer and should consult with the Treasurer on a regular basis.

Section 4. Election, Term and Vacancies

Qualified membership must be on the 989 Official Membership Roster and a member in good standing to be eligible to vote for any Chapter business.

The general membership shall elect from the individual membership of The Chapter, as prescribed in Section 1 above and such other officers as may be deemed necessary or proper by The Chapter. Election of the officers of The Chapter shall, upon nomination, be by vote at a meeting of The Chapter to be held in April of each year. Each officer shall hold office for a term of one (1) year. Each officer shall hold office until his or her successor is elected and has qualified.

A vacancy in any office due to death, resignation, refusal or inability to serve shall be filled for the unexpired term by an at-large director, except that vacancy of the President shall be filled for the unexpired term thereof as specified in Section 1B of this Article VII. The first order of business at the next regularly scheduled meeting immediately following such an event shall be the election of an individual member to fill the vacant office.

Article VIII- Committees

The Chapter may establish the standing committees defined in Article VIII, to this, the Bylaws and/or may establish such Ad Hoc committees as are necessary or proper to the conduct of the business of the Chapter. Each of the established standing committees shall perform the functions ascribed to them in Article VIII.

The President of the Chapter shall appoint the chairperson of such committees, who shall then appoint the members of said committees, subject to the approval of the Chapter. The committee chair may nominate qualified non-members to serve as non-voting Special Advisors to the committees.

Members of any committee shall serve at No Cost to the Chapter.

Section 1. The Membership Affairs Committee

1. The National VVA approves and grants membership.
2. The Vice-President shall chair this committee and be responsible for all its actions.
3. It shall review and update forms and membership rosters for new, current and terminated members from VVA.
4. Submit any received DD-214 to VVA, and maintain Chapter membership roster.
5. Coordinate with fund-raising chairpersons to support membership recruitment.
6. Maintain all distribution addresses for submission of forms and create a return form with Veteran information of classification.

Section 2. The Nominating Committee

1. The members of the Nominating Committee shall be elected by The Chapter membership at the January meeting, to a term of approximately 90 days prior to the election and expiring after the election has been certified and completed.
2. The Chairperson will be elected by The Chapter membership at this same meeting.
3. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of candidates for all positions of Officers and shall conduct the general election held in April of each year. The Nominating Committee will verify that the candidates meet the requirements to run for office and that they are a member in good standing with the VVA for at least ninety (90) days prior to the election and be a member of The Chapter.
4. The Chapter, by a vote of the majority of its members present, may remove a member of the Nominating Committee, in accordance with the provisions of the National Constitution of the Corporation and the rules, procedures and directives of the Corporation.
Section 3. Ad Hoc Committees

1. The President of the Chapter has the authority to create Ad Hoc committees to meet the needs of the Chapter. (Refer to the National list)
2. Such Committees will serve at the discretion of the President.

Article IX- Finance

The Chapter shall have the power to raise funds as are necessary to its operation in such a manner deemed appropriate by the Chapter.

Section I. Fiscal Year
The fiscal year of the Chapter shall commence on the first day of March and end on the last day of February of each year.

Section 2. Checks and Bonds
The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be authorized to sign checks and drafts. Two (2) signatures shall be required on all checks and drafts. The Chapter will maintain a Surety (Dishonesty) Bond covering all officers of the Chapter and all eligible signatures, as the Chapter may determine, the expense of the such bonding to be paid by the Chapter.

Section 3. Waiver of Notice
Whenever any notice is required by the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation of the Corporation of the Chapter, or by the National Constitution, of these by-laws, or the rules and procedures of the Corporation, a waiver thereof, in writing, signed by the person entitled to such notice, executed at any time, shall be deemed the equivalent of the giving of such notice.

Article X- Rules of Order

All proceedings of The Chapter shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order (newly revised) except when in conflict with the Bylaws.
Article XI – Amendments to the Bylaws

Once adopted, these by-laws shall be amended in the following manner:

Proposed amendments to the by-laws must be read in their entirety and approved by the Chapter at two (2) consecutive regularly scheduled meetings of the Chapter.

1. Special-called meetings shall not qualify for the purpose of this section.

B. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Chapter membership present at that second reading will be required to approve any changes.


1. Expenses will be paid by the Chapter for anyone authorized to travel as a Chapter representative.
2. Designee will accept; with the understanding that failure to attend function will obligate them to fully reimburse the Chapter for any/all expenses paid for by the Chapter.
3. Receipts for all expenses must be submitted for reimbursement.
4. Expenses covered include: but not limited to:
a. Airline tickets (coach class ticket or similar is preferred for reimbursement).
b. Hotel (not to exceed the GSA rate for hotels).
c. Ground transportation (least expensive).
d. Meals (Not to exceed the GSA rate for meals).
e. Meetings-classes-registration fees and symposiums to include any pertinent literature.
f. Additional expenses, in excess of $50.00, must be approved by the Chapter President.
g. Personal vehicle fuel use will be reimbursed by the following: The vehicle shall be filled at the beginning of the trip, upon arrival at the destination and upon conclusion of the trip. Fuel reimbursement will be made by the cost of the fuel used for the trip.
5. Personal expenses are not covered

B. Petty Cash
The Chapter President will have a petty cash account not to exceed $300 (three hundred) dollars to be used on Chapter related business including office supplies.

C. Other Expenditures
1. The Chapter must approve all expenditures over $100 (one hundred) dollars except:
1a. The Board of Directors may approve an expenditure of $500 (five hundred) dollars or less if it needs to be taken care of before the next regular scheduled Chapter meeting.
2. Any expenditures over $500 (five hundred) dollars must be approved by the Board of Directors prior to the next regular scheduled Chapter meeting.

D. Procedure to change any section of addendum is covered in Article XI.

Sierra Nevada Chapter 989 Bylaws, revised 8/14/14; approved: