1929 Model A Pickup

Win a 1929 Model A Pickup Supports  Veterans Guest House

Back ground on this raffle, Reno Vulcanizing is proudly celebrating our 100th Anniversary. This family locally owned business is one of the oldest in the state of Nevada. 2022 is the year we give back to the community that has supported us for the past century. We decided to secure a vintage era vehicle and provide it to 3 local charities for their benefit. I had been searching nationwide for the right vehicle and thought I had found one back east! Sweet free trip!! Well I received a email that was simply read. “I understand your looking for a Model A or Model T to purchase. My father had quite a collection, but had passed away earlier this year. We are liquidating his collection. We live in Northern Nevada if you would like to see it. BTW My father worked for Reno Vulcanizing in the 1950’s”

That was it, we had to go check it out. When we got there you saw a garage that was more like a museum! In the back corner there was a 1929 Model A pickup that was very similar to one of our original deliver trucks. This vehicle was a complete frame off restoration back to factory original. It only had 8 miles on it since the restoration and now has currently 12 miles on it.

Reno Vulcanizing secured this vehicle and have provided it for 3 local charities to help support their programs.

  • The Veterans Guest House
  • The Nevada Diabetes Association
  • The National Automobile Museum

Tickets are available in blocks of 10 tickets for $10.00. You can purchase as many blocks of 10 as you wish.  They can be purchased either online or at any of these charities. The vehicle is currently displayed at the National Automobile Museum, once you walk in the door it will be off to the right side. First Main Display.

Thank you for your SUPPORT over the last 100 Years !

Reno Vulcanizing Staff