12NOV22 – From Camos to Classrooms – Scholarship Gala

A wonderful event hosted by VVA 989 that supports Scholarships available to Veterans from Northern Nevada Collages. Thank you!

“Household Goods for Veterans “Program – a Partnership with the Katie Grace Foundation and AVVA-VVA 989

We’re pleased to have partnered with the Katie Grace Foundation, to assist, and distribute household goods for veterans here in the Reno area who are in need.  Please use the “Green” below and review the attached letter and application “form” and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

11NOV22 Veterans Day Parade Reno

The City of Reno will held the annual Veterans Day Parade on Friday, November 11, 2022 at 11:11 a.m. Members of AVVA/VVA 989 dressed in warm clothing set up the flag trailer and prepared for the patriotic spectators. A few classic vehicles join the VVA 989 flag trailer. Thank you all for your efforts. The Parade Honors all those who served and continue to serve. The parade theme was “Honor,” reflecting the military value and tradition of answering the Call to Duty.

10NOV22 Nevada State Veterans Home celebrated the 247th U.S. Marine Corps Birthday

The Marines celebrated the 247th Marine Birthday at the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home in Sparks, NV.   Hosts were Susan (retired USMC Lt. Col) and George (retired USMC Col) Malone, members of VVA 989 as well as members of the Reno Marine Corps League. The cake was cut in the traditional manner:  with a saber! Today every resident at the home was an honorary Marine.  Semper Fi

04NOV22 Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza

Sparks Marina –Vietnam Veterans of America – Chapter 989 once again shows it colors during the Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza (NVMP) official ribbon cutting ceremony. The Memorial Plaza was completed after YEARS of fund raising and no public funding was used for the project.  Years of private fund raising put this memorial on the map and VVA 989 has been with the NVMP since inception.  VVA 989 Chapter members contributed funds to the “fledgling” organization which had brought forth a beautiful Memorial Plaza honor over 850 Nevadans who have given their lives as a part of the price of our freedom.  Names on the Memorial Wall include some from the Civil War, both World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq & Afghanistan.

Official ceremonies began at 1500 hours and spectators listened to some history of the MVMP and kudos for Ron Smith (Vietnam Veteran, former Mayor of Sparks,) who was the driving force behind the new Memorial prior to his death.  NVMP President and Sparks City Councilman, Kristopher Dahir, and the “NVMP Foundation” have completed the project started years ago. The pictures you see are of 989ers present at the “Ribbon Cutting,” and of our VVA 989 paver and of the beautiful monument like stone installed in the Vietnam section of the NVMP.  Some of the pictures were also taken later in the evening when the ceremony was over, and the lights of the memorial cast a soft glow to the names on the pavers in the plaza and in the Vietnam section of the NVMP.

Lastly, Chapter 989 has officially requested the use of the new Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza for our annual Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day ceremony in March 2023.  We have received an enthusiastic yes from the NVMP and we will begin working toward the Veterans Remembrance Event early next year.

29 OCT 22 VVA 989 Nevada Day Parade

The weather was a bit crisp early on and although the sun had come up behind some light clouds, as the morning wore on those clouds increased and were enough to block the sun and chill more than a few of us for short periods of time.  But “Who Cared?”  Where were we? We were staged on Park Street west of N. Carson Street in Carson City and about to take part in the annual Nevada Day Parade! 

989ers: Ray & Buddy Scow, Ralph & Sandy Theiss, Bill & Nancy Grey, Matt & Lupita Mahoney, Jim & Kathy Richards, Marty & Mary Meckler, Mike Billow, Mel Grotberg, Mike Miller, Brigitte Stafford and “Your President” were about to represent the Chapter in this HUGE (at least seven (7) reviewing stands along the parade route) parade and having a great time as we waited our turn to cruise (or walk) the parade route which surged south on N. Carson Street past the Capital and Red’s 395 club and thousands of spectators.

The Douglas High School marching band performs in the Nevada Day Parade in Carson City on Oct. 29, 2022. (David Calvert/The Nevada Independent)

The accompanying pictures were taken at “staging” prior to stepping off.  It is important to note that the parade began promptly at 1000 hours with a flyover by two military jet fighters (I have no idea what they were or where they came from, but they were certainly loud and most impressive.  Two hours later as entry #138, we got on to N. Carson Street down the way and through the cheers and “Welcome Homes” from spectators along the way.

New to the parade this year, Mike Billow, US Army W-5 Ret., Cobra Pilot was absolutely “blown away” by the outpouring of an adoring and grateful crowd.  “Mike said this reception (at the parade) was unexpected (fifty year later) and very moving.  Those of us who have been in this Nevada Day Parade before knew that 989ers new to the parade would be impressed with the shouts of “Welcome Home”, “Thank you for your service” or just plain, “Thank You!” from the crowd.  Salutes rendered and returned!

 Matt & Lupita Mahoney made their first trip down the parade route on the Flag Trailer and Matt said he was absolutely, “Blown Away” by the warm reception.  …This reception was of course completely opposite from the reception he had received over fifty years ago when returning from Vietnam.  His thoughts are the “If you’ve not done it, you need to do the parade at least once.”  Lupita Mahoney, said she had felt a bit strange riding the flag trailer because she not a Vietnam Veteran, but Matt had assured her that those riding in the trailer were also in SUPPORT of Chapter 989 and veterans.

Hats off to Ralph & Sandy Theiss who always “arrive early” and help Ray and Buddy set up the flags and banners, and Bill & Nancy Grey who WALK the parade route carrying our banner ahead of the Scout and accompanying vehicles.  …One of the reviewing stand announcers was heard complementing the vehicle following the Flag Trailer.  “Those guys have some beautiful rigs in that Chapter!”  was the pretty much the comment.

The pictures you see were taken in “Parade Staging” prior to rolling out into the parade itself.  And, of course, taken at lunch at Famous Dave’s BBQ back in Reno after the parade.  This stop after the parade has also become a tradition.  Saturday some folks had other commitments and had to depart after the parade but eleven if us 989er parade participants still made a late lunch.  Smiles and reminiscing about the events of the day over “ribs” “baked potatoes” and so many other delicious offerings were a great end to a long and rewarding day too. -Semper Paratus, J. R.

21OCT22 19th Annual Veterans Guest House Radiothon

Can You Feed My Boot ?

For years now, the Veterans Guest House in Reno has ensured that veterans and their families from out of the area do not have to sleep in their cars prior to medical appointments at the VA’s Sierra Nevada Medical System and other medical facilities in the area.  This year’s Radiothon raised over $45K in support of a Reno Institution now serving veterans from outside the area with services and thirty four beds.

Again, this year, Chapter 989’s participation in the Veterans Guest House Radiothon (and “fill the boot” collection in the west parking lot of the Atlantis Resort) was outstanding with almost 20 of us working at times during the afternoon and was much appreciated.

This year in addition to our signature flag trailer parked in the parking lot, we also had a new focal point at the collection point.  We rallied under our newly donated (bright yellow) 10’X15’ Pop-up shelter to keep us in the shade.  Many thanks to Ralph and Sandy Theiss for the new and bright pop-up as it certainly stands out.  THANK YOU! As with an event with “lots going on,” often we fail to get photos of the event.  Not yesterday.  Thanks to Susan Malone and Jimmy Mapp for photos of 989ers doing “fill the boot” duties during the day and providing support for our friends at the Veterans Guest House. By my count (strictly unofficial) 989ers were responsible for collecting upwards of $6K at the Radiothon.  Thanks to all that participated!

2021 VVA-AVVA Sierra Nevada Chapter 989 Accomplishments !
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Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8265, press 1

Veterans, If any of you need to reach out to talk, don’t hesitate to call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8265, press 1.

 And yes, be patient as the line is being overwhelmed.  Apparently, many of our younger brothers and sisters having been on the ground in Afghanistan are now experiencing feelings that many of us felt long ago.

Image Posted with Permission from “Art by Karla “ Facebook site.

VVA 989 Friday Brunch Bunch

Join us and See !

The Friday Brunch Bunch of VVA 989 Meets for breakfast at the GOLD AND SILVER Inn 4th Street and Vine, RENO, NV. On first FRIDAY OF EACH Month @ 1000 hours for Coffee, Conversation and Comradeship.

Name Search Vietnam War (Tap on Ion)

This year, there were two additions to The Wall, bringing the total number of names on The Wall to 58,281. There were also two service members who were repatriated in 2020 and those service members had their status symbols changed on The Wall. The number of Americans still listed as missing and unaccounted for from the Vietnam War stands at 1,584.

Chapter 989 Color Guard and Flag Trailer

POW/MIA Recognition Day was designated by Congress in 1979 to be the third Friday in September. The day honors the sacrifice made by America’s prisoners of war, those who are still missing in action and their families. While many prisoners of war returned home, thousands still remain missing or unaccounted for.

VFW Fridays 1800

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Freedom and security are precious gifts that we, as Americans, should never take for granted. We must do all we can to extend our hand in times of need to those who willingly sacrifice each day to provide that freedom and security. While we can never do enough to show gratitude to our nation’s defenders, we can always do a little more. – Gary Sinise
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Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza Sparks Marina

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