20 JAN 22 VVA989 General Membership Meeting at the Bunker with New Feature Speakers
Brigitte Stafford with Sandy and Ralph Theiss.
J.R. Stafford with Rick Kaufmann

Highlighting the first meeting of 22 was representatives from Magnusson Institute who gave a short presentation on personal privacy issues. Each month a guest speaker will be invited to the Bunker for the benefit of the membership.  Magnusson Institute is a Nevada Nonprofit Corporation, whose mission is to inform and empower you to defend your privacy and protect your information. Please Visit privacy.app for more info.

Following the excellent presentation by Magnusson Institute, annual awards were presented for 2021. Brigitte Stafford presented the AVVA Area Representative Award to Sandy and Ralph Theiss. Brigitte thanked them both for their participation in many events this year. President J.R. Stafford presented The 989 Chapter Presidents Award to Rick Kaufmann for recreating the website. Next Meeting 17 FEB @1800

2021 VVA-AVVA Sierra Nevada Chapter 989 Accomplishments !
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18 DEC 21 Wreaths Across America

18 DEC 0900, Wreaths Across America started at The Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery Fernley, NV. A Remembrance Wreaths was placed at each grave followed by of saying the name of each and every veteran aloud.

Photo by Ray Scow

10 DEC 21 Veteran of the Month VVA John Dickinson

Congratulates to John Dickinson for being named Veteran of the Month (VOM) December 2021. Dickinson is an Air Force Veteran. John joined Chapter 989 and with his easy-going nature developed a reputation for being extremely involved in the community. He was a founding member of the Chapter’s Color Guard where he and other members would help ensure live events throughout Washoe County have a color guard present for the National Anthem. He also been a pillar of the organization often volunteering to be a cook, being “Sarge” in doing phone call reminders for events and meetings, and being an active member working to stabilize funding for VVA’s annual scholarships. John is part of the Website Team and severs as the Treasurer of VVA 989.  In past years he was also an active volunteer with Washoe County’s HASTY Rescue Team and a volunteer firefighter and deputy. Through it all he has maintained an endearing personality inviting all to talk whether it is at an outreach event, fundraising at local gun shows, and or supporting VVA’s First Friday Brunch.

08DEC21 AVVA VVA  989 with Quilts of Valor at NNSVH

Volunteers with the organization, Comstock Lode Quilters for Quilts of Valor, along with members of the VVA Sierra Nevada Chapter #989, presented 96 hand-made quilts to honor all of the veterans and spouses living at the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home. Each quilt is a unique design, featuring patriotic colors. The quilts contain a personalized label with the veteran’s name, branch of service, as well as the engagements or war in which the recipient served. The presentations were followed by an Ice Cream and Cake Social for all residents to enjoy. By Terri Hendry

4 DEC 21      Sparks 34th Hometown Christmas Parade

Video By Mike Wells

The City of Sparks hosted its 34th Annual Hometown Christmas Parade Dec. 4 at Victorian Square.  The VVA 989 Flag Trailer made its last appearance for 2021. Ray with Buddy’s aid positioned the trailer at the corner of Wright & 7th for the setting up.  At 1300 the Parade started.   Nancy and Bill lead the way displaying the 989 Banner in front of the Flag Trailer. We moved along Victorian Avenue followed by Ralph and Sandys Vintage Ford pickup.  Bringing up the rear was Dave’s Pinzguar both with VVA 989 Markings. The weather was perfect, the crowd was enthusiastic.  At 4 different Reviewing Stands, VVA 989 was announced and each time there was a great round of applause for Veterans. I wish each member of the Chapter could have experienced the feeling I had when I heard the crowd. Each member of 989 should plan on participating in at least one Parade for such a heartwarming experience. For me it was truly humbling. Many Hand Salutes were directed our way by the Veterans in the crowd.  Once we made the final turn the trailer found its spot and the members packed up flags, banners and chairs for the last time this year. Well done Ray for overseeing this year’s many events.

3DEC21   1st Friday Brunch-Gold and Silver Inn

December 3nd was the last Friday Brunch in 2021 for VVA 989 and also the second installment of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest. Competition doubled from last month with many strong contenders. This month’s winner was Red who tried the front and back entry. President J.R. wished all Veterans a Safe and Merry Christmas Holiday. Next Brunch is January 7, 2022 -Please consider joining us !!

2DEC21 Decorating at the N. Nevada State Veterans Home

AVVA & VVA 989 Members decorated the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home for the Holidays.

7 DEC12 Nevada State Veterans Home Part 2

13NOV21 VVA Sierra Nevada Chapter 989 Scholarship Gala

At long last, the Vietnam Veterans of America – Sierra Nevada Chapter 989 Scholarship Gala opened to cocktails and anticipation of the fun to come.  Attendees took part in a raffle and silent auction. President Stafford opened the program by thanking all for coming and being part of a very significant milestone in the evolution of the VVA 989 Scholarship Program for veterans at UNR & TMCC.  This included the auction and raffle prize contributors and those who’d purchased Diamond and Gold tables.

Please follow the link for complete story and photos of this smashing successful event.

13 OCT 21 989 Visits CG Station Lake Tahoe

Members of VVA 989 spent a beautiful autumn day at Coast Guard Station Lake Tahoe. Upon arrival, 989 was welcomed by Executive Petty Officer Bowles who gave a summary of the duties and responsibility of the station crew. He pointed out Station Lake Tahoe during the boating season is one of the most active in the Coast Guard. Search and Rescue (SAR), Law Enforcement (LE) keeps their crews busy from before sunrise to after sunset. During the winter season the Coast Guard SAR boats are the only resource available to Boaters on the lake. The small crew is responsible for cooking station meals, snow removal and occasionally chasing away the Bears. Following a question-and-answer session we were given a Station tour followed by sharing lunch with the crew. After lunch a presentation was made by two 989 Members who are both CG Veterans. Retired Command Master Chief J. R. Stafford and CG Vet Rick Kaufmann presented the crew with a Commemorative Hat rack as a thank you. That hat rack displays a representation of a life ring for Motor Lifeboat 36500. MLB 36500 is a historic, 36-foot wooden motor lifeboat, which is famous for saving 36 lives in the 1952 SS Pendleton rescue, one of the most daring such events recorded in the history of the United States Coast Guard. The 36500 crew characterized the unofficial motto of SAR “So others may live- You have to go out- you don’t have to come back”. The crew immediately placed the hat rack in the station foyer. The challenges for the crew at this unique duty station are never the same from day to day.  The crew at Station Lake Tahoe takes pride in being able to get the job done. Bravo Zulu

A Message from the President of VVA Sierra Nevada Chapter 989

As President of the Vietnam Veterans of America – VVA Sierra Nevada Chapter 989, Reno, I am honored to represent more than 240 Members and Associates living in the area and some scattered throughout the country. There are wildly different political views and opinions within the membership and personal politics have no place in this message. To that end, I’m sure we are all deeply saddened by recent events in Afghanistan and pray for all those left behind.  

To our brothers and sisters in arms, and who grieve the loss of friends, comrades, innocence and youth…Know that we grieve with you. Know that your sacrifice was not in vain and your service was honorable. “Politics almost always gets in the way of the military mission as many of us found out 50 years ago. Know too, that you come home with honor and your service was not in vain.”


Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8265, press 1

Veterans, If any of you need to reach out to talk, don’t hesitate to call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8265, press 1.

 And yes, be patient as the line is being overwhelmed.  Apparently, many of our younger brothers and sisters having been on the ground in Afghanistan are now experiencing feelings that many of us felt long ago.

Image Posted with Permission from “Art by Karla “ Facebook site.

Name Search Vietnam War (Tap on Ion)

This year, there were two additions to The Wall, bringing the total number of names on The Wall to 58,281. There were also two service members who were repatriated in 2020 and those service members had their status symbols changed on The Wall. The number of Americans still listed as missing and unaccounted for from the Vietnam War stands at 1,584.

Chapter 989 Color Guard and Flag Trailer

POW/MIA Recognition Day was designated by Congress in 1979 to be the third Friday in September. The day honors the sacrifice made by America’s prisoners of war, those who are still missing in action and their families. While many prisoners of war returned home, thousands still remain missing or unaccounted for.

Event Flyers

Freedom and security are precious gifts that we, as Americans, should never take for granted. We must do all we can to extend our hand in times of need to those who willingly sacrifice each day to provide that freedom and security. While we can never do enough to show gratitude to our nation’s defenders, we can always do a little more. – Gary Sinise

On Going Support

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Wreaths Across America

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Nevada Veterans Coalition (NVC)

“Adopt a Vet” Dental Program

Military & Family Support Service- Army & Air National Guard


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Meet for brunch at the Gold and Silver Inn, 4th and Vine, Reno NV, the first Friday of each month at 1000 hours for coffee, conversation and comradeship. Presently Group size is limited to 40 customers. Please RSVP Red at E mail Redkittell@gmail.com for a reservation.