27MAY23 Operation Battle Born at Veterans Memorial

2018 the first “Ruck March” was conducted, and for the inaugural event, veterans and volunteers marched from Southern Nevada and exchanged the dog tags at a midway point to Fernley.

27MAY23 0700 Capital Mall- Veterans Memorial in Carson City several VVA 989ers and some of the “Ruckers” and the President of VVA 388, Tom Spencer, helped assemble our Nevada Flag Panels (with the names of the fallen).

Veterans representing the Reno Vet Center; Truckee Meadows Community College; Western Nevada College; University of Nevada – Reno (UNR) and local Veterans Services Organizations (VSO) and friends.  In addition to the over 7,000 dog-tags they carry representing the KIA in the War on Terror, they ALSO carried the dog-tags of the 151 Nevadans Killed in Action in Vietnam in their trek…Right at 0800 all of us were honored to watch a short ceremony featuring Chaplain Jerome Washington, VA, VFW, (and one of the Ruckers) with the Pledge of Allegiance and a stirring Invocation. This was followed by Mr. Felipe Guterrez of TMCC telling the group that the Ruckers will be carrying the “weight” of our fallen. 

Next up, VVA 989 President J.R. Stafford, who affirmed that one of the founding principals of Vietnam Veterans of America is that, “Never Again Will One Generation Of Veterans Abandon Another.” 

J.R. told the crowd that over the past several years, VVA 989 has begun to honor the fallen from former and subsequent wars and Gold Star Families during our March Vietnam War Veterans Remembrance Ceremonies.  And, told them the younger veterans have our thanks for including the 151 dog-tags from the Vietnam War.  The group then prepared to “step-off” for a rendezvous with us at the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Fernley on Memorial Day.

Before it’s over, this year’s group of dedicated veterans will have “Rucked” over a total of 7,000 dog-tags from Carson City to Fernley representing the number of our fellow service members who were KIA in the War on Terror and Vietnam.

Looking forward to having a great crowd meeting the “Ruckers” in Fernley on Memorial Day.

26 MAY23  VA Sierra Nevada Hospital

Staff paid respect to those who sacrificed it all for our country’s freedom. Maj Gen Ondra Berry was guest speaker who delivered powerful remarks. Representing VVA 989 Vice-President Susan Malone a U.S. Marine Veteran and other Veterans groups participated in the beautiful wreath ceremony.  

26/ 31 MAY Memorial Day Events – Support VVA 989

Note: for further Memorial Day Event details Tap Here- “President’s Dispatch” .

27MAY 0800 –Veterans Memorial in Carson City on the Capital Memorial Ruck by students at UNR & TMCC.  VVA 989 is one of the honored guests for this year’s Ruck, J. R. is the speaker at the “step-off.”

27MAY 1300 hours to close – fundraiser for the NNSVH Art Garden Project.

29MAY 1100 hours – Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Fernley.  The Memorial Day program and the “Rucker’s” enter the cemetery and place the rucksacks at the podium where the Governor will speak.

29MAY 1400 hours – Northern Nevada State Veterans Parade “Cruise” of the State Veterans Home.  The parade starts at 1430 followed by ice cream and popcorn with the residents. 31MAY 1130– Service for Colonel (ret.) Phil Chik, USAF at the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Fernley.  A Celebration of Life will be held at the Reno Elks Lodge #597 if you have RSVP’d.

Images for all events will be posted on the 989 website. Be proud of Chapter 989 members for their Patriotic Participation on this meaningful holiday weekend. Salute and Bravo Zulu

20MAY23 Armed Forces Day – Fallon, NV.

Trust me, I’m being paid big bucks to recruit you.

Saturday, was a wonderful way to celebrate Armed Forces Day. Visitors from all over the area (including folks from Reno, Dayton, and as far away as Incline) stopped by our Outreach Table at the Fairgrounds. We were happy to recognize 15 folks with 50th Year Commemorative Pins and handed out 5 applications for membership.  We may get 1-2 new members from the day.

Colonel Scott Hooper and Shahan practice for the opening ceremony
As always, Ray’s Scout & The Flag Trailer stand as a Signature of The Chapter. Mobile or Static display…it says who we are.

Special thanks to:  Nancy & Robert, Matt & Lupeta, Donna & Joe, Brigitte, Marty, Dave, Ray & Buddy for “Set-up, Outreach & Take-down.” The day was also good for meeting old as prospective members.  The sell being “Come to Brunch on the First Friday in Reno” and then do what you need to do and get home before the rush to get out of town on Friday.  It just might work.  John & Linda (and Mel, Mike, Norman) and others do “Outreach” quite well and talking to new and prospective members should be everyone’s “forte.”  Face it, “We have a lot to offer in the way of comradeship, service and “fun!”

Armed Forces Day in Fallon – 989 Road Warriors
We absolutely can not do it without our AVVA support

Brother Dave welcomes two prospects with an invitation to First Friday Brunch in Reno !!


To July 23rd • NV Museum of Art

17 JUN 23 Annual Military Picnic

7 JUN 23 Festival for Giving

28 JUN 23  VVA Region 8/9 Pre-convention Conf.


VVA Region 8/9 Pre-convention Conference that will be held at the Silver Legacy Casino Resort in “The biggest little City in the World” Reno, NV, on June 28.  Travel days are the 27th and the 29th. this conference, since it is a pre-convention conference, we will be going over the amendments to the VVA Nation Constitution and the resolutions that the delegates will vote on at the convention. We will also have some of the candidates that are running for election as Officers or Directors for the National Board of Directors. They will be available for you to ask those questions if you would like to. We have already received registrations from members from both Region 8 and Region 9. We would like to have you attend the conference and look forward to seeing you there. Registration forms are available Link –

21 APR 23 Smiles For Freedom at Sala Family Dentistry

VVA Chapter 989 raises funds throughout the year to support local veteran services. VVA 989 this year proudly presented a $1000 Donation to the “Smiles For Freedom” at Sala Family Dentistry. Chapter President J.R. Stafford with the assistance of Ray Scow presented the check. Past Pres. Linda Dickerson spoke about how important this event was.  Sala Family Dentistry provided over $100K in Dentistry to all Veterans that came to the event. The volunteers sporting the Red Shirts were all Volunteer Dental Professionals from several Northern Nevada Dental practices to assist with this wonderful event. Many Veterans can smile from the services they receive at “Smiles For Freedom”.

13 ARP 23 Northern Nevada State Veterans Hospital visits The Nevada Museum of Art

VVA 989 was requested to support the residents of NNSVH who were scheduled to visit a traveling exhibition of the Ghost Army. VVA 989 stepped in and provided a crew to escorts for the residents at the Museum.  After the 989 members were teamed up with residents and began navigating wheelchairs through the museum, new friendships were made and the 989ers enjoyed the presentation Very Much!

Ghost Army: The Combat Con Artists of World War II relates the unique story of more than 1,100 men who deceived, sketched, and painted across Europe to manipulate Hitler’s armies during World War II.

While the exhibition is on view the Museum will proudly offer free admission to active military members, their families, and veterans thanks to generous support from the E. L. Wiegand Foundation.

25 MAR 23 Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza

Sparks Marina

The first of what is hoped to be many veterans related events held at the newly opened Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza, (NVMP) was put on by Vietnam Veterans of America – Sierra Nevada Chapter 989, (VVA 989).  Several hundred veterans, family members and supporters of veterans enjoyed an uplifting tribute to Vietnam Veterans in the concluding years (Memorial Day 2012 through Veterans Day 2025) of the 50th Year Commemorative recognition of the Vietnam War.  Those who had “gone before” and those that followed in Iraq and Afghanistan were also honored as were all veterans.  Gold Star Families were also honored for their losses over the years.

The program opened with the posting of “Colors” by our friends, from Horsmanship for Heroes, helping veterans and first responders with equine therapy for PTSD.  This was followed by our very own Kimberley Ahrens Dixon singing the National Anthem and later closing the program with God Bless America.  As always, the crowd was not disappointed.

Following the National Anthem our Vice President, Col. Susan Malone, USMC, (ret.) provided a beautify delivered Invocation which set the stage for a Wreath Laying Ceremony by the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR). 

Three wreaths were placed in front of the podium with long time State PGR Road Captain and VVA 989er, Will Drummond, placing the first for Vietnam Veterans.  The PGR brought the second wreath to the front of the podium and Lt. Governor Stavros Anthony “placed it” on behalf of ALL veterans.  The third and final wreath was brought to the front of the podium and placed by Mr. Steven Ward.  Mr. Ward is a 4th generation Marine and Gold Star Father as his son, 5th generation Marine, Eric L. Ward passed in Afghanistan.

Sparks City Councilman and President/CEO/and Board Chair of the NVMP Kristopher Dahir presented a large group of VIPs including elected officials and various department leaders and the Commanding Officer of Naval Air Station, Fallon, CAPT Shane Tanner and the Commanding Officer of Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center at Pickle Meadows, Colonel Ronald Storer.

U.S. Senator, Catherine Cortez Masto, presented United States Senate Certificates of Commendation to both Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza and Vietnam Veterans of America – Sierra Nevada Chapter 989 in recognition of the day’s events.

Sparks Mayor Ed Lawson presented the Sparks City Proclamation and read only, “Now, Therefore, I, Ed Lawson, Mayor of the City of Sparks, Nevada, do hereby proclaim March 29th, 2023, as: “NATIONAL VIETNAM VETERANS DAY” This was well received by the crowd with chuckles and a light round of applause.

Director Fred Wagar, Nevada Department of Veterans Services was then introduced, and he then introduced Nevada’s Lt. Governor, Stavros Anthony for his remarks and the reading of Governor Joe Lombardo’s Proclamation.  Remarks and proclamation read, Lt. Governor was thanked for his support of Nevada veterans and presented with a NVMP jacket and a “Battle Born” wall hanging with the coins of both NVMP and VVA 989 affixed to it.

VVA 989’s own, Andy Le Peilbet, made remarks and read the poem, Those Honored Dead and then Buglers from The Nevada Veterans Coalition played echoing Taps as appropriate honors were rendered.

The Reverend Greg Watson of the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home (NNSVH) gave a wonderful Benediction recounting among other blessings and remembrances the crew of the CARE Flight which recently crashed with the loss of all Souls on board.

Next came recognition of all the people who made the day possible, the volunteers!  These are the people who do/did a remarkable job of setting the stage for all that occurred during the day, from press liaison, publications, signage, VIP and public seating, color guard activities, wreath laying, Outreach Tables, parking, lunch for the volunteers, photography, Devil Pup assistance, printing, VIP escorts, cleaning, sound system, etc.  All were recognized by a grateful crowd.

The day ended with a beautiful rendition of God Bless America by Kimberly Ahrens Dixon and the invitation to spend some time reflecting at the NVMP. 

Thank you for your participation in the event and we hope to see you again next year.

Semper Paratus,

J. R. Stafford, President

Vietnam Veterans of America – Sierra Nevada Chapter 989

29 MAR 23        Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day

What is so special about March 29th and why today?  Because today is the 50th Anniversary of U.S. Ground Troops leaving Vietnam and the last of our POWs being released from Hanoi.

Why today?  Because America is in the final stages of a tribute to Vietnam Veterans which began on Memorial Day in 2012 and will end on Veterans Day in 2025, all commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War and Vietnam Veterans Remembrance.

Today we remember our fallen, not only those from Nevada and those 58,318 on the “Wall” in DC, but today is also about those we have lost to the ravages Agent Orange, PTSD and Suicide in the 48 years since May 7th, 1975.

As Vietnam Veterans some of us are following the Vietnam Veterans of America’s (VVA) founding principle, “Never Again Will One Generation of Veterans Abandon Another.”

So, today, I ask that you also recognize those veterans who came before us and these younger veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan Campaigns who have sacrificed and served this country and for the most part, have gone unrecognized for their sacrifice over the past 20 plus years.

Why today?  Because some tend to forget the Gold Star Families who have suffered the loss of a loved one (or more), during America’s conflicts.

Today is a day to Remember them all. 

“That’s why today.”  They Are Not Forgotten…

Semper Paratus,

J. R.

J. R. Stafford, President, 2019-202_

Vietnam Veterans of America-Sierra Nevada Chapter 989

Rest in Peace MSgt. USAF (Ret.) Nikki M. (Townsend) Casey

Nikki M. Casey on Jan. 7, 2023 received her rainbow-colored wings, and passed to a new adventure. Nikki joined the Air Force in 1973 and retired in 1993. A small military honors ceremony will be held at the Veterans Cemetery in Fernley on 20 MAY at 1000. Note: Obituary is Located on the ” OUR FALLEN ” page.

25 MAR 23    National Medal of Honor Day

The Medal of Honor is the United States’ highest award for military valor in action. And while over 150 years have passed since its inception, the meaning behind the Medal has never tarnished. Etched within are the very values that each Recipient displayed in the moments that mattered—bravery, courage, sacrifice, integrity.

16 Mar 23 General Chapter Meeting at The Bunker

Those 989ers who came to the 989 Chapter meeting early on March 16th at the Bunker were treated to a visit by Horsmanship 4 Heroes and one of their outstanding members, Shahan.  He and his owner, Scott Hooper, US Army Colonel (ret), will be presenting the “Colors” at our Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Ceremony on Saturday, 25MAR23 at the Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza (NVMP) in Sparks at 1400 hours. Shahan was kind enough to pose for pictures with some of the 989ers in the parking lot prior to the meeting and an outstanding update and brief on the H4H program by Karolyn Hooper, US Army Colonel (ret), when the meeting convened in the Bunker. 

989ers were also briefed by fellow 989er, Andy Le Peilbet (our man at the 82nd Legislature) on pending legislation and the “process” unfolding in Carson City until the Legislature adjures in June. 

We were pleased to have many 989ers from both the VVA & AVVA at the meeting which was “a bit tighter” than normal as we had to meet in the bar area of the Bunker do to a scheduling conflict.  Pictures show the closeness of the seating and the closeness of our comradeship.

We welcomed member number 244, US Navy Veteran, Brother Dave Newbry (ink still wet on his application) and a visit from Robert White Past President from Chapter 719.

As always, pizza was eaten, information was passed, and plans made for upcoming Chapter events.  This time some who attend may have had some sore butts, …and not from the chairs in the Bunker! 

Plan to join us “next time” you never know what to expect. 

VVA 989 Important Up Coming Dates !!

Mark your calendar and plan to join us for some or all the upcoming events in the coming weeks and months:

20APR23, 1800 hours, Chapter Meeting, and Election of Officers for 2023-2024

21APR23, 0730 hours, 4875 Summit Ridge Road, Reno.  Check presentation for the Smiles For Freedom donation for veterans dental needs. The Flag Trailer will be there along with Buddy.  (Ray may also attend).  Join us for the check presentation if you like for a great cause.

31MAY23, 1130-1200 hours Services for 989er, Colonel Phil Chik, USAF (ret). at the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery, (NNVMC) in Fernley.  (Note this is a change in date and time.)  

1MAY23 1300 A Celebration of Life for Phil will begin promptly at 1300 at the Elks Lodge #597, 597 Kumle Lane, Reno, and a luncheon will commence from 1330-1430 and sharing of memories of Phill will begin after lunch is served.  RSVPs for the Celebration of Life must be received No Later Than:  01MAY23.  Please contact:  Jan Chik at janmfa@dslextreme.com or 1 (626) 826-1862 Cell

05MAY23, 0930 hours, First Friday Brunch, Mimi’s Café, 5090 Kietzke Lane, Reno

10MAY23  Monday, the 10th is the date for the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home’s BLOOD Drive.  Several 989ers are already signed up to donate.  THERE ARE SPOTS Still Available for anyone who desires to donate.  If you do want to (and can) donate, contact Linda Dickinson,  dickinsonlinda@gmail.com, (775) 313-8500

18MAY23, 1800 hours, Chapter Meeting

20MAY23, time (TBD), Armed Forces Day, Fallon, NV

27MAY23, time (TBD), Ruck to NNVMC begins in Carson City

29MAY23, 1100 hours, Memorial Day Services at Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery, (NNVMC) and Ruck concludes.

Mark your calendar and plan to join us !!!!

“Household Goods for Veterans “Program – a Partnership with the Katie Grace Foundation and AVVA-VVA 989

We’re pleased to have partnered with the Katie Grace Foundation, to assist, and distribute household goods for veterans here in the Reno area who are in need.  Please use the “Green” below and review the attached letter and application “form” and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

15 MAR 23 Veterans And Military Day at Legislature – Carson City, NV

Wednesday, March 15th dawned clear and downright chilly in the Capitol City.  Fortunately, plans for inclement weather for this edition of the by-annual Veterans And Military Day At the Legislature (VAMDAL) had us inside.  Veteran Service Organizations (VSO) and the Governor’s staff met inside the Library and Archives Building in Carson City which was warm and comfortable.  …The latest in the march of (and now very familiar) “Atmospheric Rivers” to hit the area had slipped south earlier and although it wasn’t raining or snowing outside, it was nice to be inside and “toasty” rather than outside in the weather. 

VAMDAL is/was a great way for those of us in the veteran and military communities to show the Nevada Legislature that we’re, “Here” and that we represent over 16% of the population of the State.”  Naturally, Active duty and Guard personnel were there in uniforms, and veterans were there in “Chapter/Post Shirts” with ball caps and garrison covers showing our various military affiliations.  

The strong showing and impressive numbers from our veteran and military community send a message that we appreciate the Legislature and we’re willing to support legislation which lightens the load on today’s military and veterans.  And legislation which does not support the needs of our fellow veterans and active personnel is strenuously opposed by those of us veterans who can more actively bring our concerns to our elected officials.

Wednesday was also an opportunity to celebrate three of our very own Chapter 989ers.  Both George and Susan Malone were chosen as Nevada Veterans of the Month (VOM) for March and April respectively, and Nancy Grey was chosen Nevada Veteran Supporter of the Month for March by the Veterans Services Commission (VSM) late last year.  VAMDAL was the opportunity for Governor Joe Lombardo to present the Malones and Nancy their well-deserved certificates of recognition.  Over ten plus 989ers in the audience (many in colorful “spring” colored Chapter Shirts) and colleagues from other VSOs applauded enthusiastically for members of the Chapter when the Governor and members of the Veterans Services Commission (VSC) recognized our members.  The applause was well deserved. 

The entire day at VAMDAL was masterfully organized (weather considerations included) by members of the Nevada Department of Veterans Services, with Jim Richardson and Terri Hendri orchestrating. 

Thanks to all the 989ers who attended VAMDAL and congratulations to Nancy Grey and Susan & George Malone.  You ALWAYS make the Chapter and your fellow 989ers very proud.  

Semper Paratus,

J. R. Stafford

06 MAR 23 Northern Nevada State Veterans Hospital – VVA 989

The Great Laundry Cart Caper of 2023

As a strong and continuous supporter of the Northern Nevada State Veterans Hospital (NNSVH), since it opened in 2019, VVA 989 was pleased to help resolve another problem recently.  We helped connect the housekeeping unit at NNSVH with our friends at The Cart Barn in Reno to solve a big issue. You see, the housekeeping staff was quite miserable trying to move fresh and soiled linens between the various wings of the facility particularly during cold, wet, and snowy weather in the existing overused open-air golf cart.

Enter Mark and Debbie Dinsdale, owners of the Cart Barn in Reno, who took the time to sit with the staff at the home and design a serviceable, comfortable, and WARM new laundry cart which was recently delivered to the home.  The cart, complete with a heater and windows and openable windshield for those hot summer days and closeable when wind, rain and snow would have made laundry runs miserable is now in place at the home.  The cart is also easily recognizable with its signature American Flag embossed on the hood and customized pick-up style bed in the back for laundry. It’s worth noting that the cart came in well under an initial bid from another entity and was donated by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous. VVA 989 and the residents and staff at the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home wish to thank the donor of the new custom designed laundry cart and to thank Debbie and Mark Dinsdale for their part in making this all happen for our brothers and sisters at the home.

03 MAR 23 Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza – Sparks

The newly opened Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza (NVMP) in Sparks had requested volunteers from various community organizations throughout the area to help maintain the new NVMP by doing a weekly cleaning.  VVA and AVVA 989ers all, have chosen to go to the Memorial Plaza after our monthly First Friday Brunch and clean up the memorial grounds.  Other organizations will do “their” weekly cleaning on other weeks during the month, but 989ers have chosen the first Friday of the month as our time.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and the work was “knocked out” in short order, making this beautiful location, “Spick & Span” for another week of visitors.  It was a great job by all and fun working off the various Gold’n Silver Rancher’s Specials from earlier in the morning…

21 FEB 23 Awards – Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America

AVVA 989 enjoying lunch at Mimi’s Cafe and receiving Awards – Well Done !

AVVA Nevada Vice President and Chapter 989 Area Representative, Brigitte Updates AVVA members and Guests on plans for more fun and service in the coming months.
The Soldier and Family Readiness Team from the Family Support Center Michael & Ana thanked the group for all their hard work during the recent holiday season and recounted the joy that Guard families had receiving the holiday gift baskets and toys and cloths donated via AVVA & VVA 989.
AVVA member(s) Bill and Nancy receive the 2022 AVVA Volunteer(s) of the year award (flowers and a nice bottle of wine) from AVVA Area Rep, Brigitte
Ana and Michael presented AVVA member Nancy B. (as Brigitte looks on) with her certificate of appreciation.
Certificate of Appreciation recipient Diane “Well Done “
Certificate of Appreciation recipient Smiling Carmen.
Happy Certificate of Appreciation recipient – Marlene

10 FEB 23 VVA 989 National Recognition

VVA / AVVA 989 received National Recognition in the VVA Veteran magazine JAN/FEB 23 edition. Page 30 MEMBERSHIP NOTES section “IN SERVICE“ the first story describes the 989 efforts to bring Christmas Cheer to the Veterans Home and VA Guest House. After decorating the VA Guest House 989 showed up with its Flag Trailer at the Sparks Christmas Parade. Congratulations to all the volunteers who make these events possible.

Well Done !!

27 JAN 23  Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Thanks to all VVA, AVVA, members and Mike Leone from the Army Guard Family Support Center who made short work of picking up the over 8,000 wreaths on the cemetery grounds.  There may have been other 989ers there this morning, but they weren’t there for “picture time.,

21 JAN 23 Rest in Peace Colonel Jack R. Logan

Our brother VVA member, US Army Colonel Jack R. Logan (Ret.) passed away on January 21, 2023, at the age of 92. His decorations include the Combat Infantry Badge, the Silver Star Medal, two Legion of Merit Awards, two Bronze Star Medals for Valor and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Gold Star. There will be a Celebration of Life to be held 3:00 pm March 2nd at Mountain View Mortuary, 425 Stoker Avenue, Reno, with a reception to follow. His remains will be interred at West Point at a later date.

17 JAN 23 AVVA and VVA 989 at the Veterans Guest House

Home Depot Volunteers, Army Guard Family Support Center Volunteers and 989ers boxed up the holiday decorations at the Veterans Guest House. This was after guests and staff enjoyed the decorations for holidays. This was AVVA and VVA 989s first year supporting decorations at the VGH but probably won’t be the last.

VVA 989 President’s 2022 Year End Recap & Message

Ahoy 989ers,

Having recently completed my calendar “Year End” (Q-2) Chapter report for the Governor’s Veterans Services Commission, I once again reflected on how much we have accomplished this past quarter and for the entire year This, despite continued COVID and other challenges in 2022. Last year for my “President’s Recap” I went to bullet items noting accomplishments which is easier to follow. In looking back over 2022, I am pleased to remind everyone what we accomplished.

Meet Us at The Bunker

VVA Chapter 989 meets “The Bunker “which has a “semi-subterranean room “at 255 VFW Historic Lane, Reno. The Bunker has many Military Historical items which tell the story of Nevada Veterans defending our country. VVA is proud to have a showcase for Vietnam Veterans also plaques are displayed with the names of our VVA 989 Fallen Members. Rest in Peace Your – Service is Over.

27 FEB 23 Nevada Appeal“Northern Nevada vets home benefits from project”

AVVA 989 and VVA 989 Service Activities are often reported by the Northern Nevada News Media and here is a few examples.

10 DEC 22 – This is RENO – “Camos to Classroom awards three scholarships”

10 DEC 12 VVA989 OutReach Table – Crossroads Gun Show

VVA 989’s OutReach Table was well staffed during the Crossroads Gun Show at the Reno Convention Center on Saturday and Sunday.

The Booth is an Excellent way to “Pass the Word” about VVA 989. Many chapters applications were handed out and donations were received for the Ducks.

Thanks to all the Volunteers who helped!

3 DEC 22  Sparks Hometowne Christmas Parade

The 2022 Sparks Hometowne Christmas Parade celebrated its 35 years tradition, Enthusiastic spectators line the parade route on Victorian Square for their chance to see Santa and celebrate the Christmas season. The cold weather didn’t deter VVA 989s Signature Flag Trailer or crew. The trailer was escorted by a number of classic vehicles driven by VVA989 members. A Great showing by VVA989 Volunteers to End the years Open-air Events. Bravo Zulu and Merry Christmas to all !!

12 NOV 22 – From Camos to Classrooms – Scholarship Gala

A wonderful event hosted by VVA 989 that supports Scholarships available to Veterans from Northern Nevada Collages. Thank you!

If you’ve been discharged from military service, your personnel files are stored here at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). We are the official repository for records of military personnel who have been discharged from the U.S. Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard.

2021 VVA-AVVA Sierra Nevada Chapter 989 Accomplishments !
Note: Click or Tap on a Colored Buttons for more information

Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8265, press 1

Veterans, If any of you need to reach out to talk, don’t hesitate to call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8265, press 1.

 And yes, be patient as the line is being overwhelmed.  Apparently, many of our younger brothers and sisters having been on the ground in Afghanistan are now experiencing feelings that many of us felt long ago.

Image Posted with Permission from “Art by Karla “ Facebook site.

VVA 989 Friday Brunch Bunch

The Friday Brunch Bunch of VVA 989 Meets at Mimi’s Café, 5090 Kietzke Lane, Reno for breakfast. On first FRIDAY OF EACH Month @ 0930 hours for Coffee, Conversation and Comradeship.  Just “Come On Down” and enjoy the Bunch at our monthly get-togethers.

Name Search Vietnam War (Tap on Ion)

This year, there were two additions to The Wall, bringing the total number of names on The Wall to 58,281. There were also two service members who were repatriated in 2020 and those service members had their status symbols changed on The Wall. The number of Americans still listed as missing and unaccounted for from the Vietnam War stands at 1,584.

Chapter 989 Color Guard and Flag Trailer

POW/MIA Recognition Day was designated by Congress in 1979 to be the third Friday in September. The day honors the sacrifice made by America’s prisoners of war, those who are still missing in action and their families. While many prisoners of war returned home, thousands still remain missing or unaccounted for.

Event Flyers

Freedom and security are precious gifts that we, as Americans, should never take for granted. We must do all we can to extend our hand in times of need to those who willingly sacrifice each day to provide that freedom and security. While we can never do enough to show gratitude to our nation’s defenders, we can always do a little more. – Gary Sinise
On Going Support

Northern Nevada State Veterans Home (NDVS)

Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza Sparks Marina

Wreaths Across America

Scholarships for Veterans at TMCC and UNR

Homeless Veteran Stand Down

Nevada Veterans Coalition (NVC)

“Adopt a Vet” Dental Program

Military & Family Support Service- Army & Air National Guard