Past Event Gallery

30MAY22  State Veterans Home Car Cruise and Taps

For AVVA- VVA 989 Memorial Day continued with the second event. After the Memorial Day services ended in a Fernley, members coordinated a Car Cruise at the Nevada State’s Veterans Home on Battle Born Way, Sparks. Cars started lining up at 1400.  The veterans and participants paused at 1500 for the nationwide “TAPS ACROSS AMERICA“ Tribute. Echo Taps was performed which added a meaningful moment to the Event.

Shortly after the command was given “Start your Engines” and the Cruise began. Residents and flags waved, truly a beautiful and appreciated event for our veterans. A Patriotic Shout- Out to everyone who made this possible. Service to our fellow Veterans at the Veteran Home, what a great way to end the Memorial Day Weekend. Well done!!

28MAY22 OutReach “Summer Salute” Car Show and Shine

Buddy is Ready for the Show !!

2022 Summer Salute Car Show was at beautiful and a very windy Rancho San Rafael Park today. Classic Chevys Plus Car Club with The Veterans Guest House, Honor Flight Nevada, and KKOH AM 780 team up for this charity-focused Memorial Day weekend event. AVVA-VVA 989 members operated our Outreach Booth through it all. J.R. reported over a dozen applications were handed out as well as Vietnam War 50th Anniversary pins. Ducks flew off the table from donations. A few members had double duties with other outreach booths; VVA 989er Monk was seen in the Veterans Guest House booth, Andy LePeilbet was selling raffle tickets for DAV. Many members also had cars displayed.  Ray’s 1964 Scout was in “Full Dress” for the occasion. Recent new member retired Navy QMC Robert Planeta’s 1950 Studebaker looked “Great on the Grass”. Well Done!! for all members that help with the setup, crewing and takedown of the Booth.

26MAY22 VVA 989 15th Anniversary Dinner

21MAY22 Armed Forces Day Celebration in Fallon

Armed Forces Day at the Churchill County Fairgrounds, Sierra Nevada Chapter 989 explored new ground today.  Members of the Chapter were honored to help with the Armed Forces Day program at the Fairgrounds. Special thanks to all that helped make this outreach very meaningful for at least 25 Vietnam Veterans who had never received or even heard of the DoD’s 50-year Commemorative Pin.  Firm handshakes and sometimes even some somber reflection accompanied our encounters with Vietnam Veterans at the Fairgrounds.  Organizers loved our Flag Trailer, Pop-up display and just hearing that they were once again being “Welcomed Home” by some of their own.  Organizers also provided a free lunch which was also enjoyed by many veterans of all eras who attend the event.

Kudos to Ray & Buddy Scow for rising pretty darn early and bringing the Flag Trailer to the Fairgrounds.  Brigitte and I arrived in line just behind the Flag Trailer and helped with trailer and displays set-up.  We were later joined by:  Susan & George Malone; Sandy & Ralph Theiss; Dan McGee; Norman Allen; and John Ostrander & Kathy Menhan. Thanks to everybody gave up all, or large chunks, of their Saturday to make our first venture into Churchill County a very successful and enjoyable operation.

21MAY22 Armed Forces Day Celebration in Fallon

Armed Forces Day at the Churchill County Fairgrounds, Sierra Nevada Chapter 989 explored new ground today.  Members of the Chapter were honored to help with the Armed Forces Day program at the Fairgrounds. Special thanks to all that helped make this outreach very meaningful for at least 25 Vietnam Veterans who had never received or even heard of the DoD’s 50-year Commemorative Pin.  Firm handshakes and sometimes even some somber reflection accompanied our encounters with Vietnam Veterans at the Fairgrounds.  Organizers loved our Flag Trailer, Pop-up display and just hearing that they were once again being “Welcomed Home” by some of their own.  Organizers also provided a free lunch which was also enjoyed by many veterans of all eras who attend the event.

Kudos to Ray & Buddy Scow for rising pretty darn early and bringing the Flag Trailer to the Fairgrounds.  Brigitte and I arrived in line just behind the Flag Trailer and helped with trailer and displays set-up.  We were later joined by:  Susan & George Malone; Sandy & Ralph Theiss; Dan McGee; Norman Allen; and John Ostrander & Kathy Menhan. Thanks to everybody gave up all, or large chunks, of their Saturday to make our first venture into Churchill County a very successful and enjoyable operation.

19MAY22 VVA 989 Chapter Meeting with Nibbles and a Prize

AVVA-VVA 989 members were treated to sandwiches and finger food before the May General Chapter Meeting. A special speaker, City of Sparks Council member Paul Anderson spoke about the status of the Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza under construction at The Sparks Marina. Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza will honor all fallen military members from the state of Nevada since 1864. The goal is to have the Memorial open this July. VVA 989 as donated a plaque that memorializes all Vietnam Veterans. Further details can be found on the VVA website under Veterans Resource. Many items were discussed to improve recruitment and participation. Recently elected Vice Pres. O’Boyle initiated a door prize at the meeting. Randomly a VVA member went home with a $ 25 gift certificate from Olive Garden. The chapter looks forward to strengthening participation of present and future members.

18MAY22 Rolling Thunder “Ride For Freedom” Visits VAMC Reno

Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Group made a stop in Reno today to visit with patients at VA Reno. The group started in Sacramento and will arrive in Washington DC for a ceremony at the Vietnam Veterans Wall. The group was escorted by Reno PD motorcycle officers and Reno Patriot Guard joined in. The riders were treated to a barbecue at the VA Guesthouse. Great group of comrades to visit with and appreciate their beautiful motorcycles. VA patients had an opportunity to view the bikes and discuss veteran issues with them.

The major function of Rolling Thunder®, Inc. is to publicize the POW-MIA issue: To educate the public that many American Prisoners of War were left behind after all previous wars and to help correct the past and to protect future Veterans from being left behind should they become Prisoners of War-Missing In Action. We are also committed to helping American Veterans from all wars. To find out more information about this patriotic group of veterans, please go to their website

17MAY22 NNSVH Veteran Residents Getaway to Scheels

Northern Nevada State Veterans Home Veterans, with the assistance from NNSVH staff and members of VVA 989, enjoyed a getaway to Scheels today. Each resident was teamed up with a volunteer for their visit. After viewing the aquarium arches the Veterans enjoyed lunch at Ginnas Café. Ginnas staff was very helpful with assisting with lunch selections. After lunch there was time to explore all the displays at Scheels. War stories were exchanged between us all. Smiles were the uniform of the day! Definitely a few new friendships were made. NNSVH staff appreciated all the assistance during the excursion. Staff is looking forward to more excursions in the future. For me, it was time well spent. I was thanked many times by the veterans for the opportunity to shop and explore. Once again VVA 989 volunteers showed up for the veterans who definitely appreciate our involvement. Reporting for Duty today our President J.R., Darrell, Hugh, Jay, and Ray, Well Done 989!!

21 APR 22 Chapter Meeting and Annual Elections

21 APR 22 at the Chapter meeting at the Bunker, members of VVA 989 voted on candidates for the 2022-2023 Chapter year.  The Chapter welcomes a new Vice President, Frank O’Boyle, and returned our Secretary, Hugh Ricci and our Treasurer, John Dickinson for a one year term.  The election also provided us with four new Board of Directors positions for a two year term; seated for this new term will be John Ostrander, Norman Allen, Dale Bohannan (a new candidate to the board) and Bill Grey who was reelected.

This evening the four new Board Members join four existing Board members, whose terms will expire in 2023.  They are:  David Levine, (Current Board Chair) Red Kittell (our Brunch Meister), Susan Malone (our Chaplain), and Rick Kaufmann Also serving an additional one year term on the Board is our immediate Past President, Linda Dickinson as prescribed in the By-Laws, and Brigitte Stafford as the AVVA Area Representative.  Brigitte’s position is “advisory only” and she is a non-voting member of the Board.

We also very much appreciate the past work of Ray Scow as an outgoing Board Member and Secretary to the Board.  He will remain on the Parade Committee and our Color Guard Captain and serve us as Sgt.-at-Arms.  Thank you Ray.  Your time and talents will be missed, but you’ve earned some time off, Good Sir! A whopping thank you to the 33 members who came to the Bunker for the election this evening.  With the memberships support for this board the future is bright !

29 MAR 22 Nevada State Veterans Home AVVA – VVA 989

Vietnam War 50 Year Anniversary Pinning and Quilts of Valor Celebration

Tuesday, 29MAR21 was a banner day for Vietnam Veterans as it’s the date of the National Holiday in Remembrance of Vietnam Veterans and in this case it was particularly good for those Vietnam Veterans residing in the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home (NNSVH) in Sparks. VVA 989 had been trying since before COVID protocols were in place to recognize Vietnam Veterans residing in the NNSVH with their 50th Anniversary Pin recognizing their service.   After several postponements and a cancellation or two due to active cases of COVID among the residents and staff, the Chapter was finally able to recognize these marvelous men and women in residence.  The ceremony took place in the “Town Hall” and residents from all three wings of the home attended.  Those veterans unable to attend the Town Hall presentation(s) were presented with their 50 year commemorative pin in their rooms after the official ceremony was concluded.   Earlier in the day, our good friends from the Comstock Lode Quilters presented “Quilts of Valor” to several residents who were not present during the last, “Quilts of Valor” resentations earlier in the year.  The Quilts of Valor are quite often give to veterans returning from an Honor Flight as they arrive at the Reno International Airport.  As NNSVH residents are unable to fly and do the strenuous itinerary of an Honor Flight, the quilters graciously presented the quilts to deserving residents in their rooms.  Chapter Past President Linda Dickinson, and current President J. R. Stafford were present for the 50 year “Pinning” ceremony and were surprised with their own Quilt of Valor early on in the ceremony.  Also, presented with their quilts were NDVS Director Kat Miller, LtCol. Bill Long, US Army, (ret.), and MS Amy Garland, a Deputy Director at NDVS, and US Navy veteran.

27 MAR 22 Vietnam Remembrance Day

The annual Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day Ceremony held at the Reno Elks Lodge 597 on Sunday, March 27, 2022, and presented by the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 989, bridged the strength of camaraderie and understanding across generations. Vietnam veterans and many of those who enlisted after them deployed overseas; others, like their brothers and sisters before them, paid the ultimate sacrifice, dying in a foreign land thousands of miles from the shores of the United States. Both Army Col. Jerome Guerrero and Capt. Samuel Brown each experienced the life of a combat officer in Iraq and Afghanistan, respectively, while retired 1st Lt. Andy LePeilbet one of the most decorated soldiers in Nevada, offered his perspective on Vietnam, and Steven Ward shed light on being a Gold Star father.

“Why are we here?” asked J.R. Stafford, master of ceremonies and president of VVA 989. “Many of these veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan served their country with honor.” Stafford said the aim is not to allow decades to pass for the current group of veterans like the years forgot about the Vietnam vets.

“We welcome them home today and honor our Gold Star families,” added Stafford, who, along with his wife Brigitte, organized the event. Hugh Ricci of Reno said Vietnam veterans returning in the 1960s and early 70s didn’t receive much of a homecoming. According to Ricci, his family was there to support him. Now, he said many veterans are receiving the help they need.

LePeilbet served in Vietnam in 1969 as a young 22-year-old Army lieutenant. By the time he returned home, the Placerville, Calif., native had earned two Silver Stars, a Bronze Star a Purple Heart and a Distinguished Service Cross for displaying extraordinary heroism.  “Until that first firefight, we really didn’t know how we would be or how we would react,” LePeilbet said. In less than an hour, LePeilbet said about 50% of the platoon was wounded. On March 3, 1969, his men faced hostile fire from the North Vietnamese Army. Pinned down by grenade and small arms fire and butted against a river, this platoon couldn’t escape or maneuver to avoid the firefight. “I saw the greatness of your soldiers in my soldiers 57 years ago,” LePeilbet said.

After 50 years Vietnam War Veterans were WELCOMED HOME at the Remembrance Day Ceremony.

By Steve Ranson, Nevada News Group

more Photos 2022 Vietnam Remembrance Day ( Tap )

19 MAR 22 VVA Nevada State Council Meeting Las Vegas

18 MAR 22 RIP Chaplain Rev. Crabtree NNSVC Fernley

17 MAR 22 General 989 Chapter Meeting

17 FEB 22 General 989 Chapter Meeting

The Guest Speaker at the meeting was Katie Pace from Rebuilding Together Northern Nevada.  The Mission of [RE]Build is Repairing homes, Revitalizing communities, Rebuilding lives to assist Seniors, Veterans and Active Duty Military Families to stay in safe homes. Katie explained the resources that are provided for Veterans and the need for volunteers. She offered contact information for anyone who may know a veteran who could use their services. Call (775)395-9808


29 JAN 22 Wreaths Across America Part 2 Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery a group of 50 volunteers assembled for “Wreath Across America” part 2. Part 2 is when the 7,600 wreaths are removed from the cemetery by volunteers.  A dozen volunteers from VVA989 were ready to help out. During the morning 989 President J.R. Stafford passed the word that our beloved Chaplain Rev. Crabtree was no longer with us. With a heavy heart 989 members continued until the task was complete. Rev. Crabtree volunteered at many events at the Veterans Cemetery. The experience was truly humbling walking amongst our Fallen Heroes which reminds us that Freedom is not Free.

28JAN22  Capitol Hill VA Clinic VVA 989 & Home Depot

Friday, 28JAN22, found members of VVA Chapter 989 and our AVVA partnering with our friends at the Home Depot Stores in South Reno and Carson City to deliver 50 new backpacks containing new warm winter coats and other garments to the Capitol Hill VA Clinic [ VA Sierra Nevada Health Care] facility in Reno.

20 JAN 22 VVA989 General Membership Meeting at the Bunker

with New Feature Speakers

Highlighting the first meeting of 22 was representatives from Magnusson Institute who gave a short presentation on personal privacy issues. Each month a guest speaker will be invited to the Bunker for the benefit of the membership.  Magnusson Institute is a Nevada Nonprofit Corporation, whose mission is to inform and empower you to defend your privacy and protect your information. Please Visit for more info.

Following the excellent presentation by Magnusson Institute, annual awards were presented for 2021. Brigitte Stafford presented the AVVA Area Representative Award to Sandy and Ralph Theiss. Brigitte thanked them both for their participation in many events this year. President J.R. Stafford presented The 989 Chapter Presidents Award to Rick Kaufmann for recreating the website. Next Meeting 17 FEB @1800

18 DEC 21 Wreaths Across America

18 DEC 0900, Wreaths Across America started at The Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery Fernley, NV. A Remembrance Wreaths was placed at each grave followed by of saying the name of each and every veteran aloud.

08DEC21 AVVA VVA  989 with Quilts of Valor at NNSVH

7 DEC12 Nevada State Veterans Home Part 2

4 DEC 21 Sparks 34th Hometown Christmas Parade

The City of Sparks hosted its 34th Annual Hometown Christmas Parade Dec. 4 at Victorian Square.  The VVA 989 Flag Trailer made its last appearance for 2021. Ray with Buddy’s aid positioned the trailer at the corner of Wright & 7th for the setting up.  At 1300 the Parade started.   Nancy and Bill lead the way displaying the 989 Banner in front of the Flag Trailer. We moved along Victorian Avenue followed by Ralph and Sandys Vintage Ford pickup.  Bringing up the rear was Dave’s Pinzguar both with VVA 989 Markings. The weather was perfect, the crowd was enthusiastic.  At 4 different Reviewing Stands, VVA 989 was announced and each time there was a great round of applause for Veterans. I wish each member of the Chapter could have experienced the feeling I had when I heard the crowd. Each member of 989 should plan on participating in at least one Parade for such a heartwarming experience. For me it was truly humbling. Many hand salutes were directed our way by the Veterans in the crowd.  Once we made the final turn the trailer found its spot and the members packed up flags, banners and chairs for the last time this year. Well done Ray for overseeing this year’s many events.

3 DEC 21 Home Depot “Operation Surprise”

Peggy Koniack (l) and David Slater (r) of the Home Depot stores in Carson City and South Reno, present the actual “Home Depot Foundation” check to J. R. & Brigitte Stafford for VVA 989’s “From CAMOS to Classrooms” scholarship fund for 2021.  VVA 989 has been giving scholarships to veteran students at UNR and TMCC since 2013 and Home Depot’s contribution this year goes a long way to perpetuating our scholarships into the future. 

3DEC21   1st Friday Brunch-Gold and Silver Inn

December 3nd was the last Friday Brunch in 2021 for VVA 989 and also the second installment of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest. Competition doubled from last month with many strong contenders. This month’s winner was Red who tried the front and back entry. President J.R. wishes all Veterans a Safe and Merry Christmas Holiday. Next Brunch is January 7, 2022 -Please consider joining us !!

2DEC21 Decorating at the N. Nevada State Veterans Home

11 NOV 21 1111 Veterans Day Parade Virginia City

A great number of VVA AVVA 989 Members turned out for The Virginia City Veterans Day Parade. VVA 989er Army 1st Lt. Andy LePeilbet continued his Veterans Day duties as the Grand Marshal for the parade. The Scout was up for the task of pulling our signature flag trailer through the downtown. Upfront Nancy and Bill marched with the 989 Banner accompanied by several folks handing out P-38 Can Openers to Veterans spotted in the crowd. Horns were honking from 4 classic vehicles that followed the trailer which all displayed 989 markings. The patriotism displayed by the spectators in Virginia City was great to see. Thanks to all who participated with organizing and setting up our Energetic 989 Caravan.

11 NOV 21 1000 Virginia City Dedication Veterans Memorial Monument

VVA 989er Army 1st Lt. Andy LePeilbet, a Vietnam Veteran, delivered the remarks at the dedication the new Veterans Memorial Monument in Virginia City.  1st Lt. LePeilbet is one of the most decorated Veterans in Nevada history. LePeilbet has been awarded the Silver Star, Distinguished Service Cross, the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, the Air Medal and the Department of the Army Commendation medal. The 6-foot tall monolith monument is in the shape of the state of Nevada, Also the monument marks the land that will be used to build a new VFW Post.

LePeilbet Said,” Nevada and the Virginia City people should think about the history of this monument” LePeilbet also recognized the cooperation between ECV and VFW to create the memorial. LePeilbet ended his remarks by reading the Veterans Creed. He said about five to six years ago, the major Veterans Organizations in the United States met and devised the creed. Many VVA & AVVA 898 members were seen in the crowd supporting the dedication and Andy.

10 NOV 21 Board of Directors Meeting

Brigitte Stafford, AVVA President-989 was caught off guard which is not easy to do at our November Board meeting for Chapter 989. Brigitte was presented a special edition AVVA pin by Linda Dickinson recognizing her contributions to AVVA-Chapter 989. These special edition pins are a limited production and the number Brigitte’s pin is number 79.

07 NOV 21 Welcome Home Honor Flight !!

05NOV21 First Friday Brunch Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest
1 NOV 21 Brigitte Stafford Veteran Supporter of the Month (VSM)NDVS

1 NOV 21 J. R. Stafford Veteran of the Month ( VOM ) NDVS

30 OCT 21 2021 Nevada Day Parade

The 2021 Nevada Day Parade thru central Carson City comprised of 145 entries.  Entry 101 was our VVA989 Flag Trailer. Color Guard Captain Ray oversaw the arranging flags, banners and chairs for the trailer in the staging area before the departure on the 3 mile parade route. The weather was perfect, we were treated to flyovers by hot air balloons, helicopters and vintage airplanes. Looking sharp and leading the trailer was the 989 Banner carried by Nancy and Bill. It was reported that over 25,000 spectators lined the route.   Many families and veterans turned out for this very patriotic event.  Entry 101 was well received with many shouts directed at us thanking VVA members for our service.  Ray was at the wheel of the Scout – riding shotgun was Buddy. The Duty Wavers in the Flag Trailer were Mel, Bill and potential new member Marty. Bringing up the rear was old member Marty in his 05 Chevy SSr.  The Nevada Day Parade continues to be a well-executed event and I definitely enjoyed my participation.  I will plan on doing it next year and hope to see more 989 Members joining in.

21 OCT 21 Daughters of the American Revolution Dinner

13 OCT 21 989 Visits CG Station Lake Tahoe

Members of VVA 989 spent a beautiful autumn day at Coast Guard Station Lake Tahoe. Upon arrival, 989 was welcomed by Executive Petty Officer Bowles who gave a summary of the duties and responsibility of the station crew. He pointed out Station Lake Tahoe during the boating season is one of the most active in the Coast Guard. Search and Rescue (SAR), Law Enforcement (LE) keeps their crews busy from before sunrise to after sunset. During the winter season the Coast Guard SAR boats are the only resource available to Boaters on the lake. The small crew is responsible for cooking station meals, snow removal and occasionally chasing away the Bears. Following a question-and-answer session we were given a Station tour followed by sharing lunch with the crew. After lunch a presentation was made by two 989 Members who are both CG Veterans. Retired Command Master Chief J. R. Stafford and CG Vet Rick Kaufmann presented the crew with a Commemorative Hat rack as a thank you. That hat rack displays a representation of a life ring for Motor Lifeboat 36500. MLB 36500 is a historic, 36-foot wooden motor lifeboat, which is famous for saving 36 lives in the 1952 SS Pendleton rescue, one of the most daring such events recorded in the history of the United States Coast Guard. The 36500 crew characterized the unofficial motto of SAR “So others may live- You have to go out- you don’t have to come back”. The crew immediately placed the hat rack in the station foyer. The challenges for the crew at this unique duty station are never the same from day to day.  The crew at Station Lake Tahoe takes pride in being able to get the job done. Bravo Zulu

10 OCT 21 Rest in Peace Brett G. Palmer

Services for Brett G. Palmer were held at the Lyon County Fire Protection District and at the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Fernley today.  Hundreds of uniformed Police, Fire, Sheriffs,  Sea Cadets, Coalition, Bag Pipers, Bret’s son John in his US Army Blues, and various veterans and the Patriot Guard and many other mourners paid their respects to Brett in Fernley. After official ceremonies were concluded at the Fire House, a large procession proceeded to the cemetery where Brett’s “cover” atop a horse and his “urn” were taken for one last “stroll” around the cemetery followed by mourners.  We then gathered for the unveiling of a painting of Brett which will reside somewhere at the cemetery. The present “pavilion” (where services are held today) will be torn down in the future and a new one erected in it’s place.  It’s hoped that the new pavilion will be named the Brett G. Palmer Memorial Pavilion. Pictured are Sharon Serenko, Veterans Coalition Chaplain holding Brett’s portrait.  Also, VVA 989er and Marine Corps. League Officer Susan Malone and VVA 989 President, J. R. Stafford with the wreath Chapter 989 provided for the service today. The family has asked that donations be made to “Wreaths Across America” which Brett was a big support of.  …Guessing we’ll see many of you on 18DEC21 when it’s time to put wreaths on the graves of 8,000 plus who rest in Fernley’s Veterans Memorial Cemetery.

1 OCT 21 Chapter Brunch Ugly Hawaiian Shirt Contest

For the October Chapter Brunch there was stiff competition for the final Ugly Hawaiian Shirt Competition. A record 11 shirts were on display. In the end our Vice Pres John O. came away with this month’s Trophy. Next category to a judged will be Ugly Christmas Sweaters, tis the season to dig them out.
John with unknown Runner- Up

26 SEP 21 Honor Flight

Southwest Airlines flew in its Boeing 737 Freedom One, a high-flying tribute to our military to transport its special passengers from Reno to Washington DC today. VVA 989 members Bill Hines, John Maga and Ray Scow are in the group headed to DC.

17 SEP 21 VVA 989 Day at the Reno Air Races

The Reno Championship Air Races and Air Show was a fantastic event for the VVA / AVVA 989 Members who were able to attend. Friday’s session was Military Appreciation Day, Veterans received a complimentary ball cap from the Reno Air Races. The Flag Trailer and Outreach Booth were surrounded by a variety of military airplanes and recruiters. The Flag Trailer did a Drive-by in front of the grandstands loaded with 989 members during the Opening Ceremonies that included a Tribute to Veterans. What a great moment for 989. Buddy was a hit with the youngsters who were choosing a duck to take home. Once again, Ray and crew had set up the Flag Trailer and Booth by the time gates opened. Members were available to talk to all interested folks who stop by. Members could spend time at the Outreach Booth and had time to roam the Pits and Vendor Areas. It was a Great Day to be a part of 989, a Veteran and an American.

15 SEP 21 VVA Region 8 & 9 Conference Nugget Sparks

VVA / AVVA 989 was well represented at the VVA Region 8/9 Pre-Convention Conference September 15 at the Nugget. At the Opening Ceremony the Posting of the Colors was executed by Ray Scow and J. R.  Stafford. Seven VVA 989 members with two AVVA listened to their proposed VVA Constitutional Amendments and Resolutions in preparation for the National VVA Meeting in November

13 SEP 21 989 Color Guard Presentation State Directors of Veterans Services  Meeting Peppermill

11 SEP 21 VVA 989 Supports TMCC’s Veterans Operation Battle Born Never Forget

Operation Battle Born: Never Forget is a moving Memorial of all those lives lost twenty years ago, as well as homage to those who chose to devote their lives to serve our country. TMCC’s Veterans Program is honoring the veterans killed since 9/11 with an 11 mile march from the Summit Mall to the Nevada Veterans Memorial Park at the Sparks, Nevada. Veterans call this a “ruck march”, which is when a soldier marches relatively quickly with a loaded pack. VVA / AVVA 989 was there at the start with support and hospitality and will be at the finish in the Sparks Marina welcoming the finishers.

05SEP21 VVA 989 and the Reno Aces Military Appreciation Night

This evening was a GREAT Day to be  a part of VVA/AVVA 989.  The POW/MIA Chair was rededicated with our special Guest of Honor former POW 102 year old, SSgt. John Levitte, US Army during the game. (For Full pictures and story please tap on the Red link)

03 SEP 21 2nd Winner of the Ugly Hawaii Shirt Contest

VVA / AVVA  989 assembled for the Friday Brunch Bunch at the Gold and Silver Inn, Reno.  After the great success of last month’s Ugly Hawaii Shirt Contest the tradition continued. Competition was steep, only three shirts were being displayed. One Shirt was removed from the competition by the Judge who was wearing it.  Bill Hines narrowly edged out the other competition and received the Distinguished Trophy Hat. Stay tuned for next month’s competition announcement.

02 SEP 21 Nevada Humane Society support from VVA/AVVA 989

AVVA 989 Regional Representative Brigitte Stafford received an emergency request to help transport Pet food and supplies needed by the displaced Caldor Fire Evacuees and their pets. Donations were received at the Reno Humane Society Building but were needed at the Douglas County Fairgrounds. Immediately action was taken to provide the VVA 989 Flag Trailer. Humane Society Volunteers helped load the trailer. Ray Scow at the wheel with copilot J. R. Stafford headed south with their much-needed cargo.

Over the past few years AVVA 989 members have logged in many volunteer hours at the Humane Society. The Humane Society posted this thank you massage about VVA Chapter 989 on Facebook. Thank you to the amazing volunteers from Vietnam Veterans of America Sierra Nevada Chapter 989 who volunteered their trailer, their time and their support to help transport ALL these supplies to pets in need! These volunteers are also the proud parents of former Nevada Humane Society shelter pets. Ray adopted his beloved #RescueDog Buddy from our Reno Shelter several years ago and the two are inseparable! The need for the Humane Society support may not be over. Brigitte is keeping track of volunteers who may be needed in the near future on short notice.

Well Done 989!!

30AUG21 Candle Light Vigil for NNUVC President

Brett Palmer

The 30AUG21 Candle Light Vigil for Northern Nevada United Veterans Coalition President, Brett Palmer, was attended by many members of the Fernley community, the Veterans Coalition, and various members of the Northern Nevada Veterans Service Organization (VSO) Community.  VVA 989ers, Ralph & Sandy Theiss, Bill Grey, Ray Scow and Brigitte and J. R. Stafford were there with the Flag Trailer.  All attendees were there to pay respects to a man who was the strong and outspoken leader of the fine organization who provides outstanding tribute to our veterans who are buried or inurned at the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery (NNVMC).  Various members spoke of Brett’s humor, leadership and love of the “Wreaths Across America” program.  Donations for wreaths to cover every veteran’s grave or along the wall where they are inurned were collected and members of the Coalition vowed to carry on with the program, and make this year’s program the best yet…as Brett was often heard to say.  Rest In Peace, Marine.  Your Coalition is behind your legacy and your friends will carry on.

29 AUG 21 Candlelight Vigil for the 13 US Service Members

Members of 989 joined Reno Citizens in front of the ‘Believe’ sculpture to show support for 13 US service members killed at the Kabul airport explosion last week. There was time to reflect on this tragic event.  Small candles were lit. Thoughts and prayers were sent to the family members of the fallen.

God bless all uniform personnel -God bless the United States.

28 AUG 21 Outreach Booth at DAV Raffle and Car Show and Shine

 VVA 989 supported the DAV at their Annual Raffle with our Flag Trailer on display and a well manned Outreach Booth.  The Car Show and Shine was organized by the Iron Mafia Car Club in the Sportsman’s Warehouse parking lot on Kietzke Lane, Reno. Along with the raffle was a generous barbecue was provided for all comers. The Northern Nevada Veterans Coalition paid tribute to their fallen leader Brett Palmer.  VVA members did shine with a number of vehicles on display. 989er James and Gloria picked up a trophy for their fine looking 49 Red and Silver Chevrolet Pickup.

08 AUG 21 Car Show and Shine at NNS Veterans Home

VVA 989 with the help of AVVA hosted a “SMOKEY AUGUST AFTERNOON” for a grateful group of Veterans living at 33 Battle Born Way, Sparks.

989 received a request for cars to visit at the NNS Veterans Home early this week. The result was a terrific event with support from many car clubs.

2 dozen vehicles provided a variety of exceptional cars from VW Bugs to a Corvette. (See photos)  Also on display were T- Buckets to Pickup Trucks and a Coupe Deville Low Rider. What’s more natural than Veterans and Classic Cars?

The sounds of 50’s and 60’s music filled the air. Not to be outdone, a group of 3 T-Buckets put out a little bit of music of their own.

The Veterans were treated to Ice Cream Sundaes and Popcorn. Many restrictions were in place but that didn’t curb the enthusiasm.

The Awards received by the Car owners were the smiles and appreciation from the Veterans and Staff. From the gratitude shown by the Veterans’ faces, the car owners realized their time was well spent and the visit to the Veterans Home may be the highlight to their week.

Car owners began discussing making this an annual event. Well Done to the leadership of 989 for this event.

06 AUG 21 Winner Ugly Hawaii Shirt Contest

VVA 989 assembled for the First Friday Brunch Bunch at the Gold and Silver Inn, Reno. Prior to the meeting Members were asked to wear their ugliest Hawaii Shirt for an extremely sophisticated judged contest. Red exceeded all expectations with his former smoking shirt. Red proudly wore his extremely coveted award around his neck during the remainder of the Brunch.

29 JUL 21 NAM Celebrates the Birthday of The Stars and Stripes Newspaper

J.R. Stafford holds up a copy of Stars and Stripes announcing the capture of the Navy’s intelligence ship, the USS Pueblo. Stafford was serving in Vietnam when the news broke. Steve Ranson / LV

Members of VVA 989 attended an event that was at National Automobile Museum, Reno to celebrate 160 Birthday of The Stars and Stripes Newspaper.

UNR History Professor Doug Mishler portrayed the famous WWII correspondent Ernie Pyle on stage. Also a Video was shown “The Most Dangerous Paper Route in the World,” the story of Stars and Stripes. In the audience there were a number of Veterans who read the Stars & Stripes as their connection back home.

The video “The Most Dangerous Paper Route in the World” is available on YouTube; you should check it out. Please TAP on the link for a newspaper article in The Nevada State News that covered the events

24 JUL 21 VVA Chapter 989 Resumed it’s Outreach Booth at The Crossroads Gun Show

With many events returning to business as usual, 989 resumed it’s Outreach Program at The Crossroads Gun Show.  John and Linda Dickinson blew the dust off the items that were needed for the Outreach Booth. Many members of 989 were eager to volunteer after the lengthy downtime. You can see from the photos, Chapter 989 was well represented. 989 will have a number of opportunities in the near future for volunteering at other Outreach Events. You may want to check them out on the 989 Website- Members Only- section. Thank you to all of you who volunteered! Well Done !

24 JUL 21 A Shout Out to Walt Rosenberg

Walt Rosenberg, Vietnam Veteran US Navy, Walt has been seen at many car shows and cruises displaying his T Bucket. Walt is a former member of 989 who transferred to 388. Walt has spent many hours at VAMC Reno volunteering time with Hospice Patients and as a Suicide Prevention Counselor. He has become a One-Man Outreach Ambassador for VA services. On Memorial Day Walt joined 989, during the cruise around the NNS Veterans Home. His car received a trophy at “The Showing for the Youth” Car Show which benefited the Eddie House. Nice guy-Nice car.

15 JUL 21 VVA 989 and Partners Team Up at the NNS Veterans Home

Ray, Do you know the Way to 36 Battle Born Way ?

Members of VVA 989 and our AVVA members, The Katie Grace Foundation and a large contingent of volunteers from the local Home Depot Stores in the area met and put together items for the three patios at the home. As residents watched from inside the home, mixed crews in three different patios assemble a patio table, a large cantilevered umbrella, some hose bibs and a storage box for patio items. (Chairs are back ordered and will follow.) These items are part of a larger Home Depot Foundation “Grant” for the home which includes a “build out” for shelving and storage items for the proposed “Sundry Store” inside the home. The store project is expected to be implemented in August.

Teamwork in Action!

4 JUL 21 4th of July on the Comstock

31 MAY 21 Memorial Day 989 Cruises The NNS Veterans Home

After concluding devotions at the Northern Nevada State Veterans Cemetery in Fernley, Members of Chapter 989 with our Flag Trailer were joined by other members of local veterans organizations and local car and motorcycle clubs to “Cruise” the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home in Sparks. The cruise is our way of letting the residents know that they are not forgotten, especially on this most hallowed day of the year for veterans and their families. What started as an “afterthought” after the Fernley Memorial Day event in 2020 has grown into a good size “Cruise” in 2021. Who knows…perhaps we’ll actually publicize and make the cruise “official” in 2022 and use the occasion as a fund raiser for the residents of the Vets home.

25 MAY 21 NNS Veterans Home Planter Project

15 MAY 21 Hawthorne Armed Forces Day Parade

Sierra Nevada Chapter 989 VVA Color Guard Trailer receives the trophy- Military Division Award at the Hawthorne Armed Forces Day Parade on May 15th.

989 and AVVA Crew looking sharp at the parade!
19 APR 21 VVA 989 Delivers Hand Sanitizer to NNS Veterans Home and The Veterans Guest House

VVA 989 delivers a donation of hand sanitizer to the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home and the VA Veterans Guest House. This donation was made possible by our partner The Katie Grace Foundation. This donation is incredibly valuable to keep both sites safe and COVID-FREE for our Nevada Veterans. Well Done!

28 MAR 21 The Vietnam War Veterans Remembrance Day Hawkins Amphitheater Bartley Ranch Reno
At the Bartley Ranch Regional Park. Chapter President J.R. Stafford thanks Maj. Gen. Ondra Berry, Nevada’s Adjutant General at
the podium during National Vietnam Veterans Day event on March 28th.

11 NOV 20 Veterans Day at NNS Veterans Home

06 NOV 20   Ceremony – Veterans In Care (VIC) for NDVS

At Summit Estates, VVA Chapter 989 Color Guard members volunteered by posting of the “colors” (and our assorted flags preposted), and doing the presentation of the colors and honors during the National Anthem.  The VIC (ceremony) presents certificates from the Governor recognizing veterans living at the care facility for their service.  Most of the residents are WWII & Korean War veterans, but there is the occasional Vietnam Vet in the crowd.  We also recognize the widows of service members and the surviving spouse for her patriotism and support of the veteran during his service.  

COVID-19 has put a big stumbling block on VIC ceremonies and we look forward to a time when we can once again “shake the hands” and thank those veterans who have paid the price of freedom during previous generations.

12 NOV 19 Giving Thanks Dinner/ Scholarship Awards at the Bunker

11 NOV 19 1111 Hrs Veterans Day Parade Reno

3 OCT 19 NNS Veterans Home Open House

COVID-19 has put a big stumbling block on VIC ceremonies and we look forward to a time when we can once again “shake the hands” and thank those veterans who have paid the price of freedom during previous generations.

Sep 2019 989 AVVA at Homeless Veteran Stand Down


AUG 2019 Gary Meckler FINAL SALUTE

03 AUG 19 Aces Ballpark POW/MIA Military Night

AUG 19 Hot August Nights, Sparks, NV

29 JUN 19 Gold Star Family Memorial Monument Unveiled

Nevada’s first Gold Star Family Memorial Monument was unveiled on the grounds of The Northern Nevada State Veterans Home in Sparks on June 29, 2019.

( Photo by Terri Hendry )

30 MAR 19 Vietnam War Veterans Remembrance Day

Reno Events Center

 01 DEC 18 Sparks Hometowne Christmas Parade


DEC 18 989 Color Guard at the National Grazing Lands Conference

15 NOV 18 Chapter 989 Giving Thanks Dinner


11 NOV 18 Veterans Day Parade Reno

31 OCT 18 Sparks Street Renaming Kietzke Lane to

Battle Born Way

Battle Born Way stree renaming event 10.31.18_0095 (1) copy

13 APR 18 Spartan Pledge VAMC Reno

The VA held a Spartan Pledge in Reno to address suicide among those who’ve served in the military. Members of VVA 989 and AVVA assisted by ushering veterans and helped serve lunch.
The pledge created by Boone Cutler gives veterans a mission to seek another veteran before taking their life – a subject that’s often taboo among veterans.
The Spartan Pledge states: I will not take my own life by my own hand until I talk to my battle buddy first.

Members of VVA 989 and AVVA are ready to serve .

28 SEP 17 Take Me Home Huey Project

Displayed at The Nevada Museum of Art Take Me Home Huey® is dedicated to the 2,709,918 Americans that served in Vietnam. With the mission to thank and honor Vietnam veterans for their service and sacrifice, Take Me Home Huey is an Emmy-winning documentary film.

28SEP17 Recognition Senator Heller

AUG 17 Veteran & Support Governor’s Award

Kevin Burns, Chair, United Veterans Legislative CounselKevin Burns, Chair, United Veterans Legislative Counsel

Aug 17 VVA 989 Chapter Picnic

9 AUG 17 VVA National Convention New Orleans

JUN 17 Anniversary Dinner

04 JUL 17 Parade Virginia City

JUN 17 Reno Rodeo Parade

16 FEB 17 VVA 989 Chapter Meeting

25 JAN 17 Sierra Place Senior Living

VVA 989 Members visit NDVS Veterans In Care Program at Sierra Place Senior Living.

2 NOV 17 Celebration Fernley Assisted Living Veterans

29 OCT 16 Nevada Day Parade

AUG 2016 Hot August Nights


22 JUL 14 Washoe County BC Resolution VVA 989

DEC 13 Wreaths Across America

Wreaths Across America – December 2013 Chapter 989 places Christmas Wreaths on Soldiers Graves at the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery, in Fernley, NV

Wreaths Across America - December 2013. Chapter 989 places Christmas Wreaths on Soldiers Graves at the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery, in Fernley.

• click to view album •

NOV 13 Giving Thanks Dinner

November 2013 – Chapter 989 Giving Thanks Dinner with BSA Troop 1 helping out for all Members and Guests.

11 NOV 13 Veterans Day

Veterans Day 2013 – Chapter 989 holds annual Agent Orange Outreach at the Veterans Guest in Reno. Also The Chapter 989 Honor Guard marches in Veterans Day Parade in Reno, Nevada.

NOV 13 Hillside Elementary School Lunch WW II Vets

November 2013 – Hillside Elementary School in Lockwood, Nevada, hosts a Veterans Appreciation for WW2 Veterans !

20 OCT 13 Candlelight Vigil for Bob Sperry

Bob Sperry, Past President of VVA Chapter 989, killed during a robbery at the Bank of America in Reno, on October 16, 2013.

Rest In Peace

OCT 13 Missing In America Project Mass Internment

Missing In America Project (MIAP) Mass Internment, Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Fernley.

Summer 2013 Outreach at Wal-Mart Outreach

DEC 12 Wreaths Across America Veterans Memorial Cemetery
OCT 12 Traveling Vietnam Wall at Mills Park, Carson City.

VVA 989 members Bob, Gary & Rick visit the Traveling Vietnam Wall.

JUN 12 Chapter VVA 989 Happy Birthday Potluck Dinner !
June 2012 - Happy Birthday 989 ! Chapter Potluck Dinner.
31 May 12 Memorial Service for WW II Veteran in Portola, CA.

AUG 11 VVA Convention

Hope you have enjoyed viewing the photos of the past Activities of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 989 Reno Nevada.

Thank you for your time!