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2DEC21 Decorating at the N. Nevada State Veterans Home

AVVA & VVA 989 Members decorated the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home for the Holidays.

Welcome 3 new AVVA Associates 

Brigitte Stafford, Regional Coordinator AVVA 989, at the June 17th Chapter meeting welcomed 3 new Associates to the group. Please give them a warm welcome to the 989 Family. Three cheers for Rebecca, Kathy and Betty

Chapter 989’s Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, (AVVA) is a group of patriotic supporters closely aligned with VVA Chapter 989 and assist or lead as full partners in many Chapter events.  Membership in the Associates does not require any military connection and is open to anyone interested in supporting veterans and their families.  Nationally, AVVA is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization.  Locally, AVVA is a separate but closely affiliated organization which is engaged in support of the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home in Sparks; the Military & Family Support Service – Army & Air National Guard; the annual Homeless Veterans Stand-Down; the Veterans Guest House; and the Annual Holiday Basket Program for young military families.

Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. (AVVA) are a 501(C) 3 corporation, whose main focus is on programs and educational materials to support Veterans and their families, as well as the families of active military personnel.  We are a national, nonprofit, membership organization dedicated to advancing the awareness of issues affecting Veterans, their families, and their communities. AVVA strives to ensure that ALL Veterans attain the honor, respect, and benefits they deserve. We lend our expertise, support, and leadership to all Veteran related programs, community service, and social activities, while remaining actively involved in our own programs and educational endeavors.

AVVA is made up of Veterans of all eras, families and friends of Veterans, and all persons who support Veterans’ issues. AVVA is a catalyst for action, healing, reconciliation, mutual support, and fellowship. With more than 10,400 members, we are a thriving and strong organization.

AVVA is a non-partisan, tax exempt organization.

AVVA is similar to any other non-profit business, with an organizational structure like most Corporations.

AVVA Holiday Season at the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home
AVVA and Chapter Carolers outside The State Veterans Home – December 2020