Reno Sewer Rebate

City of Reno Sewer Rebate Program – July 1 – Aug 31

The City of Reno has once again approved the sewer rebate program. You may be eligible, if you are a City of Reno resident and a property owner or renter and you are receiving benefits from The (VA)  Veterans Administration Disability benefits due to a disability (any percentage / Veteran only).

There are a few small differences (such as going to the 9th floor of City Hall rather than the ground floor), but otherwise it is much the same as prior years.  Since you must go to City Hall, be reminded that they are not taking applications until July 1st, so don’t rush right out and be turned away.  

The rebate this year is up to $181 per household, and available on a first come, first served basis until funds run out. See Pamphlet at bottom of the page.

Also here is a link to the VA’s website to download a VA benefit Letter

Note- Save a Copy of the Application on your Computer Then print it.